Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On My Mind.

'Lo all.

Sick of school.

Woke up this morning, got to school early, hung out with Sally, Aiden and Jake, then off to music. Millsy told us about his Master Chief costume. He's going to look awesome on muckup day.

So we played assembly, sucked pretty hard. Only have to play the damn horn two more times. Feels good man.

Off to history, poor Mr Ries was absent again. Sarah and Lauren figured that our terrible practice exams had broken his spirit. Chilled in the library helping Gavin with bio, then off to the common room, listened to Goody, Terry and Jay swap stories about their fabled poker nights (seem to involve a lot more powerspewing than ours).

Then media, went over production elements, which are easy.

Recess was quiet enough. The girls, having moved our usual table out of the year twelve bit and onto the grass, are starting to regret it because it's all isolated, there was no sun today, and the mozzies are lethal as hell.

Maths next, got my frustratingly pointless second half back. I'm ready for round two. Going to smash the bastard with my fully functioning calculator.

Bio after that, in the library. Mrs Brown thought she was helping me too much, but then I helped pretty much half the class by handing around my answers. Fair is fair. Chatted to Jack about the year level party. Should be interesting.

Lunch was meh, sat around bored. Girls were whinging about bread, dudes were swapping stories about halo. Not much to do, chatted to Emily. Then Ryan came to tell us about the muckup day progress. Revote time!

Before lit, Isobelle and I were nervous. We figured the class average would be 8. I guessed that I would get 8. Ms Dosser comes in, bad mood, destroys Goody, then gives us the good news. We all did ok at the creative things. Then she gives back our practice exams. I got 14 for both (that's either out of 20 or 40, we aren't sure yet. I'm guessing 40). She told us that if she was marking it, we'd have to half it. So, that's 7. That means that my essays got about 3.5/20 each. Very depressing. Got a lesson about how much we all suck and need to go over everything before the next practice exam.

Which is tomorrow afternoon.

So, back to media in a sullen mood. Cheered up by Gavin vs Sarah, abusing many different people's tattoos with Tahlia, Potter and Goody, then fictionalizing Potter's romantic escapades with Big Muscly Tattoo Guy. It's getting very interesting. He's pregnant, but she doesn't know he's actually a chick. Or at least, that's what we gathered from her conversations with Sarah.

After the bell went, the rest of the year level crowded in. I gave Sarah Ryan and Sian my ipod, and they made us all move around the room to vote instead of doing it sensibly. Since no one wanted Cowboys vs Indians as the "official theme", it's now out and Good vs Evil is in. Then the song vote. Again, more chaos as kids just stood still instead of moving to one side of the room or the other. Tribute won though, thank gawd.

Went down the street for victory chips with Oliver, Ryan and Denny, and it was good. Met Isaac, Georgia and Sam, wandered around in circles, eventually ended up in the girly juice bar eating cheap sorbet (next we'll be listening to Huey Lewis and the News) with Bernice and Jordan. Isaac stole some wine and chips, but the waitresses stole it back.

Went home, went over some poems, not feeling confident about tomorrow. Did half sort out the schoolies road trip, get Under Blackpool Lights, and get my trip to Tasmania organised a bit more. Going to take the boat. I need a car. I think I'll buy the Ford in the classifieds, it seems good. I need my ps. I think I'll get them next week. I need more lessons to restore my confidence. I'll get them this week.

Everything is falling into place.

As you can probably see from this post, I'm basically trying to distract myself in any way possible.

Tomorrow is meh then exam. Should be ever so much fun.


Anyway, the end.

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