Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Evolution, Baby.

'Lo all.

Posting after two beers. Sue me.

It's been a week. I've actually been forcing myself not to post. I figure that if I did write anything, it'd be ultimately pretty pointless and mind-numbingly dull. But I think I need the catharsis, or maybe I'm just so stuck in the routine. I don't know. It's been a crazy week.

I don't remember a lot, so here's a highlights reel.

Sunday I went to work, it's only Sammy and Jordz now, poor bastards. Still, now I have a regular Sunday shift, which is good.

It Might Get Loud - ****
Much like watching Dave Grohl playing with JP Jones and Jimmy Page, it was so cool to see Jack White meeting his hero and playing along with him. Dunno about The Edge, it seemed that his bit was always "I push a lot of buttons and play simple riffs". They needed more time on Jimmy, especially at Headley Grange. The Levee Breaks bit was insane, and the last jam, over In My Time of Dying, was incredible. Worth watching, if you're a fan.


Tried a MegaMac, just cos I was bored. It's not that great.

Went to school on Tuesday. Saw Dosser, she helped me a bit, and Mr Brennan. It was bizarre. I feel like I don't fit in anymore.

Been doing plenty of study too. Lots of bio practice exams.

Today, went to school early, spent an hour in the shade going over revision cards, then everyone started arriving and we went in. Jesus. It was all too quick. Smashed the short answer, then the multiple choice. I found myself finished just after 50m. So, I had about half an hour to go back and check every damn question, then get bored out of my skull.

Afterwards, headed to the show with Jess and Jordan, they went on one crappy ride, then back to the chicken shop. It was good, so relaxing. I will miss this shop, and intend on visiting it a lot in the few months I have left. We went back to the show, met with Kelly and Denny, then Sam, Jane and Eliza, hit the Cha Cha (still fun, after all these years), some crazy boat ride (with STROBES EVERYWHERE, but it was too slow). Made Eliza go on the giant drop, then fireworks, and then the big import for this year, this arm that rotated little arms with people on them. It was good fun, since it felt like you were barely strapped in, and you were ten metres high rolling around. Good views of everything. I did it twice.

After that, pretty dull. Jess, Jordan and I joined a big group of teenagers all heading in the same direction, apparently because there was a fight or something further up, but it ended up being just a big loop around the sideshows, pretty funny. Jordan got some fairy floss, met Sam again, and we fed it to her. Got a lift home with Sam, and noticed that Giant Arm Spin ride was broken, stranding two dozen people up in the air upside down. We lol'd.

Head home, head down the street, meet up with everyone at Kasbah, but it's dead, so we decide to go to Ringer's. Stupid bouncer lady wouldn't let me in, even though she's done it before. What gives. Do I really look that young? That's soul-crushing stuff.

So, miserably headed to maccas, but everyone else caught up, met Jess, Jake got drivethru, then walked back to Kas as it had more life. Jenny and Emily tore up the dancefloor, Annie and I chatted, and I saw G Brewer. Awesome, I suppose. When they headed out to Ringer's I went home. Screw it.

Anyway. Pretty depressing, to be honest, but better to be kind of down and not get into a crappy nightclub than fail an exam and get stuck upside down, I suppose. Gotta stay positive.

Tomorrow is essay writing time. If I can get two done, I'll be happy. I'll post again more often, it's probably healthier.


Anyway, the end.

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