Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Wrap-up.

'Lo all.

I'll get the cliches out of the way first. What a year, such fun was had, learnt a lot, bring on the next one, etc etc.

No, but in all seriousness, this year was huge. That whole moving out of home thing and all (even though I'm currently typing this back in Sale...), starting uni, pretending to be a respectable and independent member of society, all that jazz.

I think the whole experience went pretty well, to be honest. I'm not dead yet, and to be honest the city's kickarse. There's actual things to do that don't involve ending up in Ringers every weekend! Amazing!

The novelty will wear off, I'm sure, but in the mean time, it's awesome. Still haven't done everything I'd like to yet either.

And of course there were all sorts of other adventures, some of which I won't go into here, but jesus. Excrement hitting the air conditioning device indeed. But again, still alive.

I fear I'm becoming more of a hipster since I moved to the city, this is a genuine concern. You meet a hell of a lot of new people, and the majority of city kids are hipsters, which is much better than the bogans in Sale. But most of the people I got to know this year were pretty cool, here's to more drinks in Prudence, Nevs or Puggs.

That's probably the other thing, again, it's nice not being in Ringers week after week, and instead exploring the buttload of other bars (and becoming something of a beer connoisseur with Aiden). Did enjoy the James Squire Brewhouse, Biero's, the Little Creatures Beerhall, and the Public Bar (RIP). Plus all the tiny pubs and bandrooms we found, will be returning to the Espy an awful lot, and Brunswick st definitely needs more exploration.

I think uni is good. There, I said it. It's way, way better than high school because all of those annoying people you never want to hang out with? You only have to put up with them for two hours a week in most cases. Brilliant. Plus they don't care if you arrange all your classes for the afternoon or skip the odd lecture as long as you keep up. I'm liking my course so far; may have been a bit reluctant about philosophy but it ended up being alright. Wish I could say the same for critical thinking. Journalism and the media units were good fun though. Not sure about next year, but I get to do cinema studies, that'll be fun, right?

Musicwise, holy crap. I can't believe I've seen so many of my favourite bands this year, some of them twice (!). The National, Iggy and the Stooges, Grinderman, Tame Impala, Death From Above 1979, Portishead, The Flaming Lips, Vasco Era and Children Collide about five times each... There is a very, very long list that I won't put here, but suffice to say I reckon it'd make some people jelly. I hit too many festivals, which wasn't particularly good for my wallet, but so, so totally worth it. I would like to live at Meredith when I grow old, and take my children to the festivals there. Such a beautiful place, awesome vibe, and incredible lineups. Can't wait to head back in March. Looking forward to Battles and Justice in the new year as well (and maybe Radiohead). Still pissed I missed out on Queens of the Stone Age, Spiritualized, Flying Lotus, Modest Mouse, The Drones, and Regurgitator playing Unit... Best gigs would have to be Portishead and being on the barrier for Mudhoney and roaring along to Fix Me, and maybe the Flips for the sheer "oh god what the hell is going on" factor.

Surprisingly crap year for music and movies that got released though, maybe it just wasn't my sort of thing. I did enjoy the Black Keys' new album, even though it did not sound like a Black Keys album, same with The Strokes. Cameras finally released an LP, which I want to pick up on vinyl soon, same with the Middle East, who put out the best Australian album this year, I reckon. Justice's new album was a bit of a disappointment though, and I'm already sick of The Jezabels and Gotye. Pumped for Sleigh Bells's new album, among others.

Discovered a buttload of stuff this year though, like Spiritualized, Liars, Autolux, Mogwai, Bass Drum of Death... lots and lots.

Watched too many movies (see previous post), but did not see Transformers or Breaking Dawn, and don't plan to. Really enjoyed The Proposition (especially since I wrote an essay on it and got a HD!), Four Lions, Human Traffic, Dr Strangelove, and He Died With a Felafel in His Hand (cheers Bec). Bring on Batman and Prometheus next year. We discovered the Astor as well, which I've visited about half a dozen times and am planning to visit a billion times next year. The Back to the Future marathon was pretty awesome, since there was a Delorean out the front.

Oh yeah, and I played a lot of pinball on my fancy new phone and read a lot of books and enjoyed the hell out of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. That's everything covered.

In other news. Oh god living in the city ten minutes from the MCG is awesome, especially when Carlton's playing pretty well for once. Must have hit a dozen games, finally justifying my MCC membership. And Collingwood lost the grand final, life is good.

The family seems to be doing well, I know I don't visit home often enough but everyone's still kicking. The girls are on the threshold of becoming a living hell for poor old Beardman, but in the mean time they're wearing White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age shirts (ha), and in the living room right now they're trying to play Bohemian Rhapsody on Guitar Hero. Yeah, I bet your eleven year old sisters never did that. Fraser needs a bit of sense beaten into him, but he's better than last year. Beardman is alive and well, he's now a bro, and I think we'll be taking him to trivia a bit more.

Sale, on the other hand, seems to have imploded somewhat, socially at least. There only seems to be drama when the horde's all in town, so enough of that rubbish. More kids should move to the city, you'll love it. My roommates were all fantastic people, for all the returning-home-at-4am-and-playing-Kanye-West-really-loudly nights, there were also kickarse nights out rampaging through Nevs. Best of luck to all three of you next year, specially the J Woosh in England.

Speaking of world affairs, holy crap a lot of evil dudes died this year, didn't they. Heaps of crazy natural disasters, seemed to be a new one every week for a while (spoiled a breakfast or two). I still disagree with the Occupy movement in Australia, and I'm looking forward to the presidential run next year because I am a boring geek. And, you know, there's still the threat of a nice nuclear war, as always.

Right, better stop rambling. Some things I learnt this year, among others: really isn’t that difficult being in the city; just because a bar is popular doesn’t mean it’s very good; women have a tendency to be surprisingly selfish creatures (well duh, says every male reader); travel broadens the mind wonderfully; it is entirely possible to do a one day music festival by yourself; it is entirely possible to lose track of the days of the week and recover; never miss an opportunity to head out and catch up with people or abuse free wifi privileges; keep an eye on one’s phone bill to the point of neuroticism; and never pretend for a second that if Woosh and Angus both need to use the bathroom at the same time that they’ll close the doors (Battleshits? Electric Avenue? Jesus...).

Most importantly, I think, for all the good things this year, I stand by something I picked up in philosophy class, in like March or something. I believe it was Sartre who said, “hell is other people”. Looking forward to moving into a one bedroom apartment next month, as I am an antisocial bastard.

What else will happen next year, I wonder. There's a few bits of unfinished business which will need to be finished, whether for good or for ill remains to be seen. Other than that, since Pat and Jake are on my campus next year, I foresee more pub crawls and the usual shenanigans. If we survive tonight. We'll see.

Happy new year to everyone.

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Movie Edition 2011.

You know the drill.

Into the Wild - ****
The kid was surprisingly whiny. And everything was so depressing. But it was good. Loving the Eddie Vedder soundtrack too. Definitely sort of appealling to the same crowd that Theroux or Kerouac novels do. But yeah, it definitely wasn't the standard hipster indie film I was expecting.

The Proposition - ****
Not bad for a western. Very Nick Cave, especially John Hurt's character, and the entire, graphic ending. Loving the soundtrack as well, though I might be a bit biased. It's a familiar sort of story, but it's just an interesting take on it by setting it in colonial Australia. Did not like David Wenham's overacting. Check it out.

Primer - ***
Very slow pace, but they rush everything. You're on the back foot the whole time. To be honest, I liked it for this, but everything was left open and unexplained at the end, and not in a good way.

Gangs of New York - ***
My disc kept skipping, so maybe it'd be better if I hadn't lost half an hour's worth of dialogue. Still a little slow, after one hell of an opening scene, but the ending was awesome.

Garage Days - ***1/2
It's funny how fast this has dated. When this came out, Australian music was all about bands like Spiderbait, Jebediah, the Superjesus, Frenzal Rhomb, and You Am I. Powderfinger had only just released Odyssey Number 5, they were still sort of a grungey garage band. I wish things were still like this. Anyway, not a bad story, not sure if Pia Miranda is hot or not, and the tripping out sequences was hilarious. Also amusing was the amount of importance placed on Homebake, which didn't run this year.

The Illusionist - ****
It's like they took this film, and just dipped it in sepia. Everyone had a silly accent too. But the ending made it worth it. I still think the Prestige was better, but this one had an insane tweeest.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - ***
Very hot redhead. Confusing plot. Johnny Depp was in Captain Jack mode, as usual. Not sure what on earth Tom Waits was doing. Visually though, very cool, and you can definitely see the Monty Python influence.

Mary and Max - ****1/2
Much like The Road, it's just depressing thing on top of depressing thing. There's a wry sense of humour to it all, like in Harvey Krumpet, but it's still ridiculously sad. Just when you think things can't get any worse for these people, it does. Which is kind of amusing.

Four Lions - ****
This sort of film needs to be made more. It's not sympathetic to terrorism, but it does make fun of it. And it is stupidly funny. The ending, and the bits in the credits, are hilarious. Still suffers from being a little predictable, but oh well.

12 Monkeys - ***1/2
A little predictable, you can see how it all ends towards the very beginning if you pay attention. Was not impressed with Brad Pitt's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest impression. It was definitely a Terry Gilliam film as well, there were parts in the "future" which seemed a little Pythonesque, and it was also easy to see the progression from this to Fear and Loathing. Still, not a bad dystopian film.

Event Horizon - ****
This one was a lot of fun, genuine body horror, kinda rare to see these days. Also liked the overt Chaos references. Little cheesy towards the start, but still. Not a bad film at all.

When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors - ***1/2
We missed the start, disappointingly, but the rest was pretty good. Killer soundtrack, funnily enough. Johnny Depp narrating as well. Did like all the concert footage, not so much Jim Morrison posing at the camera on a rock or swimming or driving around, but oh well. Worth checking out if you like The Doors, obviously.

Sunshine - ***1/2
Took a couple of shots to get through this, but it really isn't bad. Pretty standard Danny Boyle playing around with the camera, especially when he gets to the end, but it ends up being just a shinier version of Event Horizon at the end.

Gattaca - ****
Lots of piss. Like, for a heavy science fiction film about morality and crap, there's a lot of piss. Piss in bags, piss in catheters, pissing in cups, pissing in wheelchairs... piss everywhere. Other than that, very interesting film, I guess I'm a little late to the party.

