Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Fought Pirahnas.

'Lo all.

Today was cold and wet and it just didn't stop. What the balls.

This morning, wore a suit to school, explained to everyone that it was International Suit Up Day, then Pat, Sam and Aiden arrived. Yes, we looked a little ridiculous, but it was damn classy. Ms Henry was not amused and told us to get changed. Oh well. A little bit of fun.

First up was bio, got 39/40 on my last SAC because we were allowed to take the answers in, and I still haven't gotten my practice exam back. Hurm.

Then media. Went over more social values stuff. I'm not looking forward to this exam, it just seems so vague.

Recess was meh.

In history, got a buttload of practice exams to do during SWOT Vac. Joy.

Then lit. No Ms Dosser, so I chilled with the spare kids.

At lunch, the new house captains got announced, looks like Binks will go alright in Adam's capable hands. Didn't do much after that, shipped off to maths as it started raining and a jet went past.

Smashed the maths practice exam, where I got stuck and ran out of time on the two last questions. Oh well. I know where to improve now.

After school, watched Slumdog Millionaire and ate half of Geordie's cake. It dragged on and on and on though.

Haven't done much since I got home. Don't really plan to change that. This new Daft Punk stuff I've found is insane.

Tomorrow's our last chapel ever, thank gawd.



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