Thursday, November 11, 2010

Caged and Frozen Still.

'Lo all.

It's been a while, I suppose.

I'm sick, I've got a cold, it sucks. Unfortunately, this saps motivation to study. Not good.

In the last week I've watched too many movies, and gotten myself properly addicted to 30 Rock. Which is also not good in an exam situation.

Anyway. Spent most of the week recovering and idling, went over some practice exams, usual drill. And thanks Threadless for the cheap hoodies, liking the White Stripes one.

Se7en - ****
A little predictable towards the end. A fun ride, very gorey, nice soundtrack, Morgan Freeman. Can definitely see the development Fincher had between this and Fight Club.

I should really go see the Social Network, shouldn't I.

The Men Who Stare at Goats - ***1/2
This is a very silly film. But hey, it's my kind of silly. Only problem is it seems to double back on itself and it kind of goes nowhere. But I can't argue with the main premise, which is all the crazy government conspiracies about weird crap in the military. Surprisingly awesome film.

I probably watched some other films, I don't really remember. Days are starting to blend in on each other again, not good. Need to snap out of it.

Today was hell. Woke up late, went over some historian quotes (useless, in the end), go to ride to school, and the bike has a goddamn flat tyre. I suppose it's the first one in almost six months, but still! Walk to school, meet up with the history kids, start bouncing off walls.

First question was about WW1. Soooo gooooood. I reckon I smashed it, except I kind of barely mentioned historiography in the essay. Still. Expecting higher than 40 for history. Well. Hoping.

After that, chatted to Emily, Isobelle and Annie about hot actresses, grabbed a crapton of maccas, then got a lift home to get work stuff. Rush back down the street, I'm told I'm not needed til sevenish. Goddamn.

So I spent an hour catching up with Meg and Jess and Jess'ss airconditioned house. They were watching Mean Girls. So much more respect for that movie now that I know Tina Fey wrote it, and The Janitor's in it.

Then back to work. And we got hit fairly hard, it was a RAAF function. Still, kept on top of it, Sammy helped out too, it was awesome. Wish I had more of that chicken though.

Walk home, everyone else is at the cinema, and planning on heading out. I got no booze, and no ride out to Longford, and I'm hitting the pub tomorrow night anyway, I think. Stayed home and watched a doco about Powderfinger, which wasn't bad.

Tomorrow is my day off before hardcore media revision. I will spend it watching 30 Rock. No regrets.



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