Clerks - ****1/2
Hilarious. I gotta hit the rest of Kevin Smith's earlier films now. Very stupid film, and you can tell it was made on less than a shoestring, but still awesome.

Not Quite Hollywood - ****
Yeah, I thought this was a documentary about the Australian film industry with Quentin Tarantino, it's actually a porno. Not even kidding. It's interesting, but it really is mainly a porno. Not what I was expecting at all. I had no idea Australia had these sort of films getting released back in the day, no way in hell they'd come out now. Pretty funny though, especially the insane stuntman who did an 80ft dive while on fire.

Equilibrium - **1/2
Kinda disappointed by this one, it seemed to take its cues a little too much from the Matrix and 1984. And the awesome fighting scenes didn't really kick in til the very ending. Still, kept twisting around, and the awesome fighting scenes were awesome. Especially when a dude's face got cut off.

Natural Born Killers - ****
"I know. Let's satirize serial killers and the media. But instead of doing it funny, let's do it extra violent. And instead of filming it conventionally, let's make every angle skewed and flick between black and white and colour, and cartoons!" STOP DOING THIS. The creepy montages were cool, and the big prison riot at the end. It was difficult to take seriously.

Rebel Without a Cause - ***
It's meant to be this big thing, but to be honest if it got released today it'd go right next to Machete, Hobo With A Shotgun, Planet Terror, and Black Dynamite. Basically just a vehicle for James Dean to look cool. There was a lot more blood, death, and gay undertones than I was expecting for a film from the fifties. Still, it wasn't awful, not a bad ride.

Rango - ****1/2
Yes. Loved the Dr Gonzo and Raoul Duke cameos. The dogfight with the bats ( bat country) was the best I've seen in years. The way they just included bits of all these other films says a lot about what people look for in a film these days (that's the media student in me fighting to get out), but it was enjoyable. Character design was awesomely messed up, though I'm not sure why girl-lizard had hair... Good film.

Jackass 3D - *****
I'm a sucker for this sort of crap, as you know. I can't imagine what actually seeing this in 3D would be like. Highlights included the midget fight, the volcano, and the swimming pool trebuchet (with extra wheelbarrow).

Public Enemies - ***
Good to finally watch this whole thing. It's good, but it does get repetitive and seems to go for longer than it should. Some of the dialogue is jarringly cheesy too. Redeemed by it's action sequences. I'm a sucker for Tommy guns, I think.

Eraserhead - ****
Slow as hell, noisy as hell, but who cares, it'll freak you the hell out. Kinda not as much creepy as I was hoping, but what we got was still very WTF. And gorey too, which was cool. As Oscar said coming out of the cinema though, it's more of an experience, and yeah, I dunno if I'd see it again. Still very cool though.

X Men First Class - ****
If only it didn't have cheesy dialogue. It had a lot of promise to actually say something about discrimination, but it didn't, instead it just threw cliches around. Other than that, awesome film. Good action, very funny, good soundtrack. As good as the (first half of) the first one.

Human Traffic - ****1/2
I'd like it more if I liked the music, but oh well. It surprised me, to be honest, ended up being a feel good drug film. Which makes a nice change to the Requiem/Trainspotting type of films. Would fit in well with Dazed and Confused instead, I reckon. Trainspotting's definitely a big influence, but yeah, happier ending.

Easy Rider - **1/2
I get the feeling that if I was high it'd be better. It just seemed too slow, especially the long, arty landscape shots. The ending was good, though the trip sequence felt like a music video. Meh, I can see why it's considered a classic, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is enjoyable.

Sanctum - ***
Definite sense of claustrophobia throughout the whole thing, which is good, but my god the actors and dialogue suck. Worth a watch either way.

127 Hours - ***
This, on the other hand, had a good actor, similar sense of tension (cept you kinda know what he does at the end, but my god the shoehorned in message sucked and let the whole thing down. I dunno. I'm always a little iffy about Danny Boyle films that aren't Trainspotting, his last three (this, Sunshine, and Slumdog Millionaire) all have similar editing things which annoy me... maybe he needs a new director of photography.

The Social Network - ****
Fincher. Good. Definitely made you think Zuckerberg was a dick. Ironic seeing Justin Timberlake as the creator of Napster. But yeah, managed to make a film about lawyers and computer geeks into something pretty entertaining. Looking forward to Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

The Adjustment Bureau - ***1/2
Enjoyable, I guess. Little too mysterious for it's own good. Lot of heavy philosophical crap skimmed over (I know this because we had to study the whole free will thing). Not sure about the hats. Meh.

Dr Strangelove or, How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - ****1/2
Pretty funny for a Kubrick film. Actually fairly fast paced, though there's still some filler. I believe I may have to check out some more Peter Sellers movies, any other film geeks in the house with recommendations?

Tron Legacy - **
Giant Daft Punk music video co-starring David Bowie. It'd be good if you could mute the dialogue, I suppose. Also cgi The Dude looked creepy as all hell.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - ***
Big and flashy, but disappointing. There's bits that just don't seem to fit, and they left too much out. Still, the beginning is fast, but then, that should leave more room for scenes from the book, not meh additions or needless slow motion bits. Oh well.

Thank You For Smoking - ****
Got this off Baz, awesome film, cept Harvey Dent looks waaay too much like Jaime Lannister. Very, very amusing, moves pretty quickly, and the ending's pretty good too. I enjoyed how he got poisoned as well.

Greenberg - **1/2
Reminded me of Ghost World, in that it's about a whole lot of awkward people who don't really end up doing much over the film. Not bad, but not amazing either.

Blessed - ***
Cheesy and mildly predictable, but definitely a downer film. That was some crazy Blixa Bargeld screaming at the end as well. Could tell Christos Tsolkias has a hand in writing it during one scene involving a Greek dude and exploitation. Still, not a bad film.

Source Code - ****
Just when you think it's a crappy ending it suddenly makes you think. Enjoyable film, lots of twists, much like Duncan Jones' previous film Moon. Definitely worth seeing at least once. Some plotholes that you acn't really think too much about but still.

Captain America - **1/2
Meh. Had the whole popcorn action flick part down, but it almost played the propanganda thing a bit too seriously, it needed more... satire? Dunno. Wasn't as good as Iron Man. Not that interested in Thor, and the Avengers looks meh.

He Died With A Felafel In His Hand - ****1/2
Brilliant, just brilliant. Any film that opens with Golden Brown, plays Buy Me A Pony over the title, and makes a big thing about The Mercy Seat (squee) is gold, and the best part was the rest of the film delivered too. Very distinctly Australian (lol at Sydney), some of the characters were (particularly) relatable, and it was funny. Ending wasn't amazing though, and I'm not sure it needed a tacked on love sidestory.

The Boat That Rocked - ****
Saccharine, killer soundtrack. A little too light hearted and far too many montages of people listening to the radio, but the cast was solid, and I'll admit I liked the vignette sort of style. Worth seeing if you're into good music and cheesy endings (and the IT Crowd/Coupling/Bill Nighy).

Hurm, seems like less films than usual. Oh well.

Arming Eritrea.

'Lo all.

Well, last post post for the year. How pathetic, once I add the movies and the wrapup there won't even be sixty posts for the year.

Still not a lot to report from the last week or so. Got to drive to Ocean Grove for Christmas, good to catch up with the grandparents and Buninyong Fords, the usual awesome lunch as well. Crap weather though.

Next day, hit the Boxing Day Test, watched Australia not fail miserably (a pleasant change), and caught up with Simon and Brian before meeting Aiden and trying not to freeze to death in the afternoon. We then hit the Astor for a Monty Python double (good fun being in a packed cinema, crowd is so diverse too), and went exploring through St Kilda to get to the Espy, and didn't get stabbed, go us.

The Vasco Era put on a sweaty, predictably awesome show, for free. Pretty standard setlist, not much from the first album, no Lucille (or For No One, for the fourth or fifth time), and only the two singles from the latest album, but the usual covers and pulverising version of Voodoo Chile (complete with Ted launching himself into the audience). Crowd here was mainly female (read, no mosh), did see Claire and Michael again, and got a free jug with no roofies (as far as I can remember...).

Spent the next day recovering, even though I wanted to be at the cricket.

The Boat That Rocked - ****
Saccharine, killer soundtrack. A little too light hearted and far too many montages of people listening to the radio, but the cast was solid, and I'll admit I liked the vignette sort of style. Worth seeing if you're into good music and cheesy endings (and the IT Crowd/Coupling/Bill Nighy).

Angus went to Falls the other day, a little bit jealous, but oh well. I've already seen Crystal Castles and I still have faith that Regurgitator will do a Unit tour. Rather amusing watching him prepare his cache though.

Today I went back to Sale, had a good catch up with Molly and her brother on the train, and got treated to a pub parma at the Star. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow, shenanigans. Will post the usual end of year crap in the afternoon, and whatever I can remember the day after. If we don't die.



Friday, December 23, 2011


'Lo everyone.

So, better catch up on things before three rushed posts at the very end of the year.

Headed back to Sale last week, after doing some christmas shopping (took all of fifteen minutes, it's good being a dude). Train was slow, as usual. Good to catch up with the Doyles, girls all liked their presents. Beardman was in his Foo Fighters shirt (brilliant).

The usual shenanigans occured, chips were consumed, visted Denny's and Pat's, caught up with just about everyone. Headed out Saturday night after a few beers out at Wurruk the night before and an excellent lunch in Stratford. Things were going well at Pat's playing pool and yelling along to good music with strangers at the Star, then things slowly got blurry and drama-y. Rubbish. I blame Ringers.

Awkward the next morning for all concerned, then off to Marlay Point for drinking, cricket, and swimming. Nice afternoon, nice crowd, nice evening. No one cut their foot on the glass, and Hayden and British didn't explode anything. Too damn hot sleeping in the car, and then as soon as I woke up it began pissing down rain. Haven't been stuck in the rain like that since June. And it only lasted ten minutes. Managed to pack up the tent, throw a ball at people in the water, and get home alright though.

Back in Alfred st, house is pretty empty since my roommates are either at work or overseas, and I haven't really been up to a lot.

Captain America - **1/2
Meh. Had the whole popcorn action flick part down, but it almost played the propanganda thing a bit too seriously, it needed more... satire? Dunno. Wasn't as good as Iron Man. Not that interested in Thor, and the Avengers looks meh.

