Monday, October 18, 2010

This Is A Weeping Song.

'Lo all.

Damn. Last Monday of high school ever.

Anyway. I've just spent about an hour now with this window open, and about thirty tabs with youtube going. I just lost all that time. Still. Live Beth Gibbons (!), Desert Sessions, Nick Cave (drug-addled), Smashing Pumpkins... I guess it's a little worth it.

So today was pretty slow, a little depressing, but goddamn. Last Monday. Had to keep it in mind.

First up on this most glorious of days was bio. Started out promising, then we had a surprise practice exam, and they didn't tell me when reading was over. Meh. Trudged through it.

Then maths. Finished going over the last practice exam. It's getting a little repetitive. I must have been tired, there were two questions that were so ridiculously easy I just skipped over them. Stupid mistakes, stupid mistakes...

Not much going on at recess, as usual. Went to double history, sat down and smashed the bastard. Still not enough historiography, but we'll see how it goes.

At lunch we kicked a stress ball around after taking a photo of some horses. Not The Horse (hallowed be thy name), but some white horses in a paddock near the clothing store. We'll catch The Horse though.

Off to media, got another practice exam back (SICK OF THEM!), did alright. Apparently I got the prize for media this year, which is weird since Emma beat me in all the SACs and stuff. Hurm.

Had a look at the photography competition ("I TOOK OUT ALL THE COLOURS EXCEPT THIS BIT HERE TO MAKE IT DEEP AND MEANINGFUL I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER LOL"), then off to spare. Girls were whinging so I slept.

After school, went down the street with Denny, we bought 15 vuvuzelas and a buttload of other stuff, then hit maccas before grabbing a Jesus costume for me. Massive beard, and a robe for a five year old that goes to my knees. Should be fun. Checked out all my kit back home, nerf gun, super soaker, vuvuzela, airhorn, chalk, screamer balloons, bubble sword, silly string gun. Muckup day's going to be fun. Just gotta find some more ping pong balls, then get the giant poster of Hayden printed.

Tomorrow is the last Tuesday ever (getting a little repetitive). Not going to be fun, I haven't finished a lit essay yet.



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