Sunday, January 9, 2011


'Lo all.

Very little to write about, as usual.

It's been far too damn hot.

Last night, I was enjoying a quiet night chatting to randoms on facebook, then I figure I should probably check my phone. No idea what came over me. 6 missed calls and a buttload of messages. Suddenly there's half a dozen kids in my backyard encouraging me to go out. Rubbish.

So, went out with the usual crowd. Jake's moving to Traralgon so it was good to catch up with him, even if he's taking it easy at the moment, and Brad kept telling me to come and jam with him, which is an offer I'm very tempted to take up. Meg and Annie seemed a little gone already. Sam encouraged Aiden to try chilli infused vodka at the Star. Apparently it's a very enjoyable experience. We then got some stories from the bartenders about the world's hottest burger in Traralgon. Not much was going on, really. JR was djing at Kas, saw a few kids out. Sam got punched in the face and I got knocked over as a brawl erupted in Ringer's, we all laughed. Ended up chatting to Cheezy, British and some random guy about the Big Day Out and cricket. British had a pipe. Very classy. The outback bar is so good, I only went into the main bar to get money, or when I got dragged in once by Emily where we watched Wingram shuffle.

After lights, headed to maccas, where there was a small, mostly drunken crowd standing around. Chatted to some girls, enjoyed some burgers, and walked home. Lots of coppers around.

I kind of regretted going out at all this morning, after four hours sleep when I dragged myself to work still a little drunk. At least it makes the day go faster... maybe that was Petro's singing though. I practically collapsed when I got home.

Primer - ***
Very slow pace, but they rush everything. You're on the back foot the whole time. To be honest, I liked it for this, but everything was left open and unexplained at the end, and not in a good way.

Tomorrow, heading to Lakes with Aiden, going to get schooled by Tom.



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