Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last SAC Ever.

Good morning kiddies. I stayed up far too late for this.

Today sucked.

Wake up late, get to school late, it's cold and windy and rainy and crap.

First up was a year level meeting where they scared us about exams and made us agree to pay for mortarboard hats and a trophy cabinet. Roared the hymns in chapel.

Maths was kinda quiet. Talked a lot about the Big Day Out. I wonder if it'd be better going in as a noobie and hearing all these awesome bands for the first time, or as a veteran who has something to look forward to. Hurm.

Recess was dull, as ever.

Off to lit, went through more stanzas and went over yesterday's exam a little. I think we'll get more St Agnes this year for the real deal. Damn.

Then bio, it was a cram sesh. I wrote really fast, and still almost ran out of time. I looked up with one question to go, and had less than five minutes left. Not a good feeling. I feel a bit sorry for Mrs Brown having to read my awful writing. Still. Last ever SAC. Ever. Feels good man.

At lunch, went upstairs with Bernice and the rest, then followed Sarah and Sian into room 31. Committee meeting. Hurm. I was the only dude representative, reminded me of year nine magazine class. More time spent sorting out where the band should play than anything else. At least we made a bit of progress. I pledge to fight against them playing Forever Young over photos though.

Then history, Mr Ries is still away so we had a spare. Pat, Aiden and I read through the bullsheet submissions. Some are very funny.

Then media, no teacher, so I chatted to Jess and Molly about rigs and Salefest.

Went home, went to work, had to loop around frustratingly, and tried imported Monster. Very fancy.

Get home, get pumped. Haven't moved far from the computer, to be honest. At 1130, the internet died, and I almost committed murder, but it came back. But disaster struck at 12.00, as while I entered my details and everything right, I guess I just wasn't fast enough or something. Twenty minutes later my confirmation email said that my order was active, but cancelled and unsuccessful. So crushed. About half the kids who tried to buy failed. As I type Bernice is still waiting for confirmation.

So, I guess I'll try again tomorrow, and if I fail then, well, Isaac, Isobelle and Hayley are more than welcome to hunt me down, if I don't top myself first. Disappointed as hell. Maybe it's karma for being such a pirate.

Speaking of which, talked to the French girl last night, she seems good.

Tomorrow is going to suck, or rule. Probably suck. I need a hug. I just wanted to say hi to Nick Cave and Iggy Pop.



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Tone-in-Oz said...

Your Ancestor saved your sorry ass, have a good day out "Veto"