Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the Loop.

'Lo all.

Still alive. Suck it.

Haven't reaaally done a lot since Thursday.

Friday night, went out, small crowd, saw a lot of other kids I haven't seen in a while. Most of the teenagers were still away, so it was a little strange. Denny and I walked Jess and Annie home then he collapsed in the spare room.

On Sunday, woke up at 4pm, went round to Denny's for another one of his movie nights. This time, no Emily to tape herself to the floor. We got through a tonne of films, played a little minecraft, girls seemed bemused. At the end of the seventh dvd, we realised it was daytime, and Denny's family would be up soon. Walked over to Ryan's for one more. We got through Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Evolution, Eddie Murphy's Delirious, The Fifth Element, Oldboy, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Eddie Murphy's Raw, then Easy A at Ryan's.

Crashed at 8 in the morning on Ryan's couch. Woken up briefly by his dog and brother. Annie and Isobelle then woke us up properly at 1. Not cool. Bummed around a a bit, then kids drifted off. Ryan and I watched one more film, then I headed home.

Yesterday, tried to stave off sleep.

Anyway, better catch up on things.

In Bruges - ****
Slow, but subtle and eventually just stupidly funny. Reminded me of Burn After Reading, but in Europe with insane Englishmen.

Nightwatch - *
Something must have been lost in translation here, it just didn't make sense and ended up being far too melodramatic. Trying too hard to be cool, with it's annoying cuts and metal soundtrack. Not really interested in watching the sequel either.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus - 1/2
Watch when inebriated. Only when inebriated. Nothing redeeming about this film apart from how unintentionally hilarious it is.

Raw & Delirious - ***1/2
Eddie Murphy used to be hilarious, what happened.

Easy A - ***
Decent story, very hot lead character, though predictable by the end. Sort of like a smarter Mean Girls. Still pretty funny.

Ghost World - **1/2
Ryan and I aren't sure about this one. On one hand, it's basically live action Daria, a listless musing about Gen X and how pointless it all is. One of those indie/oscarbait films. I mean, it was amusing sometimes. But it didn't really go anywhere. Which is probably what it aimed to do anyway.

In the Loop - ****
Again, a little slow, but it's very good if only for the foul-mouthed media guy. Worth seeing if you have patience, I guess.

Um. For the next three days I'll probably be drunk. I've been told I need to go to school on Thursday. Definitely not keen at all.



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