He Died With A Felafel In His Hand - ****1/2
Brilliant, just brilliant. Any film that opens with Golden Brown, plays Buy Me A Pony over the title, and makes a big thing about The Mercy Seat (squee) is gold, and the best part was the rest of the film delivered too. Very distinctly Australian (lol at Sydney), some of the characters were (particularly) relatable, and it was funny. Ending wasn't amazing though, and I'm not sure it needed a tacked on love sidestory.

So that's pretty much it. I finished Breaking Bad (holy jesus awesome, bring on season five), and Coupling (big decline in quality in the last season, bring back Jeff!), time to start Dexter, I think. Also onto my third Thomas Hardy book in a row, thanks mum.

This week will be fun, as always. Christmas in Ocean Grove, cricket, Monty Python and Vasco Era for Boxing Day, room inspections after that, then jetting back home to visit people and get brutally trashed for New Years since I won't be watching Crystal Castles/Flying Lotus. Hurm.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meredith Music Festival.

'Lo all.

Once again, before we get to business, not a lot to report this week other than hitting the pub with Bernice, Annie and Macca in Hawthorn. My god I cannot stand The Hawthorn. Nevs was good though.

Anyway. So Wednesday night I got a text from Bennett saying he couldn't give me a lift any more, so after some frantic texts Bec found me a car seat. Life is good. Picked up supplies the next morning after signing the paperwork for my place next year (OMG EXCITING), then asked Angus for a lift to Bec's with all my stuff. We went via KewBar, where Wells was preparing his cache, then we took the freeway to a place in Carlton, Boxy complaining the entire way there about needing a piss and being extra paranoid about where. They dropped me off at Bec's without too much trouble though, if maybe too much honking on the horn (cheers Box).

Couple of familiar faces inside, getting keen to start cooking some muffins. We ended up watching some Coupling while waiting for the butter to work, not a bad show at all.

Up painfully early the next morning, Bec and I were out of the house by 7 when Sarah Jane arrived, we rocked out to the Avalanches all the way up. The best part about this arrangement, however, was that both Sarah and her sister were volunteering at the festival, so they got to use the special staff lane. This meant that we were parked at the reception bit at 9am when it opened, and not waiting in line for five hours to drive in. Drove straight past Wells and Bennett chilling on their boot, which was hilarious since I know they left two hours earlier than we did.

So we went in, had a look around, waited for the rest of the crew to get in. The Supernatural Amphitheatre is amazing, lanterns and stuff strung up everywhere and heaps of couches on the hill, and so green. Stage seemed kinda small but this didn't really matter. The rest of the campgrounds were nice as well, there seemed to be a lot of room. And there was a ferris wheel.

Once Ellen's car got in, we set up camp in some gum trees about ten minutes from the stage, and right next to a water tank, toilets, and a giant flag, which ended up being incredibly useful. The campsite was pretty cramped, as some of us brought tents that were far too big (in my defence, I stole my one off Lobo (THANKS HEAPS MAN!!!)). A gigantic baby blue double decker bus rolled past once we'd set up, which was incredible, I would like one for christmas to go to festivals in. Bec and I headed down to the International Food Court (makes it sound so much more fancy) for some delicious kofta balls, then caught up with the rest before the first band. Bought a couple of coconuts to drink out of, very novel idea, especially since they hack it open with a machete in front of you.

Steven and I jumped into the crowd for the very first band, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. I was impressed at how many people were in the band (including dedicated tambourinist and harmonica guy), and the fact that they started a mosh this early in the day. They sounded like a more psychedelicy Bass Drum of Death/Black Lips, very awesome and worth further inspection.

After that, we retreated up the hill and sat under a massive tree for Cash Savage, who to be honest kinda sucked. Not my sorta thing, more country than blues. After a vodka slurpee, Bec and I headed down to the barrier for Unknown Mortal Orchestra. They weren't bad, I'm not 100% familiar with their stuff after only having listened to their album once, but they were really good, at time pretty Tame Impala-ey after stomping on a few reverb pedals. I'd see them again. Liked the singer's tattoo on his throat.

Went back to the tent for food and such after that, while Kurt Vile went on stage. I've only checked him out on youtube beforehand, so I figured I wasn't missing much. Made it to the front of the crowd before Explosions in the Sky just before sunset, and they ended up being incredible. Just really, really loud. The only problem I had was that despite their deep and meaningful lyrics (that's a joke), once people realised that there was no big singalong choruses and it was just instrumental, they just started talking. Oh well.

Not sure any of us knew what to expect from Barbarion. Found ourselves on the barrier while the roadies tested some flamethrowers (!!!). Basically, imagine Tenacious D as the most cheesy metal band ever, with as many flamethrowers and fireworks as Rammstein, all in various medieval costumes. Brilliant stuff. The drummer managed to keep his Grim Reaper hood on the entire time, and the lead guitarist (who looked oddly a lot like a celtic Beardman) kept flashing the crowd with his kilt. I'm not sure I needed to see a really fat dude in S&M leather gladiator gear either, though he had a cool helmet at the start. Really good stuff, especially the flamethrowing guitars and axes, and the crowd got into it. Some of the more devoted fans smuggled in viking helmets, axes, and kegs, and were roaring every word next to me. I think this is another band that I'd see again.

Once again we headed back and chilled at the campsite as Ladyhawke started up, then I went exploring. Ladyhawke herself was pretty meh, not very in tune. Checked out the cinema with Georgie, Jeremy and Alice, where some trippy cartoons from the seventies were playing. No idea how people find these. This was cool until they stopped and a zombie film went on, and that was just awful. Back to the campsite.

Since Bec was desperate to see them, before Gang Gang Dance's set I woke her up ("it's ok, I won't fall asleep!"), and once again we were on the barrier. Unfortunately, there was a malfunctioning keyboard that messed up their set, despite the lead singer's attempts to salvage things by crowdsurfing and pulling a random baked dude on stage. Not a bad jam band though, I'll give them that. Crashed pretty hard afterwards.

Woke up in pain the next day, it was far too hot to be in a tent. Emerged and went hunting for a coffee, missing the Ballarat Municipal Brass Band in the process (I know, I know. Still curious to see what a brass band could do at a festival, but once I heard the dadrock covers I knew it was a lost cause). Sat in the shade watching the Rechords with Bec, then back to the tent during Adalita (who apparently put on a very self indulgent set). Also saw the Pope. Had a chat to a girl at the campsite who helped run Tone Deaf, had survived Burning Man, and was seeing the guitarist from Brian Jonestown Massacre. Even if only one of those things are true that's pretty cool.

After Adalita was lunchtime, while a punk supergroup called OFF! started up. They sounded pretty awesome, to be honest. Ran into Sloane once they finished, went for a stroll past Inspiration Point with her, then the group split up and I ran straight into Wells and Bennett enjoying a smoke on the grass while a wedding occurred behind them (not even kidding). Had a good chat to them and their Kiwi mate Ryan, and watched a giant slip and slide get set up, used, and then confiscated after a dude wiped out on the gravel.

I should also say that Saturday afternoon had the coolest costumes, I saw a lot of morphsuits and a Hunter S guy (funny that) among others, but it was only looking through the proper photos that I realised how awesome it would have been to sit up on that hill and peoplewatch. Lego men and stormtroopers and Mortal Kombat guys and strippers...

Made it back to the arena for Graveyard Train, who were absolutely awesome. They got The Boot, which I believe means they were the best act the crowd had seen so far, and is a very high honour. I raised my connie as well once Kim got it off ("HOW MANY KNOTS DO YOU NEED?!?"). I am keen to see these guys again, their sound is pretty unique, and the big choruses would make fantastic drinking songs. These guys were the band I went past at the St Kilda Festival with the chain-and-hammer guy. Brilliant stuff.

Made a trip for some water with Georgie and Kim that turned into HEY LET'S GET A FREE PHOTO FROM VANESSA!, but made it back in time for the second half of Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, who rocked. Suddenly I was on the barrier just before Mudhoney, yelling along to Rage Against the Machine getting piped over.

Mudhoney were superb, opened with Suck You Dry and kept the energy going. They played a lot of stuff from Superfuzz, massive screamalong to Touch Me I'm Sick as well. Good fun when Mark Arm threw his guitar down and just jumped around the stage. At the end of the set they pulled the lead singer from OFF! (who I just discovered was the non-Rollins frontman of Black Flag! Woah!) and did a pretty insane version of Fix Me, which me and another dude behind me were roaring.

Between sets, I looked behind us to the rest of the Amphitheatre, which was just starting to light up. Looked brilliant. Lots of crazy poles with stuff on them (ie, "meet me next to the guy holding up Kermit/the owl with hipster glasses/the bamboo stick with all the glowy things"), and way up at the back of the crowd, a giant cow thing made of what I hope was cardboard getting passed around. The security guards didn't know what to do, since I suppose it was a hazard, but that's still really awesome.

Icehouse were up next, and to be honest I thought they weren't really my thing, at least at the start when they were playing more 80s synthy stuff, but then they said something about playing stuff from "when we were punks", and that was alright, slightly slower Saints/Rifles type stuff. Big singalong to Great Southern Land at the end of it, and it was kinda cool to see one of the band member's children sitting side of stage.

Something else I should comment on, the amount of younger kids here was insane, and it was pretty cool to see them on the barrier for stuff like Barbarion. I reckon if I ever breed and find myself a cool wife I'd bring my children to a thing like this til they got old enough to be embarrassed in my presence.

Anyway. Pretty long setup for Cut/Copy, they had a lot of cowbells. They put on a very flashy set, very very 80s, as a girl behind me kept saying. Also kinda gay, lots of hugging and wrestling and awkward dancing. Still. Not bad, I suppose.

Things got properly exciting after this. It was extra good being on the barrier since it had started raining during Cut/Copy's set. Had a chat to the loud girl behind me about how awesome Grinderman was and how the Bad Seeds are/are not better, then suddenly they finished setting up the extra lights and stacks of Marshalls and then oh my god is that Jim Sclavunos OH MY GOD IT IS AND THERE'S WARREN ELLIS AND MARTIN P CASEY AND JESUS GOD THAT'S NICK CAVE WOOOOOOOO.

They put on a pretty good set, shorter than the one at BDO but way less filler (Palaces of Montezuma is filler, dammit), and way more interaction with the crowd. Unfortunately, where we were was about a metre from where St Nick jumped into the crowd, much to Bec's (and to be honest, the majority of the women in the crowd's) dismay. Opened with Mickey Mouse again and closed with Love Bomb as an encore. Crazy versions of No Pussy Blues and Get It On (in which Nick accidentally knocked over the lyrics sheet and thus messed up the first verse), and he jumped in for a couple of songs, hanging around for a lot of Kitchenette while the band jammed behind him again. As The Thousands described him, Warren was wandering around the stage like a demented pirate, just awesome, smashing hihats with maracas and thrashing his violin during Heathen Child. Brilliant, brilliant stuff, which was sobered somewhat at the end when he said "that's the end for Grinderman, that's it, see you in ten years". So I'm ridiculously glad I saw them twice this year.

