Monday, December 20, 2010

Out of Sight.

'Lo readers.

Right... where were we...

Since last week, haven't reaaally done much.

I did hit Traralgon, and it was dull.

Nothing else for the rest of last week is springing to mind. God help us all.

Synedoche New York - **1/2
Kaufman being Kaufman. Seemed to spend too long establishing a fairly normal world then just scrunching it up and throwing it away with no explanation. At all. Things just got so weird... Yeah. A bit of a struggle to get through, but pretty good by the end, I suppose.

On Friday night, went out with the usual suspects, saw the Cuzzy Bros again, met a new friend, had to laugh at the WKD promotion in Ringer's. Buy two, get a free turkey headdress. Jake liked it, at least. Meg, Jake, Sam and I rescued a pair of squalling kittens from the street, it was awesome. Sam's mum was not impressed. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (which I had to return to as I'd misplaced my bank card), Beardman was making Fraser, Shane and his new missus Jess look for his glasses in the rain around the fire. Strange. Returned home afterwards with Meg since she couldn't stay at Brad's, couldn't put her in the spare room as it was occupied. We lol'd.

Next day, not much going on, sat around watching the cricket all day. Hit the Star with Aiden for some pool, then visited Kas. Meh.

Then Sunday was work, got told to go to the christmas breakup at Bec's. Ok, says I. It was fun to hang with the chefs, who are all beerpong pros. Pete bet me soundly. I wish I could have stayed for a few more beers, but oh well.

Ran all the way across town in the rain to meet with the horde. Made it in time for the movie too.

Megamind - ****
It's an enjoyable Will Ferrel in Anchorman mode film. Cast was impressive, and the layering of the jokes was skilled, we couldn't stop giggling at the Obama posters. Soundtrack was pretty good too. Not a bad kid's film at all, may as well check it out.

Hit maccas afterwards, Denny explained that he was halfway through pimping his panel van, The Sex. Massive soundsystem, he promised. Today, he drove around to show it off. Very impressive.

Um. Bought myself a guitar because I am so very bored. I can play bits and pieces of songs, getting the hang of the thing. Give me another two years and I'll show you.

This week is all about christmas, I guess. I'll be posting again, then chucking up the movie list, then doing the wrapup early on christmas eve. I'm drafting it now, actually. Not sure what to write about, but we'll see.



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