Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Spring Concert ever.

'Lo all.

Right. Yesterday was raining all the damn time. Like, I woke up, it was raining, get to school, still raining, rained all day, rained when the bell went, rained at the concert, and only stopped when we got out. Not cool.

Also, this was our last Friday of school ever. Weird.

Anyway. Lift to school, bio first up, did the second half of the practice exam. Had to mark it, wasn't too bad, I guess. Going to do a million soon though, which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Then history, smashed a French timeline. Still not properly confident yet, but I need historiography more than anything else.

Had to run to media at recess, practice exam. Decided to test some different ideas out, wrote about juggalo culture because it's in the news. Meh. Wonder what the mark will be.

Not much going on at lunchtime, and since it was freezing cold and still pouring, went upstairs with Denny and Ryan. The girls were practicing the dance. Good entertainment.

Then a spare. Sarah got sick of Camp Rock, so played MY damn solitaire while everyone whinged about psychology and cats.

Finally maths. Got our marks back. I passed. Better than the last one. Just lost marks on stupid little mistakes which I'll work on before the real deal.

After school, headed down the second hand joint with Denny, tested out a buttload of cheap tiny nerf guns and found ONE that worked. Got a lift back, then cleaned out the shed. Hurm.

Off to the spring concert, room 40 smelt like bacon cooked in piss (the girls tell me it smelt like something else, something much worse), so we chilled outside in the rain. Smashed the performance. Last one ever. Woo. Then got a fancy certificate and fancy pen, and Jake, Aiden and Pat (or, the Badass Bards, as they prefer to be known) rapped about Ivo and Mr C. Very amusing.

After that, back to my place, kids trickled in, once everyone arrived we cleared the coffee table and tried to explain the rules for Boxhead. And we got very drunk. Polished off a bottle of mead and a half between us. By about 2, Isobelle had crashed, Beardman was giving Ryan and Aiden his moonshine, Claire, Annie and I were wasted on the couch, Dayne was kicking arse at Smash Bros, and Pat rolling around apologising, while hitting on Fraser, who had stayed up for the hilarity. We sung (a lot), we cried, we stayed up late. Fun night. Got a couple of calls from Bernice as well, who was on the fence with Megan and Emma at Tame Impala. Very lucky.

Then this morning, Claire and Isobelle had to go visit Ms Dosser, so we all got up early. Watched a lot of rage while we waited for the parentals.

Didn't do much after that. Watched Children of Men, which I have missed, went over some historiography for history, and put off doing a lit exam. I'll do it tomorrow.

Right now my sisters are arguing over Jurassic Park. I don't think they understand the third film yet. Suddenly everything is a mutant! Still a crap film :(

Tomorrow, lit practice, sleep. Meh.



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