There was a thing for the lunar eclipse on after this, which would have been amazing if it hadn't been cloudy, I'm sure. A comedian went up on a cherry picker to announce it all, culminating in Total Eclipse of the Heart as the Moon's national anthem (they did play Pink Floyd's Eclipse beforehand though, oh well). We stuck around since there was a rumour floating around that the Avalanches were going to do a secret DJ set (OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGG), but it could have been Midnight Juggernaughts as both members were playing percussion for Cut/Copy, but in the end it was a masked Yacht Club DJs. Oh well. They seemed to be mixing all the piped over music we'd heard that day, so I said screw it and headed back to the tent. As I'd sobered up a couple of hours back and wasn't tripping on anything, I had no desire to stay up and party hard til 7am, which was when the music stopped.

Next morning, up relatively early, hunt down my coffee with Bec, Loretta, and Alice as Abbe May rocked out, then got down to the stage with the others for Eagle and the Worm, who put on a pretty enjoyable set. Then suddenly it was time for the Meredith Gift, and after grabbing some food we found ourselves with no view of the racetrack at all. In hindsight, this might have been a good thing. So we sat on the barrier and watched a few heads sprint past as Dennis Commetti tried to commentate. Apparently there was a naked wrestling match for one of the prizes. Awkward. Harry, a mate from Puggs, had a go at it, and Sarah Jane's brother made it past the heats into the final, well done that man. I can definitely see Aiden doing this race in future (... maybe not see with my eyes... you know what I mean). The guy who'd won twice before won it again, good on him.

After all these adventures, picked up all our stuff from the campsite, say goodbye to everyone, and found Sarah Jane, then watched the last band (Matt Sonic and the High Times, would it be heretical to say Kyuss-esque?) and enjoyed some last kofta balls before jumping in the car. Took us maybe an hour to actually get to the town of Meredith, then after picking up Loretta we hit the freeway and ran straight into a thing of roadworks which delayed us for another half hour or so. This is not good when everyone in the car is tired and just wants to go home and shower. Still, got to Bec's alright, said hi to James who was losing at Mario Kart on a mysterious N64 that had popped up, then headed home to Alfred st.

Unfortunately, my plan was complicated by the fact that I had to wait twenty minutes at the tram stop with all my stuff, then another half hour at Flinders st for a train. Damn Sunday timetables, not impressed. Made it home alive, and photo damage wasn't too bad considering. Had far too much maccas and wasted way too much time in the shower trying to clean out fingernails and such. I should have had a bath.

Anyway. Meredith was awesome fun. The people I went with were awesome too. I think I'll be going again next year, and to be honest I'm really keen for Golden Plains. I can see why people say it's the best festival in the world, everything's just so laid back and cool, and there really are no dickheads (I saw three Southern Cross tattoos the entire weekend). So next year, definitely.

Today's been pretty slow. I've been burning through Breaking Bad, I'm absolutely hooked, then this afternoon Patrick and Jake dropped in. They had a chat to Angus, then I took them on a brief tour of the campus (which I almost mucked up, too tired and too long since I've had to be there) since they'll both be joining me in Hawthorn next year. We headed to the Glenferrie for parmas and Fat Yaks, then to Nevs for pool, which I trounced Patrick at, and chilled out listening to Radiohead and swapping stories about shenanigans wakeboarding.

This week I'll be visiting Sale, we have a lot of activities planned, such as egging Tom when we see him and then knocking him out and tattooing for shizzle on his eyelids. Or something. I dunno. Don't tell Tom I said that. It'll be good to catch up with the droogs again though. I'll try to post again before christmas.

Hurm de furm lurm. Durm.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adventure Time.

'Lo everyone.

December. Good god.

So, picking up from where we left off, James's inappropriate 19th was good fun, caught up with Aiden and Bec while drinking Duff (OMG I KNOW), and some other grammar kids I haven't seen in a while (LIKE LULU OMGx2). Headed off to a housecooling party before everyone nicked off to a gay bar, Aiden and I may have drunk the last of the goon punch. I recall putting Emily to bed, climbing onto a balcony, and playing Pokemon Stadium. Good times.

Haven't been up to a lot, really. Couple of adventures, nothing too major. Tried to head out for the last Public Bar Monday night, but refused to wait two and a half hours in line to get in, so had a couple of pints with Bec and Ben at Prudence instead. Went back to Bec's where all manner of crazy things were occuring, including one girl in a dinosaur costume and one dude whinging about Vonnegut and Metallica. Yeah...

Caught up with Meg the next day, we hit Fitzroy and St Kilda barhopping and trying to avoid record shops. It would have been a good day if it wasn't two billion degrees and muggy. That night Angus enjoyed a cheeky cider on the Safeway loading dock thingy, which was amusing. Baz and I ate popcorn waiting for a truck to arrive and run him over.

Then it rained the entirety of the next day. No good.

Had a pissup and bbq for Woosh's going away upstairs as well, which was good. Gotta start preparing for Meredith and pick up supplies (DORITOS AND APPLES! and beer), Bennett offered me a lift up there with Sloane and Wells, which is excellent. We played a lot of frisbee and soccer outside. Best of luck to Woosh for the next year or so touring the world.

Since it was about to leave town, I decided to check out the Tutankhamun thing at the museum, which to be honest wasn't that worth it. Why have the big gold mask in all the advertising if it's too delicate to take out of Egypt? Anyway, lots of shiny things, lots of cool things, and a lot of tacky stuff in the gift shop. Had a stroll through the rest of the museum since it's free if you have a concession card, may have geeked out at all the dinosaurs and plastinated corpses. I think I'll go back if I get bored, I only had time to check out half.

So much fun riding the bike around as well, nearly died twice. That night Baz was working the bar at the Eminem show, which is pretty cool, since he was getting paid to see him.

This Friday Fraser's Foo Fighters (say that five times quickly) plans fell through and the Beardman went to see them with him. I think that this is pretty awesome, how many of your fathers would see a giant stadium rock band? They only had seats at the back, but still, pretty awesome, and I'm a little jealous of missing out on seeing 40000 people sing Tribute when Tenacious D were on. Since it was Baz's last night we got trashed, resulting in Angus trying to bunny hop over a box and almost succeeding while yelling Hungry Like The Wolf.

Last couple of days have been pretty quiet, to be honest, I've been reading that Hardy book and watching Adventure Time (IT'S LIKE SPONGEBOB BUT BETTER AND MORE SCREWED UP).

This week I'll be heading to Meredith, so I'll post a wrapup of that when I get home, unless something awesome happens this week. Apologies if I forgot anything.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Flaming Lips.

'Lo all.

I usually don't post if I have a big night out, which is why I haven't posted for a while. Benders are bad, children. Real bad.

So I last wrote after Harvest. Not much to report, really. Spent a few days in the sun reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles when it wasn't pouring rain. Loving holidays so far.

On Wednesday, Aiden finished exams, so naturally we got trashed. Hit James Squire's, then Bieros for lucky dip beers (stout... bugger) and 14% ciders. After realising the Exford was closed (and see T Benoosh randomly) found ourselves at Ness's arguing about music. Walked back to college with Aiden, trying not to disturb too many possums.

Next day, had a lot of free food to get rid of a hangover, then went to the Palace for the Flaming Lips. Jesus. Pond opened, and Paisley really does dance like Cameron Vale. They played a lot of new stuff, but we still got Annie Orangetree. Looking forward to their new album.

Before they came on stage, Wayne Coyne popped up and gave a disclaimer, stuff about strobes and such. Never had that before. Then the band emerged from a giant psychedelic video of a woman's genitals (not even kidding) before Wayne rolled onto the crowd in his space bubble. Again, not even kidding. Imagine the Beardman completely stoned wearing a furry thing around his neck strolling around a moshpit in a plastic ball. Then they fired the confetti cannons and two dozen giant balloons dropped onto the audience while the band played She Don't Use Jelly and naked ladies were dancing on the big screen. One hell of a start.

The rest of the set was pretty good, at one stage the guitarist put down his modded double neck (it's now just a single neck) and started playing his iPhone (apps for everything these days). Wayne was popping gigantic balloons filled with confetti with his guitar. Side of stage were hot girls in Wizard of Oz outfits dancing. We got The Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, Worm Mountain, See The Leaves, Race For the Prize, and a new one (apparently from the Neon Indian EP?) as well as a Sabbath cover. At the end of the main set there was this little noisebox that reacted to light, so Wayne was waving that and a flourescent lantern around making screaming noises. Dude in the crowd in front of us had a crab hat. And they finished with Do You Realize???, using soooo much confetti. Jesus.

Next time they tour, I advise everyone to go and catch the Flaming Lips. Trust me.

So, after all that, Ness and I caught the last tram to Puggs after avoiding potential meat cleaver psychos at the 7/11, then were almost rejected from Puggs by the new bouncer until Jake and Cara spilled out and distracted him. Made it inside to wish Tom Garry a happy birthday and singalong to some Green Day and Oasis (part of me dies every time this happens, which is why I'm usually too drunk to care). After pizza, the girls decided to keep going, so we all found ourselves on the South Lawn in the middle of Melbourne Uni. There was possum catching, races, and swordfights with Aiden's crutches. Shenanigans.

Friday was a bit quieter, caught Pond with Aiden once again. Opener was ScotDrakula (sp?), who were Black Lips/Sex Bob-omb shouty hipster rock, then Ancients which had a sorta Sonic Youth sound until the singer came in, which sort of ruined it. Pond themselves did pretty much the same set they did before, Sandman (one of the new ones, I think?) was insane though, and Paisley seems to have taken some ideas from the Flips with shooting confetti at the crowd. At one stage Aiden and I spotted someone in shiny gold spandex, who turned around and was a dude with a large moustache. Only in Brunswick?

Made it home fine, jumped on the train back to Sale the next morning after it was delayed half an hour. Caught up with the family, then got a lift with Pat through the rain to Bernice's. That was an interesting night, lots of drinking games and Rage, which is always good. Haven't caught up with Dayno, Emma or Cumpster in far too long either.

