Friday, January 7, 2011

Third Man.

'Lo everyone.

Right, what have we got.

I'm trying to keep updating regularly, because this motivates me to get out of the house and do stuff to write about.

The other day, hit the pub and caught up with Aiden, finally got a good account of the shenanigans at Isaac's and Marlay Point. Bastards had a good time, I will admit to being a little jealous. If only there was a way of combining the horde and awesome bands at Falls...

Anyway, so $2 pots, we got sozzled with Jason and his mates, played a couple of games of pool, ended up back at Jason's after a maccas run watching the Simpsons and the cricket.

Next day, raced down to Bairnsdale and back in order to pick up a new iPod. How awesome. You break one, they just give you a new one. Unfortunately, so far it's taken two days to put only half of my music back on it. STILL!

While I remember.

The Proposition - ****
Not bad for a western. Very Nick Cave, especially John Hurt's character, and the entire, graphic ending. Loving the soundtrack as well, though I might be a bit biased. It's a familiar sort of story, but it's just an interesting take on it by setting it in colonial Australia. Did not like David Wenham's overacting. Check it out.

Watched Eternal Sunshine again last night too off a hot tip, forgot how depressing it is. Fun fact, first time I watched it was almost exactly a year ago.

Today, forced myself out of the shed to prevent myself from melting, decided to go down the street and investigate replacements for my brick. It's all very complicated and stupid because all the companies want you to go with them over the other, so they're all good and bad at the same time. If only I could keep my old SIM. I might end up going with a Galaxy, but I'm weary because it's on a plan, which could cause problems. Learnt how to play the riff to Ball and Biscuit too. I need a slide thingy.

I also got the first reply in my quest to find accommodation for uni, from Unilodge at Swinburne. They want me to move out, or at least start paying, this week. Hurm. Need to wait til offers come out, which is frustrating.

Right now I could be sitting in a pub in Melbourne waiting patiently for Sleigh Bells to deafen me. Tomorrow night I could be watching FlyLo, or Digitalism. Monday night I could be rocking out to The Middle East and the National again. Hurm. A little depressing, I suppose. Just makes me want to move to Melbourne more, dammit.

By the way, anyone who likes Queens of the Stone Age should come and see them with Annie and I in March, they're playing their whole first album, which is incredible.

Tomorrow will probably be a lot of lazing around, might hit the pub, I dunno. We'll see, I suppose.


Anyway, the end.

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