Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Wrap-up.

'Lo all.

Well. That's another one down.

(I'm posting this late because I've been on holiday in Tasmania. Some of this has been drafted, it'll probably be kinda obvious which.)

Next couple of days are going to be messy. Going off to Geelong for actual christmas tonight. Next day off to the cricket, then a day recovering before jetting off to Tasmania for the Falls Festival. Going to see a lot of cool bands, with a writeup on new year's day. Then we'll resume regular programming.

Anyway. Hell. 2010. Year twelve and turning 18 and all that. Exciting stuff, I suppose.

Gotta say, school wasn't as difficult as I was expecting. Maybe it's because of the subjects I picked, I dunno. It was stressful, sure, with all the SACs and other random crap that popped up. Exams were good because apart from studying and worrying, there was enough room to breathe. And I think my results reflect this approach. I was never really going to get a 90, but I'm glad I got more than I expected.

Literature, being the most important class, was actually alright, I guess. It was cool to hang with Hayley for the first half of the year as we struggled through Hedda Gabler. Slaughterhouse 5 was actually enjoyable, and Keats was tedious but ultimately interesting. Ms Dosser's an absolute hero, she deserves all the praise she gets from her students.

History was enjoyable if only because of Mr Ries, I'm glad I signed up for it. Good class, and since the majority of it was just reproducing facts, it was easy to get a grip on the material.

Media was another one of those enjoyable classes, this time because we got a bit of creative freedom, and could argue opinions. Plus, hell, we got to watch Snatch. For some reason people think my cheap ad campaign is good, but I dunno. I just ripped off a whole lot of similar ads. Very amused when I later found a campaign that was about the same thing as mine from the NSW government.

What fun maths was, with poor old Bren-dog. Half the kids didn't care. I snoozed through most of it, admittedly. Bit of a bludge class. But the class itself was good, and Mr Brennan was forgiving enough to be around when I really needed help.

And of course biology. That was... interesting. The pracs were a lot of fun, and the actual subject matter. It was good fun going to Monash to play with some DNA (and win 4 free mars bars). I'm glad we didn't have to do any creationism stuff. I would have burnt the school down if we did.

I should probably mention my dear spare group as well. Playing the ball and cup game with Gavin, teasing Sarah about her age, annoying Georgia while she tried to read, and playing hundreds of games of solitaire. It was good that it was so chilled. Good times.

What else have we got. School was alright. Muckup day was awful. Seriously. Next year, kids, have the party the night AFTER, not the night before. We were so tired, and I guess it showed. No one really enjoyed themselves that day. Kinda felt sorry for the crowd too, they were used to being entertained. I might blame the teachers a little as well, every speech about us related that we were "funloving troublemakers", so naturally they cut our balls off and supervised us the whole time to prevent anything untoward occuring. Bastards.

It was good to see the majority of kids turning eighteen too. The parties were fun, the nights wasted in Ringer's weren't, I guess. Salefest was a highlight though. Tom's quest to get wasted with the goonbag was hilarious, and it was a lot of fun to escort Meg in as she turned 18 that night, then moshing with Tom, Annie, Alison and Meg all night. THEN, waking up after four hours sleep to take a bus to Melbourne. Woo.

More generally, this year has been awesome for music. Today I voted in triple j's hottest 100, and the scope of the stuff that they mentioned was mind boggling. I'd like to thank the world's worst imageboard for exposing me to some crazy stuff, loving some of this crazy glitch stuff. Pitchfork was good for news, despite it being so pretentious it hurt. Favourite album of the year would have to be either Innerspeaker by Tame Impala, or Sleigh Bell's Treats. Check em out if you haven't already, though I'm sure I've shouted about them enough.

Films too, I guess. Inception was good. I've watched too many dvds, as you'll have seen from yesterday's review post. Was blown away by Oldboy and Requiem for a Dream. Awesome films.

It was good to keep working at both Bis and the chemist's. Yesterday I briefly attended the Bis christmas breakup, and they're all just great people, and skilled at beer pong. For all the whinging about the drowning in customers, and denying me a couple of shifts, I still like working there with them.

Carlton did a little better this year, which is good. Australia suddenly sucks at cricket, though we'll see how they go in the next test.

The internet, no matter how terrifying, is still an awesome place. I swear to god though, they should have some sort of licence test before they let people use facebook. The stupid hurts sometimes. Goddamn. No one cares if you're "loving life", and no one cares what stupid things you "like". Bad.

Funnily enough, that's all first world problems, I suppose. World's going to hell even faster. As I write, South Korea's agitating Best Korea. I wonder if I'll even get to post this in a couple of days. Amusing, none the less. I'm sick of the casual racism and violence here though. It's a neverending, vicious circle. Annoying though. Since I haven't been beaten up in Ringer's this year, I figure I'll probably get jobbed in Melbourne or something, oh well.

The family's doing well. Right now Beardman's working on his weather station, by extending it up another meter or two on a broomstick. Fraser's starting to realise what an idiot he is, I think the responsibility from being vice captain at his school sunk in a bit. Sisters are typical ten year olds. Dad's in for an interesting next couple of years with them.

All of my friends, you know how much I love/hate (mostly hate) you all. Not just the oldies I've known since preps, not just the mates that have stuck for all of grammar, not even the new friends we always run into in Ringer's, all of you. I'd probably be dead by now if it weren't for you bastards, and I'm genuinely sad that I won't be able to hang out with most of you next year. Keep in touch.

And that's the closest thing you'll get to actual sentiment here, by the way.

So what does next year hold? I mean, after the Big Day Out, I'm moving to Melbz with the first wave of non-gap-year kids. I figure I'll survive. Hopefully everything will just go smoothly. Move, find work, start course, don't get stabbed, the usual.

Um. Yeah. Twenty Ten, we hardly knew ye.

See you all on the other side, I guess.


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