Next day, made my way home, got to drive around a bit, then the grandparents and Annie and her mum dropped in for dinner. Siblings delighted in finding someone else to help them pick on me, and Annie and I yelled a lot at Fraser about finishing high school. Business as usual. That night the Beardman showed off his new toy and we argued about music (and probably bored Fraser).

Morning after, checked out Diana and PD's new place in Wurruk overlooking a lake. Very nice place. They're doing well, which is good. Then some wandering around Sale after chips with the horde, which included pool at the Star and laughing at the engrish in the 2 dollar shop. That afternoon the Doyles and Travis dropped in (and I got kicked out of the spare room, hurm).

Then suddenly I was back on the train to the city, had a good chat with Nemo on the way to Traralgon, almost fell asleep somewhere around Garfield though. Back in Hawthorn, shenanigans were afoot for Woosh's birthday/end of exams party. I was enjoying a red outside when people started dropping in, then we played some fris in Terebithia. Somehow Collo had found half a dozen pairs of baggy fluro hippy pants. This terrified everyone walking past, especially when the fris was thrown at them.

Back to 102, Angus and I cleared the place up, then people slowly began arriving. We got very hammered. The shish and smoke machine were unleashed for the first time in a couple of months. Then we moseyed over to Nevermind to wait for everyone to get kicked out of the Hawthorn, ran into Amy again, then went downstairs as Angus somehow got about thirty requests off the DJ. The bastard, no one should know all the words to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. The Woosh was booted after dancing on a couch, poor bastard. Crazy stuff happening at the end in front of Wells and I towards the end.

I found my way back to 102 with Thomas, where a game of soccer was taking place, and after we put the Europeans to bed/Woosh passed out on the couch, Baz almost got into a punch on with one of the delivery men.

Today was not pretty. I moved onto Far From the Madding Crowd, and started watching Community (get amongst it). Tomorrow's James's innappropriate party. I believe I'll be going as a sex offender (will I have to shuffle though?).

Must stop doing these massive two week long breaks between posts, November's looking very sad. Oh well. I wonder if this'll make it to facebook, since the bastards fiddled with the settings.

Anyway. Hurm.



Saturday, November 12, 2011


'Lo all.

Before I hit the good stuff, first some catching up before I forget it all.

This might be the last post that is automatically chucked on facebook by RSS because facebook is retarded sometimes. I'm too lazy and forgetful to chuck it up myself, and to be honest I don't care enough. If you're a dedicated facebook reader (god help us all if you are) my crap can be found at I know it says updates at ten, but I've found it's more of a loose deadline.

So, picking up where we left off, finished that assignment I was planning, handed it in no problems. Celebrated with a couple of cheeky ciders with Angus, Wells and Bennett and some FPS Russia. Can't say I've done much else this week, though I did find a place to live on Riversdale rd that looks very interesting, and cheap. Only problem is, I can't do an inspection on the place because they don't have a free apartment until when it might be too late. Damn housing... Puggs was also pretty awesome this week, smaller crowd but four times the amount of cute girls, go figure.

Anyway, to business. This morning I rose bright and early, donned my Portishead shirt, and looking far too much like a hipster for my own good headed down to Werribee. Luckily, everyone else on the train was a hipster too.

Shuttlebus over to the festival, it was being held at the Werribee mansion, near the zoo. Nice place, really, there's a photo on facebook. Went in easily enough, no lines (not yet, at least), had a look around. On the main stage, a dj with a jazz big band and barbershop quartet were playing (only highlight was Baby on Board from the Simpsons, woah).

First thing I noticed was that almost all the trees in this place had random crap like picture frames or streamers or eyeballs dangling from them. Crap hanging off trees does not an art installation make. Some of the "lol so randum" stuff seemed to be put there just for hipsters to take photos of each other with (in sepia tint), which was stupid. The usual Sea Shepard/Amnesty/CLIMATE CHANGE HURR people were there, as well as a lot of "alternative" market stalls. I have never really understood this trend, as festivals and shows are not the sort of place where one buys stuff. Unless it's a camping festival and you need a beanie or sunnies or something.

The crowd was really interesting, there were a lot of teeny boppers, but not as many as I thought. Lots of people in their late twenties. I suppose they grew up with Portishead/Flaming Lips more than we Gen Yers did. Also, crowd was much, much bigger than I was expecting, and clearly this was the case with the organisers. As nice as the setup was with its "art installations" and "hidden secrets", there weren't enough places to get drink coupons or drinks, not enough food places, and definitely not enough toilets. I don't really want to hear from every girl in the pit about how they're busting but don't want to wait an hour in line for a toilet, thanks.

(it's great being a dude sometimes, even if I needed to go there were trees everywhere. bliss).

Back to the music, I suppose. After getting an overpriced spicy hotdog (a trend?), saw the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Very cool, and very strange seeing a euphonium and sousaphone. Worth checking out, band geeks.

After that, got roasted in the sun while flicking through the program. Turns out the old timetables were in there, which gave me some hope about seeing Mogwai after Portishead, but it turns out they changed it.

The main stage lineup was pretty broad, there was a jazz band, a brass band, a funk band, then an art rock band, an alt folk band, indie rock (how I hate that term), then the second best trip hop group ever. Compared to the other main stage, which was pretty much all rock apart from Death in Vegas. Didn't go over to the second stage much at all, sadly.

The Family Stone (minus Sly?) were alright, I suppose. The mixing wasn't kind to them, the trumpet solos kept getting lost and the only way I knew one was occurring was from the big screen. Their most popular song was the one featured in Shrek. I suppose this worked for Joan Jett at Falls. They lost me when they started shouting about Occupy and the 99%.

While they were performing, some balloons were floating up from behind the mansion. Turns out there was a wedding going on at the zoo, felt kinda sorry for them since not very far away at all was a four-stage music festival going on...

Went into the crowd proper after refueling on overpriced sugarless Pepsi (the alternative, un-sugarless Coke or beer, would mean waiting two hours and more money. Festivals, honestly...) to catch TV on the Radio. Grinspoon, classic Silverchair and Karnivool were getting piped out, which was a little amusing. Saw a girl in bare feet carrying her boots around in the mosh, very strange.

TV on the Radio put on a pretty good show, they're a lot more energetic live than they are in the studio. I like their stuff, but not enough to dig deeper, and now I'm thinking I should. Haven't given their new album a spin yet. Opened with Halfway Home, which was excellent, and closed with an absolute rager of Wolf Like Me (reminded me of Search and Destroy at BDO, so much fun as a singalong). I did like Tunde Adembimpe fiddling around with his vocals with a couple of delay and phaser pedals attached to his mic stand. During Repetition the requisite singlet-and-fake-tan douchebags kept trying to crowdsurf (really trying, bless their hearts), but settled with a three man high shoulder stack.

Somehow I ended up ten rows from the fence before Bright Eyes started. I do not know much Bright Eyes, so there's always that little bit of guilt that someone who really loves them should be in your spot. Still. Had a chat to some older women who wanted to do obscene things to Connor Oberst, and 50ish year old dude who loved the National and told me to check out the Felice Brothers. Huh. As the crowd grew again, I had flashbacks to Angus and Julia Stone at Falls. You'd think a folky, lyrical alt-countryish band would have a fairly chilled crowd, even if it is mostly teenage girls. I hoped it would. Funnily enough, this occured while Angus and Julia Stone were featured in a sepia-tinted ad on the big screens about saving the coral reefs (followed by a similar ad featuring a talking fish...). Saw Clive Deamer, Portishead/Radiohead's touring drummer (he likes head, doesn't he, the poor bald bastard). Little bit of a fanboy moment.

So Bright Eyes came on, Connor Oberst looks like a wrinkly 18 year old (isn't the dude approaching forty or something?), and he seemed slightly crosseyed. Girls were swooning everywhere. His setup was interesting though, two drumkits, slide, shedloads of keyboards and a trumpeter. Had no idea what I was in for.

Turns out it wasn't the worst girl-oriented blind set I've been in. However, the band did suffer from Cloud Control syndrome, where it looked like the moment a song would turn really awesome just sort of petered out and went back to gentle altpop crap. Hurm. Girl behind me was singing every word, she was there with her mum. I did like all the lyrical references to Greek myths and stuff, but I don't think the audience would know who Sisyphus was, nor would they look the story up. Rest of the lyrics seem very, very angsty. Meh. The poor guitarist's lead kept falling out, little funny. Saw a flugel horn (WOAH), the guitarist from Tripod in the crowd, and Wayne Coyne watching from side of stage (MORE WOAH BECAUSE HE SAW US STARING AND WAVED!).

After the set finished, moved up to third row behind the barrier. Right behind two tall guys looking after their girlfriends (read, immovable). Damn. Chatted to a guy who was trying to light his cigar (yeah, I know), he turned out to be a bro. He's looking forward to seeing Justice at Festy Hall, and is mad about the National. Once his girlfriend left we were roaring the songs. Did like that they were piping Gimme Shelter, and had a camera following them onstage beamed up to the big screen (cue people behind us "hey, that mansion they're in front of looks just like the mansion behind the stage!")

Excellent set, very similar to Falls and very heavy on the High Violet stuff, which I'm cool with as it really is a brilliant album. Sadly, that meant less stuff from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers (I did want to hear Murder Me Rachel even if they don't like playing The Cardinal Song anymore...). I forgot how funny the band can be between songs, they were joking about annoying the rhinos once they finished their set because they have access all areas passes. Towards the end, during Terrible Love, Matt jumped into the crowd, taking the microphone with him. He got pretty far too, judging by how much lead the roadie had to give him. This would have been awesome if some drunken douchebag hadn't stepped in front of us just at that second.

Chilled out waiting for Portishead on the barrier, life is good. Chatted to a few people who'd been waiting so long for them. Then, bam.

Can't believe I'm writing about a Portishead show. Very creepy videos going on in the background, first of all. Definitely added to the whole thing, especially the manipulations of the live footage (as in, what was happening in front of you being Persephone'd). Setlist is pretty similar to what they've been doing lately, so again, not much from their self-titled, which is disappointing as I'm a sucker for Elysium/Half Day Closing/Only You/All Mine/Humming/the other half of the album that they did not play. During Machine Gun (which was incredible), they flashed up images of Tony Abbott shooting lasers from his eyes. Hilarious. Their big finish was We Carry On, which had this awesome instrumental bit towards the end. After taking a swig of beer, Beth jumped down from the stage (OMG) and ran over to shake hands and hug people (OMG!!!). So, I can now die happy knowing that Beth Gibbons shook my hand, however briefly. She's always so shy (cf recent performance on Fallon, she did not look at the camera once). So that was pretty awesome. Then, since I stuck around instead of going straight to the Flaming Lips, a roadie chucked me a setlist. Brilliant. It's now up on my wall.

