Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Black Bugs.

'Lo everyone.

So far my plan to get myself out of the house is working. Or at least, for the first week or so of this year. Good start.

A note on the photos: I know last year I said I'd try and take a photo every day and post it up here. I forgot how incredibly lazy I am. At first I'd skip taking photos every day. Not every day had something worth taking a photo of. Then I skimped out on chucking them up here, because I had to manually resize them all and that takes time then you have to upload them and put them in right. Not fun. Eventually I figured screw it, I'll make it a facebook bonus feature. And so far that's worked out alright. I've tried to make sure that I'm only putting interesting things up, that I can write about and contextualize just a little, instead of "HERE IS ANOTHER PHOTO OF ME EXCEPT THIS TIME I LOOK JUST A LITTLE DIFFERENT" or "THIS IS SOMETHING VERY DEEP AND MEANINGFUL, AND I CHANGED ALL THE COLOURS AROUND SO IT LOOKS VINTAGE AND ARTY I'M VERY INTERESTING AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME".


So we're off to an alright start, the 2011 folder is up to three photos, which isn't bad.

Anyway, business. All this shooting in the States, as tragic as it is, both amuses me, as it shows the country's nuts, and terrifies me because these guys are in charge and influence us. Oh well. Who cares about outdated laws about gun control, even if innocent little girls get shot and killed. It's their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

Closer to home, went to Lakes with Aiden yesterday where we were schooled in the art of FPS in Timesplitters and Red Faction by Tom. Jumping around using a sniper rifle like a semiautomatic is a lot of fun. I forgot how terrible I am at it though. Watched The Professional as well, which was amusing because Tom had only seen the American version, which cut out the violence and awkwardness.

Drove back today, visited the video shop, and out of my mental list of like seven films, they did not have one. Very depressing. Back home, things are slow. Hurm. Missed a boat.

Tomorrow will be slow. Probably no post until the weekend, wrapup of the Twenty20 and Tom's going away shindig.




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