Monday, January 17, 2011


'Lo all.

So, a busy couple of days.

Friday, rushed down to Melbourne, almost got lost at Huntingdale looking for a train, then made our way into the G past a buttload of people wearing Colonel Sanders costumes. Met Simon and Josh, got the usual spot, and watched as the Colonel Sanderss all got up and half-heartedly attempted the chicken dance. Apparently it made a world record.

Game itself was pretty good, if only because we won. White disappointed, and Pietersen got a lot of boos. Kept a running commentary with Aiden, got invited to hang out in the city afterwards with Bec. After we won, headed out, hung out with some rhyming hipsters for a bit (I did hear them mention Brick and Modest Mouse, I guess they aren't all bad), then when Bec left I took a Frankston train back to Simon's.

It was as expected. There were a group of bogans yelling at each other, and I passed a fat man with an impressive mullet. On my carriage, a kid was sculling a bottle of Midori and dancing with his headphones jammed on and his pants falling down. No stabbings though. Made it back to Simon's and watched Happy Days, which is bizarre.

Next day, home again, showered, off to Annie's, where we hung out and bitched about the heat with Tom. It was good because it was fairly chilled, no one was getting particularly wasted. Apart from Denny, who decided that jagerbombs were not the way to go, instead, just mixing a glass of half Red Bull and half jager would be more efficient. Don't know if Pulp Fiction was very coherent for him. We watched Dead Snow (Dod Sno? Crazy Norwegians) which is the standard zombie film except it's in the snow and all the zombies are Nazis too. Ended up watching Metalocalypse as people stumbled back from the pub, much to Isobelle's disgust.

Awake after four hours sleep, caught a lift home with Dayne after cleaning up the backyard and watching Tom and Isaac light up a pile of firelighters. Off to Melbourne again with Aiden and the Beardman, we missed the train at Traralgon, so into the suburbs again. Just missed the first over, but oh well.

Turns out my crazy membership is not as crazy as I thought, not allowed to sit with the peasants, so Aiden decided to hang out in Bay 13 and join in the chanting. England played alright, then Watson came in and smashed them, hundred and sixty something, stayed in all innings. Clarke was disappointing, which pissed off the bogans, poor bastard was getting booed whenever he didn't make a run. Hussey saved the day, tonking out 16 runs in one over, then getting out the next one. We won, but it was very close.

Back home, not much going on, woke up at some ungodly hour, checked the Age and VTAC this evening, looks like I've been accepted at Swinburne at Hawthorn, which is good. I just wish I knew more people who were going, but I guess it'll be good to start fresh. Lot of crowing on facebook.

Tomorrow... hurm.

So yeah, that's all I've got. I guess I'll post again this week, after Emily and Isobelle's massive party.


Anyway, the end.

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