I am seeing the Flaming Lips on Thursday, and I was exhausted, so I was in no real rush. Saw some strippers (I mean, burlesque performers) in the circus tent, and caught a bit of Holy Fuck's set. I think if they tour again they'd better have a sideshow. Wandered over to the other stage, since the only way in is through a single gate there was a huge crowd, but I did see (from a great distance) Wayne Coyne strolling around on top of the crowd in his plastic bubble, and heard Worm Mountain. So that was awesome. Also picked up Portishead's limited edition single (on vinyl, because I'm weird like that) on the way out.

Shuttle and train home were quiet, if packed, and now I'm home and it's empty. Internet's playing up, it's taken me an hour to put up fifteen photos, but oh well.

Tomorrow... sleep. No idea what to do after that.



Monday, November 7, 2011

Subzero Fun.

'Lo everyone.

Honestly cannot believe that it's November, and my holidays start tomorrow. So good.

So I haven't been up to a lot, really. It hit the pointy end of the semester far too fast.

Finished all my assessments except one that's due tomorrow night that I've started and planned out. Oh yeah. Even all the journal entries. Like a boss. I might have wimped out a bit with the last journalism assessment, just got a couple of interviews with Swinburne student union/amenities association people (who hate each other, funnily enough), but I'm only aiming for a pass, and a pass I shall get.

In other news, Puggs week before last for Emily's, we had a good crowd of our people, even if it was usual stuff. Too much queen saving though. The girls left halfway through for Billboards, so we kept going, ended up in Incy's til it shut, then watching cartoons at college. Left about 4 since Manthony and Ness were falling asleep (through classic Rugrats!), and once again Denny and Pat were spooning on my couch (...well, maybe just sharing them), much to the horror of Angus and Baz the next morning.

Had a quiet weekend where I ploughed through some work, then a final week that involved a lot of procrastinating. I'd forgotten how good I was at that. Had to miss Puggs, but made up for it the night after, once I'd handed in three things. 102 and co. got absolutely trashed at the Union bar, after Woosh and Angus chugged a bottle of wine each (no, really. It was spectacular(ly gross)). Fairly amusing too, I felt kinda sorry for the European girls as they weren't being left alone. Interesting crowd at union parties, really. They had a hipster jazzrock (post-avant-jazz-core?) band with the prerequisite pair of hipsters dancing all "carefree"/awkwardly in front of them. Once we got back home Woosh and Angus had a wrestle in front of some American visitors after some Elton John karaoke, and we ended up with knees going through a wall and a door, and a brilliantly smashed mirror. Well done those men.

Next day, off to St Kilda to catch all three Back to the Future films at the Astor with Annie. It was pretty crazy, there was a Delorean fully kitted out (WITH A HOVERBOARD) out the back, and a costume competition which featured a guy with Nike Air Mags and a pair of Libyans in a cardboard kombivan with an RPG. Awesome.

Films were good, of course. They made a big deal out of it being the first time they'll be shown one after the other in 4k (... even though it's a worldwide thing for the Bluray release or something). You do pick up on a lot of little background things when you see them on a huge screen. Very good films, shame on you if you've never seen them before (*coughanguscough*).

Anyway, Annie and I made it back to Alfred st, then Wellsy dropped in sniffing after some of Angus's supplies. I crashed on the floor, then about 4am the rest of the household arrived home with the American guests. They were hammered. I believe there was a fris sesh on the street outside, and Woosh and Bennett were squabbling with the bread delivery dude at 5am. Poor Annie had to be up before 8 to go paintballing. Lol.

I've spent far too much time in the last two days in the library, though now that I've only got one more thing to finish I'm chilling out more. The weather is fantastic, and since we fixed our porch up (read, moved the exercise thingy), it's now possible to sit in the sun and study. So good. Christ I'm going to be so lazy this summer.

Also, despite my poor finances (eating cardboard, etc), got tickets to the Flaming Lips sideshow, and will definitely be checking out Pond the night after in their own headline show in Brunswick. Plus Cameras is finally coming to Melbourne. Oh yeah, and there's that festival in Werribee on Saturday with Portishead and the National and TV on the Radio and such. No biggie (well, slight biggie, since it's in Werribee and trains have to stop for maintainence early...). Found a pair of Massive Attack live sets (one partial one from last year with video, and one from 1998 (!!!)). Been playing them a lot.

So yeah, apart from the usual Thursday night rampage at Puggs, I'm hoping the rest of this week will be fairly quiet (he says hopefully).

Jesus... November.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get Found.

'Lo everyone.

Almost two weeks. Not the biggest gap between posts. Still, since three people have called me on it, I guess I'd better get back onto it.

Haven't posted since just after Salefest, hell. My memory's pretty awful, I suppose I tricked you all when I was posting daily. Oh well, let's see how we go.

I don't remember much of Puggs week before last, apart from the fact that I was there. Yep.

On Friday I headed out for Cameron's birthday, that man has grown a very, very impressive beard since the last time I saw him four months ago. Met up with Aiden and Jake, found a very classy Japanese restaurant (huge line to get in) which had amazing food. Tried sake as well. Strange that it's warm. We took Cameron to the brewhouse across the road and he sampled a few different beers. Turns out he's a guinness man, wouldn't have picked that. Did an Exford run as well, I think?

This week has been ever so much, warming up for end of semester assignments. I have to motivate myself, getting far too lazy, looking forward to the holidays. Maybe not as much as the last lot, but still, four and a bit months of summer and living in the city with nothing to do (until I find a job...). Anyway. Uni and that (AND THAT!).

I'll be honest, I'm sick of critical thinking, once you get the hang of the week's concept you just smash it and then you're stuck in class for twenty minutes til they move onto the next bit. Professional Communication lectures are bloody useless, this week since the lecturer was late the backup guy decided to show "funny" youtube clips. Waste of time.

Did do an assessment in class for that though, smashed that too. Watch a cheesy Matthew McConaughey clip, rubbish on about it for three and a bit pages, pretty easy. I suppose I still have vestigial exam skills, in that under pressure I can fill up a page with crap quickly if I really need to. Falling behind on the media journal thingy though, which is bad. My plan for this week is to have all of them finished and a plan on the other two essays done, then I can focus on the group assessment and prepare for that. Then get everything else done in one big heap like last semester.

This week has been slow, I suppose. Puggs last week was good, I recall. ET believes Jake and I are now "part of the family". God help us, I'm a regular. Usual shenanigans, until suddenly a wild Denny, Emily and Matt rock up. Cool.

Next morning (well... lunchtime, but that's morning for me), catch up with Hayley over a coffee, then meet up with Denny and Matt in the city, have a look at the Occupy Melbourne protests (I'm sorry, but we have it pretty good here. Unlike in the States we DO have a good healthcare plan, we DO have an effective student loan thing, and we DON'T have a financial crisis to the extent they do. Stop bloody whinging you dirty hippies). Had a browse in the clean new Missing Link (SOOO tempted by a Queens of the Stone Age self titled), moseyed up to Thousand Pound as I felt like a toastie and getting out of the cold, then Matt left so Denny and I headed to the casino. There's a maccas in there, did not know that. Useful to know.

Anyway, we wasted some time shooting stuff at Galactic Circus until Jake and Pat arrived, then we went nuts, driving cars and shooting zombies and such. Shame they got rid of the pinball machines. After that, headed to Cho Gao for very, very heavy drinking after dropping Denny's bag off at Alfred st. We played the 4chan drinking game, which Pat had on his phone. Bad idea, I think. We need real cards, first of all. Once cheap jugs finished we moseyed over to the Exford for more drinking and enjoying the superb jukebox they have.

Somehow Denny, Pat and I made it back to Alfred st alive, they crashed on the couch together (how romantic). Fairly quiet weekend after all that, except for the hangover.

So far this week I've made a start on my assignments, still don't know what the hell I'll do for journalism, but we'll see how we go. Angus, Barry and Boxy did a raid on Toorak and Kew during hard rubbish night. So much better in the city. We got five desktops, seven monitors, two old clear iMacs, a wireless router, two dvd players, an xbox with Halo still inside, a set of golf clubs that's only missing the putter, and a walkman. Yeah. Shame pretty much none of them work, though Baz's Abu Shanking the computers into something we can play Age of Empires on, he just needs a Windows disc (or install program, no IDEA how he could acquire that...).

Also enrolled in next year's course, I'm doing communications and journalism as minors. Because that will definitely get me a job. Not looking forward to Writing Fiction as an assessable, folio class at all, but Cinema Studies might be fun.

For the rest of the week, if I survive Angus going nuts in Woosh's absence/Baz going on a murderous rampage because of above, Puggs and heavy drinking Thursday then working a lot. Which to be honest is pretty standard, except I'll be drinking more and working harder. Meh. Bring on the end of the semester.

That was a long post. Cheers to you if you finished it. I'd say I won't leave things for another fortnight, but I don't want to jynx myself.




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salefest again.

'Lo all.

I've been busy this week, otherwise this'd be up earlier.

So. Pretty slow week of uni, a little bit of rushing around. Can't recall many great adventures either, so I'll just skip straight to the weekend.

Friday's close enough? Headed into the city, tried to get a pair of interviews and got sheparded towards emailing a media relations person. Bastards. Saw the Vasco Era in Brunswick (OH GOD SO MANY HIPSTERS), and they were very loud for 130pm.

Next morning, drove back home with Steve, not a bad ride cept when we lost maccas on the way. Get home, the house is quiet, run into Kevin on my way out then get a phone call off a freshly woken up Fraser. I warned him not to come out.

Anyway, meet with the droogs in the chicken shops, have some delicious chicken shop chips, then we raided the bottleo. Two slabs and something nice each should do for six of us.

We headed to Pat's and proceeded to get smashed early through a game of boxhead. We were a little messy when we made it to Annie's and met the girls, who were still doing some makeup. So, off to the Star for beer and watching a band, caught up with Cheezy, saw some Bananas in Pyjamas and a lot of either overly made up girls or people who should probably not leave the house wearing so little. Since it was pyjama theme, Denny, Patrick and I went as pirates.

