Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Day Out 2011.

'Lo everyone, we're back with part two.

So, still slightly shellshocked, up early to shower then pancakes. Found Ryan wandering around the wrong number 9 tram stop, then met the horde in time to catch the right tram. We all arrived fairly early, which was good, line wasn't exactly long, but it's not like all the artards pouring out of the trams lined up. Got in relatively quickly, I ditched my bag then raced into the D with Ryan after picking up some merch (Stooges, Grinderman, something for Isobelle). I own too many band shirts...

No stress or pressure getting into the D this early, got a spot maybe halfway back. Sun was definitely out, sweating already and the first band had barely started. The Vines put on a good show, though the new stuff seemed a little off. Ride and Get Free went off, naturally.

In the rush of triple j core kids over to the other side of the stages for Little Red, I grabbed a spot on the barrier in front of the Orange stage to prepare for Dead Letter Circus. Little Red were alright, lot of swapping of vocalists. Crowd seemed very appreciative, even if Denny didn't.

So, Denny, Ryan, OtherPat and I clung to the barrier as the black-clad Dead Letter Circus got going. Next In Line was a definite highlight. The bassist was very energetic, even if the lead singer kinda wasn't. For their last song, This is the Warning, they brought out a couple of extra tomtom drums, and drummers from their friend's bands. At one stage there was the drummer, these two other guys, the lead singer and one of the guitarist all smashing these drums, it was very awesome.

Extricated ourselves as Airbourne launched themselves across the stage in front of a massive stack of Marshall amps. We got some food at that stage, which meant I missed out on catching the end of Jim Jones Revue's set. Met up with Bec and had a look around, then we split up and I hit the Hot Produce tent for Gareth Liddiard.

He was very, very drunk. Behind us in the Boiler Room, we could hear Die Antwoord, who he abused... then admitted he'd be seeing as soon as he was done. For just one (drunk) dude and a guitar, he put on one hell of a show. We got Shark Fin Blues and Jezebel out of the Drones' catalogue. He tried to start a fight with one guy, then promised to buy him a beer. So cool.

I also realised at that stage that my phone was behaving strangely. Well. Stranger than usual. This made me paranoid, I was missing calls and texts. Oh well. 50000 people all texting each other at the same time, must be a little confusing.

Caught the end of Die Antwoord from the middle of the Boiler Room, the music was pretty meh but they were very amusing. MC Ninja had a microphone coming out of his boxers shaped like a phallus, and they had a large inflatable dude with his own large phallus on stage with them. Funny, but not really good. More of a novelty thing.

Met Bec again and dived back into the Boiler Room to get a good spot for Crystal Castles as DJ Perplex, or the warm up guy, mashed up Aerodynamic. He went through two more Daft Punk songs before hitting some dubstep, which was pretty good. At least it would have been if it wasn't a billion degrees in this tent, and every shirtless bogan was rubbing more sweat on you.

Crystal Castles came on with Alice doing a Kurt Cobain impression with her crutches. She still managed to put on a good show, loving Baptism and Doe Deer, though Alice Practice and Not in Love seemed to get lost in the noise a bit. Hottest girl with crutches most of us had ever seen.

Emerged to find a firetruck spewing water at the crowd, and found Patrick, who'd joined the airbrush tattoo dick squad with one on his back, which everyone else found hilarious. Grabbed some free ice tea then made our way into D through the cattle gate. We caught most of John Butler Trio's set from about halfway back in between the two stages. He was very impressive, though there was no Better Man to depress the crowd. Ten minute 12-string solo, then they played Funky Tonight as we moved into the crowd massing front of the Blue stage for Iggy and the Stooges. They got a little impatient during Nicky Bomba's drum solo, but still.

Then Iggy ran on stage, Raw Power first up, it was awesome, then what I'd paid to see, massive Search and Destroy screamalong. Hell. So, so good. Got a lot of other good stuff, but I have to say, Iggy was definitely the only good part, the Stooges themselves were a little too... old. For a sixty something ex-coke addict though, Iggy was rolling around the stage, and on the ground, and on the barrier, and during Shake Appeal he got a couple of dozen people out of the crowd to dance on stage with him, including one girl who immediately tried to make out with him.

After this, Rammstein's ominous intro music started and then, with an explosion, the giant black curtain covering the Orange stage burst off to reveal a huge German flag, which exploded and the band were chugging away. Bec ran off with her friends, so I found Jess and we watched Rammstein's pyrotechnics-heavy set from the hill over some chips. Denny and Ryan were somewhere in the massive, heaving mosh, right up the front. We missed out on the penis cannon (lots of them on the day, very strange), the firework crossbow, and massive, massive flamethrowers everywhere, including all over one "fan" who ran on stage (in flame-proof gear).

I headed over to catch the end of Primal Scream on the Green stage, and was there just in time for the second half of Loaded (which is that song you like, Beardman). Had to grab my backpack at this stage, annoyingly, but ran back and found a good spot in the crowd with Jess and Bec for Grinderman.

It was dark by the time they came out, which added to the atmosphere, St Nick getting a huge roar out of the crowd just by picking up his guitar. They started off with Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man, which has been stuck in my head since. Good gawd. Mindblowing stuff. If I didn't have my bag on my feet I figure I'd probably be on the gorram barrier. Get It On was another highlight, if only because I roared the words (... might have pissed off the guy next to me), and No Pussy Blues was another cathartic singalong. Warren Ellis dropped his guitar during Heathen Child for a squealing violin solo, kind of not expecting that. They closed with Grinderman, which builded slowly until it was howling, Martyn Casey's bass just thundering, and Warren smashing a hihat with a maraca. Nick jumped up on the barrier at one stage, which drove the crowd nuts, devoting lines to particularly hot girls. Definitely my favourite act (in case that wasn't obvious from the gushing... sorry).

After that, wandered around looking for everyone else as Bec jumped on a shop selling Boosh tshirts, found them all at the tram stop, which was lucky. More people on the tram laughing at Pat's tattoo, then stumbled into the showers at the hostel. We stunk pretty bad, girls weren't impressed when we came to visit them. They all seemed to have had a good day, they spent around six hours sitting on the barrier in front of the Converse stage for Children Collide, Naked and Famous, Gyroscope (who had a Nirvana cover), and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Ryan and Denny had spent most of their day in the D, moshing to Deftones (who had a "perfect" mosh), up the front for Rammstein, and catching Tool's mad laser show. Aiden was practically on the barrier for LCD Soundsystem as well, which is very cool.

Crashed hard with ears ringing and phone dying again.

This morning, woke up, hit the showers once again, then almost missed the checkout time. We all split up making our way down Elizabeth st as the girls needed juice, Denny needed shorts, and I needed to buy some cds from Polyester records. Met up with everyone at Spencer st over sushi, then argued about which train carriage to get on. Made it home alright, after a fairly gossipy and eventful ride that I tuned myself out of.

So here I am, still a little dead, but everything's done and written down and posted up, fresh from my head so I don't forget anything.

This week... gotta sort out some stuff, but that's it.




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