Thursday, October 14, 2010


'Lo all.


I suppose today wasn't too bad, all up. Got to school and saw Caroline, who said she was disappointed in me for quitting band. Hurm. Then a surprise meeting about muckup day, and we all voted for Always because apparently Tribute is inappropriate. Slept through chapel, and Pat had to apologise for rapping. It's all bull. "If you want to do something different, ask the chaplain first, (so he can say no)".

Anyway, bio, practice exams. So sick of them already. Squished the multiple choice.

After recess was double spare, and it was our last one ever, so we had a party, with fairy floss and little cans of coke and clinkers and musical chairs and limbo. We had a look at the slideshows for muckup day, and thankfully I'm barely in them. It was good fun, even though we were missing Gavin and Georgia. They were with us in spirit.

At lunch, not a lot happened. Sat around the table getting pumped about Ameilia's next week.

History was slow, Pat decided to speak gibberish for a lesson. I should really get around to finishing a practice exam or something. Meeh. Not enough motivation yet. Not in classtime, when I know I can't get it finished.

Off to lit, where Dosser told us about how to structure things. It's a shame a lot of it is vague, unlike history. We get told to evoke the text and stuff, and I just don't know I'll be able to do it well enough. Hurm.

Go home, go back down the street for work. Bossman says he might be able to find some work for me in January, which is good. Not so good, one of my regulars died. The husband just looked so crushed. Then I nearly got hit by a (hopefully unrelated) hearse. Bit of a shock. Go to Ken's since I was in the neighbourhood, catch up with Josh, who'd just popped his concert cherry by seeing Paramore (...). Ken had a black box. Wish I had more money.

Home, cleaned out shed a bit, chainsawed up some wood (a little unnecessary, but still), and then a Dylan Moran live show was on tv. Pat is a comedic genius, he's using the Old Spice ad to sell his textbooks. I've already sold one of mine, which is good, I suppose.

Tomorrow will be our last Friday of school ever. Media practice exam, then spring concert, then some kids might come around. Should be fun. Probably won't be a post.



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