Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten Thousand.

'Lo readers.

Last night I could barely sleep. Had this weird dream. I swear it was lucid or something. Suffocating like sleep paralysis but I wasn't awake, because I woke up. It was bizarre. Couldn't sleep after that.

So today sucked. Had to sit up the front in our last assembly, had to go on stage to pick up a Distinction in Cross Country (and yet nothing for music?). Lot of kids got certificates. A guy from the RAAF talked for ages about the importance of education then gave Kyna a laptop. He said that when he's in front of a large crowd he tends to go on and on. We were not surprised when he then did so.

Then a spare. Slept. Seriously.

Off to media, went over some social values stuff. I should be doing more questions.

Not much went on at recess, as usual.

Then double maths, had a practice exam. Smashed it. A lot easier than the formal one we did the other week.

Lunch. Not much to do, so Pat and I went up to watch the lacrosse grand final that Sam was playing in. Pretty funny watching them all skid around in their socks. Then Meg and Jess arrived shooting silly string. Decided to evacuate pretty quickly, then Hayden and Pat found a box full of discuses. So, naturally, they had a rolling competition. The little kids who were there for athletics were not amused.

Double lit. Got results back about our last SAC. I passed, so I'm happy. Spent a lesson going over Lauren's SAC (it was her birthday too, Happy Birthday!), then some Hedda readings. Still not confident, but I guess we can only improve.

After school, went down the street with Ryan, Denny and Sam, had some chips with Geordie and Emily, and started buying more supplies for muckup day. Got about 50 ping pong balls, a Nerf Maverick, some chalk, and streamers. Denny picked up some spinning top thing that was littered with glorious Engrish. On the back, it stated how the toy was good for "harmonising the two hands" and being good for "child brains". "BURN THE WIND!"

Went home, I've just been shooting this damn Nerf gun. I'm going to have some fun on muckup day with it, but I need more darts. Hurm. Also, my iPod's being a whiny little bitch and refusing to hook up with my computer. What gives? Haven't I given you everything? I just want to chuck on another gig...

Tomorrow is going to suck.


Anyway, the end.

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