Friday, October 22, 2010

That's It.

'Lo all.

My face is finished, my body's gone, and I can't help that standing up here in front of all this applause, and gazin down at all the young and the beautiful with their questioning eyes, that above all things OMG WE'RE DONE.


But seriously, (thankyou Mr Cave), I am dead tired, so I might be a little brief. But we have so much to cover.

Yesterday. Dragged myself awake, as usual. Didn't feel any different til I finished my coffee. Get to school, lot of shouting. Kids are pumped already.

First class was lit, and we finished the last poem. Feels good man.

Then our last ever maths class. Mr Brennan gave us some sage advice about the exam, and then we got a photo of the class. Damn camera decided to crap out on me for the first time today.

Then our last ever recess, printed out some concept posters, then enjoyed the sunlight and kicking a soccerball around.

Last ever lit class, we got cake, a photo with Dosser, and then terrified her when we tried to play lit celebrity heads, and failed miserably. Well, at least we know we have to study, especially so we know at least the name of every ode we studied, right Isobelle?

Off to bio, got chocolate, went through more practice exam. I'm confident for bio.

At lunch, we got free pasta, then rushed off to the basketball courts for our very last game of soccer ever. And it was so much fun. We had Gavin kicks, girls who stood in the middle getting hit, vuvuzelas everywhere. It was so damn hot, so we were exhausted by the end, but goddamn. I'll miss this the most, I think.

History next, and we went over another exam. Mr Ries then told us we were awesome, and we all hugged him and Asad the token year eleven. He is a great teacher, and Pat and I are pumped to have him on our table for valedictory.

Then our last class ever (!), media, watched some of the finished films. Geordie's claymation is excellent, and Ruby's has an awesome soundtrack. We had to run then, get back onto the quad.

It was pandemonium. Emily grabbed me, we swapped uniforms in the crowded girl's toilets, then ran back out for the big circle and countdown. I burnt out my airhorn, totally worth it. You don't even hear the bell, you're screaming that much. Found a vuvuzela in the ensuing mosh, had so much fun. Eventually got on Tom's shoulders and the party kept going in the year twelve area. Ecstatic, cept I cut my lip on the damn cheap plastic vuvuzela, but still!

Rushed home with my almost overflowing bag, then off to work. Finished the first half of my run in about half an hour, then the girls let me go, saying they'd to the other half. Awesome. Went home, showered, gathered my supplies, then the Beardman and I dropped off more junk for Pat's Trash Fort. Headed to maccas once Ms Henry shut down Aiden's balloon inflation operation (they managed around 700 balloons in an hour, they reckon), then joined the crowd for the party buses.

All the way to Ameilia's, we sung. Very loudly. Even if we didn't know the words. Might have pissed everyone off, but it was fun. Got there, nice place, put up the tent with Isaac and Hayden, then got into it. Three large bottles of bourbon and coke later, things are a little confusing. Full moon, good omen. Scotty D and Andrew were DJing, and they did a fine job except for repeating the same half dozen songs all night. Gavin and Tabby, it's about time. Not sure what Isaac was doing in my tent for much of the night. Patrick got extremely wasted, and when we tried to help him, first he started breakdancing on his back on rocks, then he tried to jump a fire barrel and hurt his ankle. We told him to sit out, and he tried his hardest to get back into the mosh. I remember dancing with Aiden and Isobelle to Daft Punk, which was awesome. Chatted to Ameilia about going to Laneway next year, as the lineup is that good. It was amusing to see who picked up whom. And Millsy and his glowsticks. What a hero.

Anyway, it hit about 1am, and kids realised they were going dry. I know I was at that stage. So kids started going home, and I was not intoxicated enough to want to stick around, grabbed a lift with Dayne in his massive 4WD through the fog. Wiffy and Tori begged me to let them use the tent, so I left it with them for the night. Got home about 130.

Oh god. Forcing myself up at 630 was painful. Quick shower, found out what everyone else was up to, then started walking down to Pat's, Aiden gave me a lift. Got all the shenanigans stuff out, chucked it next to my locker, and raided the year nine centre with silly string, chalk and little green army men. While that was occuring, Mr Brennan's bike was hoisted up the flagpole, and Cumpster, Julian, Dayne and I gladwrapped the quad and graffitied with the chalk. We got free breakfast, chicken and bacon burgers cooked by the teachers, that was cool. About 830, the rest of the school was eyeing the Trash Fort with unease, and we had to head off to the hall for the chapel service.

They played Bon Jovi. Dude. Seriously. We roared the first hymn, we cried when the younger kids cried about their siblings and said how much they'd all miss Tahlia Deschepper (??), then we messed up the words to the second hymn. Classy as hell.

We had nothing to do after that, so we drifted around to the trash fort and sat in the sun wondering what to do until recess. We got free food in the staff room, and all the homeroom teachers said their last goodbyes, Mrs Ripon nearly cried, but we gave her a big hamper of coffee, and a card with David Lee Roth from Isobelle. We lol'd.

After grabbing some tubs off Beardman, headed to the hall for rehearsal for the assembly. It was hot and dull and everyone just wanted to get out. Plus the sound system seemed to be sucking arse, that was a little amusing.

So then suddenly, it was lunchtime. Dayno, Tom and I sorted out all the supplies, then changed into my Jesus outfit and loaded the supersoaker. We had a ball. Slidey thing, giant wadey pool, and waterbombs dropping everywhere. At one stage, someone (Walshy?) grabbed a bean bag from the fort and popped it, spilling thousands of bean bag beans into the pool, which then stuck to everyone. Awesome. We dropped the ping pong balls as Tom pushed Louise around in the little plastic car, which then caused a storm of little kids to run in and steal them all. Shot a lot of people in the head. Saw some suspicious looking year nines hanging around our lockers when I went to put my camera away.

Anyway. Then it was time to clean up, so we did. Went to get changed, boy's toilets is covered in spraypaint, teachers were coming in pissed. Wasn't us, we were too busy making a mess of each other on the quad.

Then the assembly. We got mortarboard hats which looked ridiculous, and it was all good up to the point where What Is Love stopped and we were all on stage. The mics during the Diama's performance kept screwing up, the rap was too quiet, and the mics did not fix themselves for Amanda and Bree's song. We danced ridiculously, then Oliver and Jenny sung a Lionel Richie song (pretty funny). A quick slideshow that ended very abruptly, then we all screamed Always and practically ran out of the hall with our balloons. Not the best final assembly. At all. A little bit of a disaster.

Anyway, we quickly distanced ourselves and released our balloons, then packed up and hugged and such. Put all my stuff in the Beardmobile, then walked down the street with Sarah and Cameron dissecting the day. Got chips with Denny, Kelly, Ryan and Julian, chatted more, then got a lift home with Julian. I've been checking the news since then, staving off sleep.

So yeah. That's my secondary schooling 90% done, just got exams over the next month to look forward to. First up is biology, but that's next week. Unless something cool happens between then and now, I'm taking a break, going to study and sleep. Mainly sleep.


peace and love to all of the Class of 2010.

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