Monday, December 13, 2010

And The Earth Shook.

'Lo all.

Still kicking, despite my best efforts.

What have we got...

I've been working a lot. Good thing and a bad thing. The company's worth sticking around for (Petro and Sammy the other day were hilarious and more than a little creepy), but goddamn I'm sick of functions. And people having lunch at 2pm. Stop doing that, all of you.

What else. Got my Ps, drove around happily in a raging thunderstorm listening to DFA79, then accidently nudged some guy's bumper. He was not happy. I was thoroughly amused. Had dinner at the Star that night to say goodbye to Potter. She's moving off to Ireland for a year, then NSW after that. Crazy. I've known her too long.

Next day, did an Aiden and just drove around for the drug run. Convenient. Then shackled into prizegiving, forced myself into uniform again. Snored through the actual thing. New school captains aren't particularly surprising. Once again Binks lost, but at least we didn't come last.

Friday night, work then drinking heavily. Pretty ordinary night, to be honest, chatted to April and Lucy in the Star before they got booted, then we ran into all these teachers. It's kind of bizarre getting a drunken hug off your year 2 teacher in a beer garden. As usual, Ringer's sucked. Saw a fight break out, laughed a lot at the stupid.

Saturday was quieter.

Ronin - ****
Not a bad action flick, definitely takes a couple of cues from the first Mission Impossible. Suffered from the whole "something exciting is happening, it should catch on fire" thing.

Then yesterday, had to start getting pumped. Naturally, this was done through waking up late and going to work without breakfast, so they donated hotcakes. Thanks lads.

Off to Isobelle's that evening, had a good chill sesh while waiting for some pizzas, then we devolved into mildly drunken shenanigans. Watched some films too, started off with Zombieland.

The Basketball Diaries - ***1/2
Reminded me a lot of Scar Tissue. Some pretty trippy sequences. Not bad at all.

Skipped From Dusk til Dawn on account of Tarantino's "acting", chatted to Aiden and Isobelle instead, then back in for Children of Men. As usual, it's depressing as hell. So, naturally, we finished off with Monty Python. Holy Grail. Good stuff at 4am. Crashed hard.

Was woken up three hours later by Tom yelling about his ATAR, then the girls all screaming when they jumped on the interbutt. Isobelle managed a 50 in english, well done. Denny and I, in our half-asleep states, could barely remember our student numbers. Either way, most of us got what we wanted, I think. I was expecting something between 80 and 85, and I got an 86.something. I'm very happy.

Then the ringarounds started, everyone had to know everyone else's scores. Not particularly interesting. James got dux, I think, with his 99.90, which is the second highest score you can get. Then we played Croc.

Aiden and I then tore off to maccas for food, and enjoyed many many burgers. Saw Fraser and Ryan. Went home, more fallout on facebook, don't care. Got some chips with Ryan to laugh about it all.

So yeah, now there's just one thing left, and that's the offers. Not for another month.

Tomorrow... nothing, I guess. Feel like a road trip. Maybe I'll go have a coffee in Traralgon or something, just cos I can.



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