Monday, October 11, 2010


'Lo readers.

Mmmmrrrrrrrr. More tired today than I was yesterday, and I went to bed early, what gives.

Woke up late, off to school, gave Meg a USB, got one off Annie full of photos to sort out.

First up was bio, everyone got their practice exams back except me, because it got lost. I am disappoint.

Lit next, finished St Agnes. Bit of a struggle but we got there in the end, and half the class had nicked off to the Junior School for one last time.

Fairly quiet at recess. My kingdom to be able to sleep instead.

In history we smashed a Russia timeline. Chatted to Steve about future plans, criminology definitely sounds interesting. Got some twisted question to write about, so Isobelle jumped me.

Then maths, did a bit more work. Still not feeling particularly motivated, but we've got a practice exam tomorrow and Wednesday.

At lunch, we gave Meg her iPod, then went upstairs to argue with everyone about muckup day. I told kids to help back me up, but there wasn't much going on. Some stuff got sorted, I am beginning to not care. I mean, in a couple of months, I'll never have to see these people again. We'll be singing Tribute either way, dammit.

Since Ms Taylor was away, had a spare, sorted out all the photos from Bernice, Pat, Annie and I. There's some good ones, some awful ones, and a lot of mine that got stolen. I probably should have said something. I'll swap them for the original big high quality versions. Not envying Bernice and Sarah Ryan's job with sorting out all the million photos they'll get for these slideshows. As long as some of mine get in. Had a second spare after that, Gavin flicked a lot of pens at Sarah. She wasn't happy with him, especially when she realised throwing more at him meant he'd flick more back.

After school was band, Mr C was stressed because we all suck. Next week is party though. Bernice found some cheap ping pong balls, which I'll buy tomorrow. Then Ryan rocked up at home, and gave me his belated birthday present that about a dozen other kids chipped in for, which was a GIANT beer stein. Very, very cool, looking forward to giving it a proper go on Friday night.

Haven't done much since, went over a few media questions, sung Bohemian Rhapsody on facebook, and saw a couple of awesome youtube clips (look up Banksy Simpsons and Grover Old Spice).

Tomorrow is going to suck, it's doubles day.



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