Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fear and Loathing in the Centre of the City at Night.

'Lo all.

This is part one of two. This is our city adventures. Next up will be BDO.

Before we get going, just some catching up on regular business.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - ***
Very hot redhead. Confusing plot. Johnny Depp was in Captain Jack mode, as usual. Not sure what on earth Tom Waits was doing. Visually though, very cool, and you can definitely see the Monty Python influence.

The Illusionist - ****
It's like they took this film, and just dipped it in sepia. Everyone had a silly accent too. But the ending made it worth it. I still think the Prestige was better, but this one had an insane tweeest.

Garage Days - ***1/2
It's funny how fast this has dated. When this came out, Australian music was all about bands like Spiderbait, Jebediah, the Superjesus, Frenzal Rhomb, and You Am I. Powderfinger had only just released Odyssey Number 5, they were still sort of a grungey garage band. I wish things were still like this. Anyway, not a bad story, not sure if Pia Miranda is hot or not, and the tripping out sequences was hilarious. Also amusing was the amount of importance placed on Homebake, which didn't run this year.

Anyway. Right. Here we go.

Went out Saturday, stumbled home late, got up extra early (and still drunk) for work, and after about forty minutes, sent home. Ah well.

Monday, headed down to the city with El Beardo, enrolled myself at Swinburne. No choice of subjects, just a lot of lining up. Interesting crowd in the room too. There were a few plastics, a few indie kids, one fat girl with a Tool shirt, and a couple of awkward looking basement dwellers. Should be interesting. Had a look around Glenferrie rd and showed Beardman the unilodge place, very impressed. I'm basically living on top of a station, a cafe, and a sushi place. Awesome.

If I did anything major on Tuesday, I can't remember it.

Then Wednesday, the horde all dropped in for an afternoon of radio, cricket on Fitzroy st, and giggling at Zoo magazines stolen from Brad's place while we burnt Jess' school stuff. Very, very disappointing Hottest 100. Very bland. 3 of my picks got in, so yay. Half the kids went out, Bernice, Jordan and I ended up in the shed while Annie drew all over Denny's shoes.

Next morning, found Sam sleeping in his car out the front, and Fraser had a mysterious headache. I have to wonder where he got that from. Surely it couldn't be the girly Passion Pop?

So, caught the train with Aiden and Nemo, Harrison saw us and we caught up on the way to the city. Harry's been having a very interesting time touring Bali, sounds like.

Emily met us at the station and dragged us up to her fancy-as-hell apartment in Eureka Tower. Incredible views. Jaw dropping balcony. And we were barely a third of the way up the building. After watching some tv, Denny, Aiden, Emily and I headed down to Fed Square to see The Vasco Era play a free show with George and Megan. Sid, the lead singer, was noticeably drunk, but they weren't too bad. They pulled some kids out of the crowd for their last song, where the drum kit was dismembered and they all got to hit stuff.

Went to a Mexican place for dinner, we got a couple of plates to share, Denny took the largest taco and Emily seemed to be gone off one margarita. Went back to the apartment, Emily seemed to decide that this was a good time to go swimming, so we went downstairs to look for it. Reception said that she wasn't allowed in. Damn.

After some shenanigans upstairs, got changed and went out in search of a comedy club, started out with a pint at Ponyfish Island, which is a little bar in the middle of the Yarra. They were playing Iggy. I was impressed. Then we visited a theatre of ill repute, and yet more shenanigans were encountered. Very, very amusing, but I will not share it here. Ask Emily.

Off to another bar after a few random turns, checked out the Elephant and Wheelbarrow where an old guy was wheeling out Johnny Cash covers, then a pub that promised comedy. We went up, and there was no one on stage. We did see a midget with a beard, and we tried a beer called Fat Yak. It was awesome.

So, still pretty sober, walked home, ran into Bec and her friends at a maccas, and we saw a naked man walking past Flinders St Station literally getting his arse kicked. Must have been one hell of a dare.

Right, Friday. Aiden nicked off with Sam for kiteboarding lessons in St Kilda, so Denny, Emily and I hit Fed Square for internet access. Tom Gleeson, the ranga comedian, grabbed us for his new tv show and asked us random questions about the Australian anthem, flag, and president (kind of obvious what this show was about, to be honest).

While Emily had an eyebrow appointment, Denny and I checked out a kick arse record shop. Never before have I seen things like Baths and Flying Lotus with physical cds and vinyl. Jesus. I was prepared to spend millions in there.

We headed down to St Kilda to meet Sam and Aiden after that, with a very fun tram trip. Lots of zombie hunters shooting nerf guns. Aiden and Sam seemed to be having a good time, though after they finished they seemed very, very sunburnt. They got some pizza, then went back into the city. Aiden, Denny and I ventured through Chinatown to get some six packs of Fat Yak. We could have won a trip to Mongolia to see yak racing.

Anyway, so we had a few drinks up at Emily's, Isaac and Isobelle dropped in. Watched a couple of movies, then things got interesting. Chilled on Emily's bed for a while, I remember changing into boardies and jumping into the bath with Isobelle to get my last beer back. Ended up on the balcony. Stayed up far, far too late.

Next morning, dragged myself awake. After some recovery, packed up, headed down the street once again. Emily took us to a witch shop. It smelt weird. Had a look in Bernard's new shop, where sombreros were purchased. Also checked out Blasphemy, which had all this "metal" gear, including some strange corset things that Denny and Isaac just had to try on. Very amusing. Back to Emily's to pick up our gear and laugh at Juno, then back to Flinders st to meet the horde. They were all alive, including Pat, so that's good.

Caught a tram and swapped some stories which doubtlessly offended some of the other passengers, then spent an hour checking everyone into the hostel. The guys were slightly impatient with the girls, so we went back out into the city. I met Hayley and her friend on Bourke st and sold her a ticket, then wandered with them back to the horde. Girls were a little pissed that they couldn't join us for dinner as we decided on a sports bar (which had Fat Yak on tap!), and ditched us. Afterwards, hit Galactic Circus like a freight train as we had two cards with an hour of free games. Much shooting, racing, and guitar-heroing occurred.

Up the stairs for laser tag, we had a buttload of little kids joining us, and the little bastards almost kicked our arses. Lots of fun though, even if the girls decided not to join us. We walked past a man standing on a pole with a flaming whip, which was pretty cool. Made it back to the hostel to bitch about how hot it was with the girls before crashing hard.

You'll probably be reading this second anyway, but part two's on it's way.

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