Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Drink Your Milkshake.

'Lo all.

As usual, I'm very tired.

So, yesterday, got up late, decided to avoid study until Monday, and did next to nothing all day. And it was glorious.

Headed down to Jack's to catch the live band with Denny and Emily, then everyone else turned up. Denny's hair had been straightened, he looked like an emo Beatle. Annie and Emily spectacularly lost a game of pool after just one shot (that takes skill).

Since that was dull, headed across the road to the Star and chilled on the couches with JAGERBOMBS. Had a game of pool with Pat's rules while some other people put Miley Cyrus on the jukebox. Bastards.

Kas next. Pretty dead. Floor was too sticky. So, again, chilled on couches, said hi to Goody and Lester, then we got bored again. Denny, Sam and I went to Legends to say hi to Jason while the girls went to Ringer's. Sam won ten bucks from a pokie machine. Visited maccas on our way to back. We had an indepth discussion about something, I can't remember. The crazy bitch on the door let me in this time. Strange.

Walk in, see Mewha, and we catch up. Spent half the night perched next to a barrel laughing at random crap and dancing with Alison to that damned Dynomite song. Got nicely tanked. Very amusing evening. Annie and Bernice were trashed at lights, so Sam and I walked them home, then crashed at like 4.

This morning, I woke up at like 7 still wasted, which is not a comfortable feeling. Finally woke up again at like 1230, Sam haunted the spare room til about 2, then got a lift down the street. Haven't really done much since.

There Will Be Blood - ****1/2
Woah. The pacing's a little off, sometimes it just seems to drag, but woah. The last scene. Creepy, creepy preachers. Excellent film.

Tomorrow, work. Joy.



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