Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Days.

'Lo all.

Man, it's getting scary now.

Go to school, give the helicopter to Aiden, who was impressed, then first up was media. Smashed a couple of questions. Media was good, I'll miss it.

Then our very last spare. Sarah and Potter didn't believe me when I said I didn't want children. But then, world's probably going to end when Palin and the Tea Party get elected, who cares.

Not much going on at recess, then maths. Gotta get pumped about this exam.

Then lit, still going through the last poem.

Got changed into my Jesus outfit, met Batman, a pair of storm troopers, Anakin Skywalker (with an Iron Man mask), and a Tisdall kid with a Blundell cape, and jumped on the bus with Ms Dyke's fixed smile. We got to the park and announced that us idiots were representing Grammar. Run itself was alright, Tom was right behind me the whole damn time. Bastard didn't even have to run, he wasn't in the team, he just wanted something to do at lunchtime, I guess. Anyway, we crossed the line at the same time, then Jake, Sam, and Aiden. Pat's team came in next, and they kicked our arse. The holes that Hayden had cut into his suit were threatening to sever his nipples. Good run, got free food, then back on the bus. I decided to continue wearing the beard.

Sorting out more than a hundred kids to all sing a song and dance is difficult. Especially when most of us would just start singing randomly anyway. Sat out for the dance until the end, then decided to screw it and join in anyway. Pat's rap needs polishing, but it's damn funny.

After school, more stuff. Denny and I had to pick up liquor, then saw the rest buying nerf guns and silly string. Had chips, Isaac shot passerbys when he worked out his silly string can worked (he accidently shot Denny in the face first). Then headed back to the park with Aiden and heard the results for Lap the Lakes, we came third and got best dressed, but they stuffed it up, so maybe we came fourth. Either way, we got two mugs each.

Back home, haven't done a lot. Got BDO tickets for Alice and Tess, and watched the IT Crowd. Taking a brief break from study, I'll be diving back into it on Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow, last full day of school ever. Oh boy. Then things get good. No post until possibly Saturday night, I'll be sure to take photos though.



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