Went to the Gippy after that, I think? Had another beer with Cheezy but compared to last year it was empty. So, to Jack's for more drinking, saw a lot of familiar faces. I think we headed to the Star again after that? Things get a little blurry.

I've been having flashbacks for the last few days, I only remember bits and pieces really. Last year was a lot more fun, seemed to be busier? I don't know. Some absolute shenanigans though. I recall running into Emily, who'd made it down just in time. Had a chat to Meg and went Hayden hunting with Pat in Kas. Spent a lot of time in Ringers' outside bit catching up with Maddie Murphy. Annie caught up with Jayden, as I remember. There was a punk band playing in the Outback Bar that weren't bad. Ran into British and shouted an awful lot, somehow there's a photo of us up? Got caught by Alison and dragged onto the dancefloor. Brett Glover's band played Chilli Peppers.

Anyway, walked someone home to Annie's (might have been Alison?) with Meg, met Jordan's boyfriend, then moseyed home about two or three. Somehow still awake at 6, painful.

Next day, slept through everything, phone was refusing to work, it was raining outside and my bag was at Sam's, who was now in Melbourne. Balls. Somehow got to the station with twenty minutes to spare, and met Emily and Denny, got back to Melbourne feeling pretty munted.

This week was pretty painful, I'm a week behind in my media journal articles, I can't seem to get an interview for this thing due on Friday, and I had an in class essay today. I smashed the last one though, thankfully.

Lot of shenanigans going on here at 102 as well. Today, for instance, I was happily working on this article (... and playing solitaire) on the couch when Woosh, Bennett, Collo, and then Angus walk in, and all start working out. Wtf.

Tomorrow's going to be fun, going to check out a place in Carlton in the morning after banging on a few doors at the Port of Melbourne Corp's building, then uni and such, then Puggs because I believe I'll need a drink. Then after that, clean up article (and PRAY I have the interviews) then Cameron's in the city. Woo.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

To Hell With Good Intentions.

'Lo all.

Welp. Uni and that. Thrilling stuff.

Seems I've passed the first six weeks, which is a good sign, cept now it's going to get trickier. Oh well.

Hazy memories of earlier this week. Tom came down to the city on Sunday night, Isaac, Pat, and I caught up with him over a few games of pool and beers which was good. He's doing well, though maybe Canberra's starting to get to him. Definitely come back in the summer, man.

The Bearded Man dropped in Tuesday, which was good, caught up with him and Travis over a burger, and he tried some of Baz's beer (seal of approval there). Headed out after that and got fairly munted, as I recall.

Pretty slow week at uni, not going to lie. Thursday was slightly more exciting, headed to RMIT for a radio thing. Teacher dude was half an hour late, and despite apparently being "full" only six people showed up. Eventually, dude did show up, and turns out it was one of Bec's friends. Not that he recognised me, even though we'd met at least three times beforehand.

Anyway, brief crash course in radio conventions, then I had to leave before we got to the good bit. Back at Swinburne, got my second journalism assignment (Port of Melbourne Corporation? daaaamn...), then slept through critical thinking. Didn't go out that night, which was a good thing as I may have interrupted things when I got home.

Friday was alright, more radio stuff, Bernice and I did a twenty minute show which didn't crash and burn. We went for a group lunch at Melbourne Central, where conversation was dominated with relationship issues once we finally found a table. Then more theatre sports type games which to be honest I have no patience for, though I suppose I understand why we were doing them. Had a drink at Thousand Pound after, then headed home as it started pissing down. Damn Melbourne weather.

Yesterday some of the horde rocked up to watch the footy, we got heavily intoxicated and might have terrified poor Baz and Christina. The game itself was enjoyably close until the last quarter, where Geelong finally got away. I guessed that though. Kids seemed to like 102, especially the city bike. Showed them all Nevermind, but it was pretty meh since half of it was shut because of the weather. I don't go out in Hawthorn much on Saturdays. Meh.

Angus arrived home at about 2, screaming. By this time, everyone had left except Pat, who had crashed on the couch. Jesus, the next hour and a half was at once hilarious and terrifying. There were ice buckets poured on heads, tomato sauce spread on nipples, and copious amounts of nudity. After Angus decided to go for a longboard down the street, the police decided to drive past. He panicked, sprinted home, turned out all the lights and locked himself in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Baz, Pat, and I had to deal with the curious police officers who were shining torches into the house. We then murdered Angus.

This morning was painful, not going to lie. My alarm clock went off at about 5am (thanks Jordan and Naomi), then Hayden and Jake rocked up before I was fully awake (sorry about that). House was cleaned up pretty quickly though.

So yeah, not a bad weekend, I suppose. Just had a huge steak that Baz cooked on his new barbecue on the porch.

While I remember.

Blessed - ***
Cheesy and mildly predictable, but definitely a downer film. That was some crazy Blixa Bargeld screaming at the end as well. Could tell Christos Tsolkias has a hand in writing it during one scene involving a Greek dude and exploitation. Still, not a bad film.

Source Code - ****
Just when you think it's a crappy ending it suddenly makes you think. Enjoyable film, lots of twists, much like Duncan Jones' previous film Moon. Definitely worth seeing at least once. Some plotholes that you acn't really think too much about but still.

I think I'm caught up now. Been watching a lot of Daria still, not sure what I'll do after that. Maybe get Community.

This week will be interesting. Gotta struggle through it, then heading home Saturday morning to see the family and get embarrassingly drunk for Salefest, as well as celebrate Meg and Alison's birthdays. Should be good fun.



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parklife + I Am the Resurrection.

'Lo all.

I've been sick as a dog this week. Like, painfully writhing and sweating in bed, barely able to eat or drink, babbling in tongues, head spinning around, puking green slime, swearing at priests...wait...

But in all seriousness, flu sucks. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I was in bed all day after feeling pretty bad for the rest of the week. The only advantage to this that I can see is spinning through Boardwalk Empire, Ghost in the Shell, and two seasons straight of Daria.

I was in such Dire Straits I told Angus if I was still unable to make myself get up properly on Saturday I'd give him my Parklife ticket. Not a good day, though he was hopeful. Did manage to drag myself to the couch to watch Collingwood almost get beaten last night though.

Fueled purely on rage, this morning I woke up and took a buttload of painkillers, ate a healthy breakfast, and made my way to Parklife after stocking up on soothers and sculling an energy drink. Felt good until I saw my first "festival crew". Oh yeah. "Those" people. It is almost summer, time to break out the fake tan and short shorts so short (say that ten times) that nothing is left to the imagination (this is a good thing when girls wear them only, not guys. hint hint).

Anyway, since I couldn't get onto any of the Americans, wandered in after listening to an insanely inane conversation occurring behind me (it did not help that I'd been watching Daria for two days straight). That whole losing faith in humanity thing springs to mind...

So, through the gate, have a look around, grab my DFA79 tshirt. Weird set up, and I only saw one map. Stages all had stupid names. Main arena was cool but no one amazing was playing there, two smaller stages around the back, then a tiny stage behind the main arena. As well as that, there was a pirate ship stage hidden behind an ambulance, a tree, and a hill. Stupid idea.

Saw a bit of Naked and Famous, who I will admit aren't bad live. Wandered down to the little stage and watched Gold Fields. Pretty good, so young though. Very... triple j? sound. Which isn't surprising, considering who picked them up.

I should also note, at this stage, that since it was after twelve and I hadn't had a beer for a week I believed it was time for a beer. It cost ten bucks (one of them you could get back later). Rubbish. This was a can of Boags, nothing fancy.

Anyhoo, kept strolling, Yacht Club DJs had half a dozen people dressed as aliens dancing on stage, and when they began a dubstep track a yip yip alien from Sesame Street emerged. That is quality.

Almost as funny was the lukewarm crowd reaction to Kimbra, while a news crew covered her. She is the "it girl" of the moment, as The Age website reminds me at least once a week. Stop that, you're showing your age.

8 Bit Love were hidden away on the pirate ship, the poor bastards. They played the same show they did last time I saw them except with a little less enthusiasm. About half a dozen hipsters were dancing like hipsters in front of them, occasionally rolling down the hill.

Caught up with Ness and her friends after this, had a brief chat then suddenly, oh. my. god.

Death From Above 1979 put on the loudest, funniest, craziest, most intense show I've ever seen. It was brilliant. Favourite band I've seen live by far, and I've seen a lot of bands. It was the sort of show where everyone (except a couple of girls who must have been there for the boyfriend or something who gave us greasies every time they got bumped into) was there for the same reason. You could mosh or dance, everyone screaming every word. You might bash into some dude but he'd just put his arm around you and sing along with you. Loved the band's huge finishing jam session, culminating in Sebastien throwing his snare at the rest of the kit. Brilliant versions of Dead Womb and Blood on Our Hands. Romantic Rights was the same as Coachella, but he finished it properly. And yes, I damn well enjoyed roaring You're a Woman I'm a Machine's chorus.

*cough* I gush too much sometimes (c/f Grinderman in this year's BDO review...), but really, that was worth price of admission alone. Just fantastic.

Had some time to burn before Digitalism, so back to the little stage and caught Flux Pavilion, who Angus and the Americans love. And yeah, he was good, but I did not expect a hype man shouting "COME ON" every thirty seconds. So that kind of messed it up a bit, but still, you can't really say no to dubstep when it's done live (yes, I know, "live").

Refueled on an overpriced and slightly cold burger, checked out a bit of Crystal Fighters, then caught the end of Example (right when he played the only songs of his I've heard). He seemed very excited, even if the backing band did not. Wolfgang Gartner seemed to be only playing other people's songs, disappointingly. I wanted to hear Firepower.

Digitalism were good fun once they got going, they played a new single that I didn't know then went straight into Zdarlight. Two Hearts and Idealism were highlights, but the best part was by far a rework of Pogo where they seemed to discover the subwoofer. Jesus. Surprised people in Eureka tower did not feel that. Brilliant.

Watched half of MSTRKRFT's set, but I'd seen enough JFK in Death From Above's set. The best part was seeing a dude dressed as Gumby (like, full costume) doing The Sprinkler. Lot of festival costumes around, did see a Hunter S Thompson and grabbed a sneaky photo of him before my phone died (should I see to a replacement camera?).

Went around to the other stages, Gossip was not my kind of thing (except for Jolene, that transcends just about everything, including preaching about homophobia). Nero was packed with BRO type douches at the tiny stage, which made moving difficult when all you wanted was a look from the back. They sounded like dubstep (well duh, I hear you say). I imagine all the fake tanned girls exploded when they played Promises.

