Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rollin and Scratchin.

'Lo everyone.

Last Tuesday. Yew.

It's starting to get irritating. I'm waking up early and dragging myself into the cold just for more practice exams. I know I should be grasping these opportunities, but I'm just forcing myself to it. I'm looking forward to the flexibility in study next week.

Anyway. Get to school, history first up, another timeline. Gotta know the historiography though, argh.

Then media. Watched a making of thing for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Meh.

Recess was slow. Off to maths, went over more practice exam. Oh well. When Brennos free I'll ask how to work my calculator.

Bio next, such fun. We had a free lunch at Clap Daddy's Palace after that. Julian and Oliver stole a lot of cans of coke. Nice place. We got little membership cards, as we're the new Old Scholars, as Millsy pointed out. Joy. Looking forward to the reunion in ten years.

Lit next. Ms Dosser was in a good mood. Enjoyable lesson smashing the fifteenth and last poem. Even if we only got two lines in.

In spare, crashed next to Sarah as Leighton dropped in, swapped a few stories, then Gavin managed to cram his newspaper into a pencil case. Spectacular.

After school, went down the street. Bought more ping pong balls, and Aiden got a little helicopter. I've been... modifying it this evening. Also had what are probably the last after-school chips with Denny ever. A little sad, since there was no gravy.

Repo Men - ****
Except for the laggy middle bit, OH GOD HOLY AWESOME. It's like a Guy Richie film crossed with Daybreakers. The opening was excellent, I liked all the subtle bits, and the ending was literally mindblowing. The hallway fight scene with the hammer reminded me of Oldboy, made me smile. Go see it, good film.

Tomorrow, last Wednesday. Going to beat Pat with the rest of Team Mongoose in Lap the Lakes in my Jesus outfit, then a preview of the Badass Bards' new rap. Should be fun.



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