Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*vaguely media related title*

'Lo everyone.

Title's a cop out because I'm tired, sue me.

Feels good to have finished secondary school properly, I must say.

So, since we last spoke, I've hit Ringer's twice, watched a film or two, and smashed media. Plus I may have had a couple of people around to celebrate said smashing.

Diana and PD came home Friday, which was awesome. Good to catch up, Demps is getting way taller.

Went out Friday with Steve, Meg and Jake, we ran into Gavin at Jack's, which was surprising but awesome. He was out with the outdoor ed people, and all of them were recovering from a week spent with the year nines. Poor bastards. Wasn't a bad night, I suppose, lot of St Pats kids out.

Next day, hit the study. Watched Slumdog. So sick of that film. Watched Rage, two of my favourite songs were on. Angus and Julia Stone were predictably stoned on the couch. Got a call from Meg and Jess, figured I was bored, briefly visited Ringer's again and met some bloke called Brad who had his eye on Meg ("dude, you're cool... you got to go to school with these chicks? woah... dude, you're cool..." repeat ad nauseum). I extricated myself soon after, went home, slept in, and did even more study. Guess who's sick of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Found a cover of Portishead's Glory Box by Powderfinger. Actually kinda cool.

Then Monday, watched Snatch, headed down to school, caught up with some kids, then once more into the breach. Couple of questions were a little iffy but I think I recovered alright. Everyone was just happy to get it all done, cept Ruby and Belle since they've got one more. Headed down the street with Oliver, then cleaned up the shed and sorted out the yard as people started arriving.

Diverse crowd, but it was fun until after midnight. I think they had a good night. Since we were double booked, Fraser and a horde of year nines in suits and makeup briefly dropped in, stood around awkwardly looking at us drunken year twelves lounging around the fire, then most of them left. Fraser's closer friends, who I figure are probably sane, stuck around for a while. Still very amusing.

Had a thrilling game of boxhead, then things started winding down, and there was whinging and depression and puking and whatever. Shouldn't be so meh, I suppose, but screw it. Eventually, it ended up with Pat and I yelling about music and singing along to Muse songs while Denny, Jess, Sam and Dayne played the n64. Jess pwned at marioparty, very amusing. Then Pat and Sam went for a maccas run and we watched The Mummy. Managed to sit through all of it too.

This morning, staggered awake, made sure the kids who stayed over were alive and got to whereever they needed to be, then cleaned up the yard (surprisingly little mess, just a crapton of bottles), and headed down the street for supplies.

Had a driving lesson when I recovered, I really really need to get my Ps, then checked out some suits for the valedictory (more than almost any time, I am reminded why being a stick figure sucks). Kinda accidently bought another season of 30 Rock, and hit Video Ezy like a freight train.

The Fountain - **1/2
Trippy visuals, but it makes no sense on first viewing and really seems to go nowhere. I think there's a five minute sequence towards the end that would work as a Tool video. Reminded me of Requiem for a Dream messed up with Splice. Still interested in seeing Black Swan and whatever Aronofsky salvages out of Wolverine. Interesting director, I'll give him that.

Btw, the stupid on facebook is goddamn toxic, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now, dear readers, what do I do. There's a few things that need to be done, but not much to write about. I don't want to put the blog on hiatus, but neither do I want to write every day about nothing. Hurm. See what happens.

This week has the new Harry Potter film come out (for some reason we're going as breakfast???) and the valedictory, then Brad's on Saturday. Got a lot of stuff to sort out. Hurm.

Oh well.



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as a mini me- u r duwin wey beta dan me, keep it all up, I need a breath of fresh air