Wednesday, December 1, 2010


'Lo all.

It's been a fair while.

My perception of time, and days, and things like that... it's all starting to go. I have gotten up at 5pm at least once. I'm currently in an awkward schedule of forcing (seriously) myself to sleep around probably 3 or 4, then waking up at 1 the next day. I'm worried that over time, things will get really weird, I'll go to sleep at dawn and wake up at night. But we've got a few days, I suppose.

So. In other news. World's all upside down and wrong, but we're laughing the whole way down at least.

Been out a couple of times, nothing particularly interesting. I got interrupted reading Anthony Kiedis' book at 2am by two drunk idiots and Denny, who proceeded to shout about certain women's tits extremely loudly, then rock out to Pearl Jam. I'd like to apologise to all the neighbours for that.

Next day, we got raped at work. It was Petro, Jordy and me against like a hundred old people when we were expecting fifty. Yeah. Fun. Aiden gave me a lift out to Sam's where we got a little drunk, played some Halo and zombie shooters, and made sure Patrick said an appropriate farewell before his campaign in Europe. Isaac may or may not have made out with the horse, which lead to him, Hayden and I searching the paddock for his phone the next morning.

The day after that, Meg persuaded us to go out to Kas and see the Cuzzy Bros. Not bad, but it was eerily quiet, and there's only so much acoustic psychedelia/Jacky J covers you can deal with. Still, they did a fine job, I'd see them again. Decided to go out properly the next night.

It rained. Wasn't bad, I suppose. Ended up in the back of Ringer's half watching soccer and trying to teach Jess how to play Pacman, I think. I was definitely drunk. Everyone started leaking out around 3, got out with Meg and swum our way back, dropped her off at her mate's place. It was pouring. Glass st was properly flooded. Worst part was, work in the morning. No hangover but I think each part of my body was shutting down over the day.

And I've watched a lot of movies.

Frost/Nixon - ****
Actually very gripping, but you end up wanting to punch Frost. Worth seeing if you're into this sort of intrigue crap, I guess.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World - **
One star of that is for the soundtrack exclusively. Very disappointing. No wonder it bombed, it was just all over the place, there's no audience for it to appeal to. It tries to be funny, but fails because it's Michael Cera. It tries to be an action flick, but fails because the concept of Michael Cera using kung fu/flaming lightsabers/hadouken/etc is just wrong. Also, the only bad guy who seemed interesting was finished very quickly. Tried to be a girly romance thing as well, which devolved into whininess. There is a problem in a film that revolves around getting a girl when the girl in questio is hot but just a terrible and unattractive person. Eternal Sunshine did the hair changing thing better. And the videogame references just seemed to be there. I mean, yeah it's cool, I suppose, but why? Not really that entertaining. Except the soundtrack.

Also found the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk, every now and then there are these moments of just pure awesome. But it's still a film score, not another Discovery. Film looks pretty meh as well, to be honest.

Planet Terror - ***1/2
Watched this with Denny. Good for what it is, which is a wannabe b-movie about zombies with actual moviestars everywhere. Very stupid but pretty cool despite this.

No Country for Old Men - *****
Probably one of the best films I've seen this year, and I've seen a lot. Paced just right, lot of tension. Plus hell, killing someone with an oxygen bottle is cool.

Chopper - ***
Seemed too short, and jumped around too much. Not a bad film. Reminded me of bloody Underbelly a little. Still, hearing Sale mentioned is a little special.

Crank/Crank: High Voltage - **********
AAAH awesome purified. Gotta watch them one after the other though. Just so stupid, but it's actually good. Was expecting Richard D. James' limo to roll up and Windowlicker to start blaring at any moment as well, bonus star for that. Very good pair of films.

And I've still got three more to watch, plus the fourth season of 30 Rock, which I'm burning through.

Aren't I a productive citizen.

Tomorrow, chips, work, maybe karaoke, we'll see.

Also, BDO kiddies, apparently the timetable's up on Friday. Woot. So in for the Vines and Gareth Liddiard off the second announcement, btw.

Hell, this writing crap is cathartic.



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