Saturday, November 20, 2010

Valedictory, etc.

'Lo everyone.

Right. You'll never guess. I'm tired.

Haven't really done a lot this week.

Went to Annie's after a couple of games of pool with Denny, it was a girl's night but we were invited to "gatecrash". Wasn't too bad, I suppose.

Next day, valedictory practice, lot of standing around and walking in and out. Meh.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1 - ***1/2
Faithful to the book in that there's a lot of boring camping and angst. But some nice subtle humour, and the opening is very cool. I'd swap half the camping to fill in some more blanks though. Nick Cave on the soundtrack, my jaw dropped. Gets another star just for that. Hopefully when the next one comes out they'll have a back to back screening.

After that, Aiden, Pat, Denny and I headed down to maccas. Isaac bought a burger in his stormtrooper outfit (at the cinema we had a halo guy, Harry, Hermione and Ginny, and Aiden was Draco but with pink hair (?)), then ran for his train. We decided to build a burger from scratch after watching mudwrestling. Did not know that pickles cost 30c. Got threatened with being kicked out, so we tried again at KFC. Pat managed to score some free chips.

Next day, suit up after driving the beardmobile around, meet everyone else. Most of the girls scrub up pretty good, as usual, except for the oompa loompas. Denny had a top hat. Service thing was dull, off to the hall. So hungry. Got some free food, listened to the speeches (they mentioned me and Ms Kulkewicz's adventures in year eight, and embarrassed the chaplain by mentioning April and Jasper's chapel exploits). Got a free Zeppelin book.

Hung around afterwards drinking beer and getting bloody photos taken. Ducked out around eleven to meet with everyone else at the pub. On the way, Isaac and Hayden got a talking to by some coppers for running around with a trolley. Isaac then shouted that they should find some real crime, like Scooby Doo and Batman. Hopefully they didn't hear him.

Get to the Star since Jack's is packed, jagerbombs, get some underagers in to have a look, then over to Jack's to hear the band murder the Violent Femmes and awkwardly make eye contact with the teachers who had also sought refuge there. More kids got kicked out, not cool I guess.

Kas next, Tom decided to hang around with Isobelle and his milk, caught up with Bernice and Clare and everyone else, and briefly saw my St Pat's buddies. Guy with a guitar was rocking some Chilli Peppers. Pretty meh. Saw Daewoo and Georgia, then headed out again to Ringadings.

By this time, I think we were all very drunk. Saw Skot and Cheesy, had a good discussion, and then Cheesy's mum. Danced, laughed at the stupid pickups occuring, and drunk an awful lot.

Suddenly it was 4am and the bouncers started kicking everyone out, so we left. Made sure Daewoo staggered to the motel, then made the long walk home. Everyone else seemed to get home ok, which is good. Walk in the door, flick on the lights, and Tom's on my floor and Isobelle's on my couch. Hurm.

Get up around 930, make sure Tom got to the train station, and practically collapsed. Isobelle and I found some breakfast, deconstructed the night before, then she nicked off. Caught up with Ryan and Bernice, who both had 4am maccas runs.

Bad Boy Bubby - ****
Deliriously twisted. Just when you think it can't get any weirder, it does. Very Australian too, plus the by the end the band was practically The Birthday Party. Good film, but definitely not for the faint hearted.

Tomorrow is probably work.

And so ends my time at Gippsland Grammar. Finally.



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