Monday, October 4, 2010

Tell Her I'm Still Alive.

'Lo all.

And so begins the very last term of school.

How exciting.

Bit of an anticlimax, really. We have to wear shorts, we're all busy, and everyone's in a bad mood because they had to get up early and they got practice exams back.

Get to school, catch up with some droogs, then off to bio. Went through a clickview, feeling good about this SAC on Thursday.

Then maths, got half the results back. I passed, and smashed statistics. Some kids were dumbfounded at how they managed to pass everything, or nothing. Meh. Not looking forward to the other paper that I screwed up so royally.

Nothing interesting going on at recess. Off to double history. No Mr Ries to yell at us, instead the sub reads that our practice exams were "the worst he'd ever seen". Serves half the damn pricks right for walking out halfway through. I got 66/80, which isn't bad for a practice. Goody and I headed up to the common room to escape it all, chilled out up there in the sun. Sarah, Clare and Georgia rocked up. Dunno why. Chatted to Aiden about the cricket and schoolies, which we really, really need to organise.

Lunch was good. Found Mrs Ripon, who told me how to send off the SEAS stuff, then went back to the common room and swapped stories with the rest of the horde. Harry reckons Fur TV is huge over in Europe. Amaya, have you heard of it?

To media, we planned out what to do for the next three week. Gawd, three weeks. We've got like a dozen media classes left. That's really goddamn scary.

In spare we made fun of Sarah and bitched about classes. A buttload of photos had been put up for whatever reason. Should chuck some of mine in there. I guess they aren't cool enough.

After school was band, half fell asleep, and stuffed up a solo. We have to play in assembly tomorrow, please kill me. Headed out early, got a text from Leading Edge saying the Massive Attack shirts they have are only in XXL. So sad.

Home, haven't done a lot. Meh. Thankyou for picking up that bootleg George, I reckon your show was as good as ours. Rockin' Rocks was pretty shocking until the drum solo at the end, weird.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I hope it's not Doubles Day.



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