While strolling past a tent, I noticed a sign that said they'd give you a dollar for every can you pick up. People were walking in with handfuls. Jesus, I thought, that's brilliant. Five minutes later, made $35, which paid for the shirt, the beer, and the food. Five more cans and it could have paid for the cloak room and the train ticket. Not a bad idea really, especially if you have nothing to do between sets (and drinks are stupidly expensive).

Anyway, saw the start of Lykke Li, she's very attractive but her music isn't really my scene (gothic indie pop. not a promising start). Decided to say screw it, and watched twenty thousand bogans jump up and down in front of a large rubber duck waiting to yell Barbara Streisand. A Trak I'd seen before, and he was pretty good at Falls. But yeah, nothing mind blowing. Lauren randomly walked past, so I caught her and met Jess and Easy. They were pretty munted, or at least Jess was, and were on their way out after rescuing a German girl. So Easy and I headed home a little early, which meant we only got the last of the rugby crowd instead of getting the Barbara Streisand crowd of pinged out bogans.

Unfortunately, yes, this did mean that I missed out on seeing twenty thousand bogans yell Barbara Streisand. No doubt the buildup, from what I heard, was excruciating for them, however, I do fully intend on joining the Salefest bogans and yelling it repeatedly at every second bloody pub in two weeks time... shut up.

Now I'm home, walked in on Baz and a now sick Angus watching Jurassic Park (YES!) 3 (NO!), and just rapped all of Clint Eastwood when it popped up on rage. Excellent.

So yeah, this week has been pretty awful, really, but today was good fun. Next week, back into the grinder for six more weeks. Probably nothing too exciting, but I've been wrong an awful lot. The only tricky thing will be trying to wriggle out of journalism on Thursday for the radio training thing. We'll see how that goes. Oh, and some douchebag's coming to visit from Canberra.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

All I Need.

'Lo everyone.

I really didn't intend to turn this fine (cough) publication into a weekly thing, honestly. I just don't have enough adventures worth writing about anymore. Or at least not daily.

Plus I'm really, really lazy.

Anyway. Picking up where we left off on Tuesday, met Bec in the city for coffee supplies and breakfast, then a pretty slow day at uni. Baz made some quesadilas, and Shalee and Emily came around for a few drinks. After Angus arrived home with a dozen of his mates (all celebrating a birthday and ridiculously hammered), we hit Nevermind and ran into Amy and Krystal. A little random. After a game of pool against ze Germans at the Glenferrie, Emily crashed on my floor. Too drunk for a Tuesday.

Next day, crap pancakes, more uni. Getting sick of having to do theatre sports while hungover.

Anyway, then suddenly it was Thursday. Had to interview a random for the inclass assessment in journalism, my cunning plan to talk to the people in the student union office pretty much blew up in my face when someone followed me, then asked the first question and managed to get a far more interesting story than I did. Bastard.

After a brief, four hour break, went to critical thinking and smashed the test. Like, finished in about 40 minutes. Twiddled my thumbs for ten minutes while watching everyone else out of the corner of my eye, then figured screw it. I'd answered everything and answered it damn well, it was time for a drink or five.

So, once more to Puggs, where the usual Melbourne Uni kid were there, and Jake, Pat and Emily all arrived, as did Agnik, which was a bit of a surprise. Not a bad night, I suppose. Got stupidly drunk. Don't remember the pizza at Incy's or the taxi home, nor did I remember to grab my jacket from the floor on the way out... damn...

Unfortunately, next day I practically died, surprise flu. So I finished the assessment for journalism (it isn't very impressive, but it's something), then passed out for a few hours. Same deal yesterday, watched the footy with Baz that night. Very thrilling and ultimately disappointing game.

Today, Angus walked in screaming (huge night on Chapel st, apparently), then some of ze Germans came round. They're all at Angus's mum's at Mt Eliza after hitting the beach, so I've got the house to myself. Feels good, actually, played a lot of Radiohead, and now I'm watching cartoons on the couch. Excellent Sunday, except for the flu crap.

Hopefully it'll be gone by Saturday, as that's Parklife. Got a week off to recover, which is fantastic. Gotta find something to occupy myself with, I guess, but still.



(bonus bit, dunno if this will show on facebook

Greenberg - **1/2
Reminded me of Ghost World, in that it's about a whole lot of awkward people who don't really end up doing much over the film. Not bad, but not amazing either.

pretty sure I watched another film too, but oh well, I'll remember. Also, Tom, Pi is Canadian, it'll have to wait til I find a real dvd player)

Monday, September 12, 2011

You're A Woman I'm A Machine.

'Lo all.

Once again, I'm putting off my media thingy because I'm lazy.

What on earth happened this week. Honestly.

Sunday night I caught up with Claire, which was good, haven't spoken to her since her travels all over Europe.

Next couple of days were good fun.

On Thursday headed to Puggs with Bernice and Pat, had a drink with a freshly shaved and broken-ankled Aiden. Poor bastard. He's pretty much indestructible, despite how many times things have broken on him. At least this time he wasn't climbing on a crane... oh wait.

Friday I had a night in while everyone else headed to the footy, watched Geelong squish Hawthorn and injure Buddy. Baz was not impressed.

Next day, rugged up and headed to Bayswater to cover Woosh's preliminary final. Scary interviewing all the bogans. His team got absolutely smashed, 9 goals to nothing in the first quarter. Couple of good players though. So my project for this week is to write that up before Friday. Watched the Saints lose to Sydney at home that night over a few beers with Barry while Woosh went and drowned his sorrows.

Then yesterday, woke up early but missed the train still, got in line at the member's stand (which went all the way to Jolimont at least when I arrived), then joined Simon, Josh and his granddad at the MCG. They played Tame Impala over the speakers before the game, though that did little to improve how cold it was.

Game itself was excellent, after a shaky start. I mean, if you're eighty points up in a final, the other team is doing something really, really wrong. Afterwards, celebratory drinks and toasties at Thousand Pound Bend (sorry Bec) with Bernice and Jordan. Very interesting conversation. Wish the beer was cheaper though.

Today I've been lazy, slept through my first lecture so I went to the catchup one with Dean, tried not to fall asleep in the profcom one, and now I'm dawdling before I start this week's media thingy. Oh well.

Nothing particularly interesting going on this week yet, though next week is my week off and I intend to do only two things, which are drink and sleep. And, you know, head to Parklife to see Death From Above 1979 and Digitalism and 8 Bit Love and Nero and such.

(that rumour about Pearl Jam headlining the BDO next year better be right, and that rumour about Harvest getting cancelled better be wrong)



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Child Bearing Hips.

'Lo readers.

Yeah, yeah. Five for August, isn't that good. Can't believe it's September already.

So last weekend was fairly quiet compared to the one before that, caught up with Emily, watched some Black Books, got trashed, the usual.

This week has been fairly slow, we've actually got assignments that are due soon, and one that was due on Friday. I started and finished that on Friday. Oh yes. I honestly don't know how to do my journalism one though, seeing as I can't review a show, and it seems I missed out on Woosh's craziest game of football today. Hurm. I've got two weeks, I'll find something.

Tuesday 102 hit Nevermind after predrinking our way through a sixer of Belgian beer and two bottles of wine, and about thirty sausages. Angus knocked over a beer and sprinted downstairs before security could boot him out, and Bennett and Woosh almost got into a fight with a pair of douchebags. We got home around 3, chatted to Lauren and Wellsy for ages until Woosh and Angus came back with some new friends. Barry was not particularly impressed at them partying past 5am. Can't imagine why.

Next day hurt, especially when we had to perform in front of the class.

Got up way too early on Thursday and went to the city to line up outside Polyester for tickets to Meredith. There were so many hipsters waiting there, I saw at least two copies of Frankie. Amusing too that they dressed up so much to wait overnight. Anyway, the line went almost all the way to Swanston st, which wasn't good. Saw Sloane in the line, and Bec had some friends closer to the front, so she stuck with them and grabbed me a ticket just in case. Very lucky she did as well, as by the time I got within sight of the shop to grab a ticket for Aiden, they sold out. Very tense morning.

Thursday night I decided to skip the student union drinks to finish the profcom assessment (hurr), but as soon as I got home I got a call from Smellison and Jordan, so I headed to Prudence for a drink with them. Good to catch up. Also, not at Puggs for a week. When I got back, my roomies had just come back from the res ball, so I grabbed a suit jacket and joined them at Cheers (read, Ringers) for a drink before we figured it wasn't worth all the sixteen year olds and left. Wound up playing frisbee outside maccas at about 2am (until Bennett chucked Baz's frisbee into a drain, so he and Angus went up to the fourth floor and let the firehose loose again). Good night.

Friday was slow, headed into the city to meet George and Aiden, and George's new girlfriend Laura, who seems nice. Had a beer at the brewhouse place before heading to Richmond.

The first band, Kitchen Knife Wives, were alright, a little too predictable rock, but it wasn't like they sounded awful. Headed to the very front for the Fearless Vampire Killers, who definitely impressed. They had more of a retro sound, sort of like the Cramps, or Daijuku with vocals. Drummer was particularly entertaining as well.

The Vasco Era opened with Honey Bee, smashed the new single, and played the usual Hendrix/Beatles/Dylan covers. Crowd went off, except for some overly made up girls we kept getting pushed into. So much fun. Looking forward to their new album as well.

Next day, everything hurt, of course. Headed to the city again with Bernice, Annie and Amy, got seats in level one at the MCG, and watched Carlton miserably crap out in the second half to lose by way too much. Still. Next week is the important game. Feels good knowing I saw their first match of the season, and their last (finals don't count).

After that, Prudence once again, and my god the music! Strokes, Arcade Fire, BRMC, among others. Bartender liked my new Vasco Era shirt, was annoyed she missed out on the show. Jess, Jake, Shalee and Krystal all arrived later, so more drinking, then we went hunting for open toilets and "a place with a dfloor". Brief detour to maccas to commiserate with some Carlton fans, then off to Eurotrash. Crap music, but ten dollar jagerbombs... but ten bucks to get in... No, definitely not my sort of thing.

Off to Spleen to finish off with Jake, Bernice and Jess, had a beer, then they played Clint Eastwood (night=made), and Jess got knocked over by some sleazy dude, and got cut by a glass. So a hasty exit. Kindly security guard offered to boot him out for her though.

So yeah. Pretty meh week, really, but we're getting there. Next week, more Puggs, that's all I have planned at the moment.