Saturday, October 2, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Gawd. Learnt my lesson. Not doing this in a while.

Yesterday had its ups and downs. In the morning, had to get up early for maths, borrowed Mr Brennan's calculator. Into the breach, first question, calculator keeps giving me obscene fractions. What. No idea how to fix it. Spent at least half an hour going through a buttload of menus trying to fix the bastard. Didn't get it. Screamed through the rest, writing apologetic notes the whole time. Got to the last two questions, which is ok, I guess. If I had my real calculator I would have smashed it.

After that, walked down the street with Jess, Kelly and Nemo, then chips with Sam, Emily and Jake. We wandered around, didn't do much.

Went home for a shower, back down the street, went to the bottleo for supplies. Dude at the counter says my ID makes me look like a drug dealer. Notices my headphones, say I'm listening to Massive Attack. *um...I guess that sounds like a metal band...* "They're cool, so you going to Soundwave then?" Awkward conversation about who is better out of Queens of the Stone Age and Iron Maiden, then I ran to the train station. Chilled in the sun, playing solitaire, then Sarah sat next to me and I had maaad deja vu, straight back in spare again. Tom then arrived drinking milk.

Jumped on the train, Tom, Wiffy and I made fun of Alison's cool stories, then got a lift to Clare's with her brothers blaring Red Hot Chili Peppers. The girls invaded the bathrooms to do each other's hair, so Steve and I ate all the chips and talked music. He has good taste, but we can extend it.

Girls slowly started emerging when they figured they looked better than each other, then everyone else started arriving. Clare and I played a trick on Pat, she told him it was a costume party, so he rocked up dressed as a pirate. So much respect.

Anyway, had a good night, reminded me of mine, lot of chilling around the fire. Chatted to Sarah, swapped stories with Gavin and Pat, and we all danced a lot, including an excellent dance off between Steve and Isaac. Be better if Jenny had stopped hijacking the iPod, but oh well.

Headed off to bed about 330am, which is fairly early, but I had to get up in three hours for the train. The guys had to crash in a caravan. Steve took off his shoes and the entire place reeked. Patrick came in and launched into a tirade about how Steve's shoes are possessed and his feet are turds, etc. Cumpster then threw the offending shoes at Pat. We lol'd.

I got up at 630, feeling good. Got a lift with Clare's dad, grabbed a cheap and crappy hot chocolate, was half asleep on the train. Didn't want to sleep through to Melbourne accidently though. Walk back home was difficult as always. Had enough time for a coffee and a shower, went off to lit and found Lauren and Emma chilling upstairs.

Lit was alright, I suppose. Very sexually charged, but no Emily to capitalise on it. Poor Ms Dosser. It went on for three bloody hours and we only got halfway through the goddamn poem. Mmmrrr.

Went down for chips with Ryan and Isobelle after this, we saw Bernice, got donuts, then they nicked off. I figured I'd have a look in the cd shop, saw a Massive Attack shirt for $15. Would have bought it if it wasn't XXL, but they reckon they've got my size. Man that shop's good.

Went home, haven't really done much since. Since I got told the bio SAC wasn't until Thursday, I've lost all motivation to finish it. Meh. I'll scratch out a lit essay tomorrow then chip away at it tomorrow. Chatted to Isobelle about music, interesting to note the reactions to the festival lineups. Falls and BDO are too mainstream, see. I don't care. The moment I work out how to get to Tasmania, I'm getting me a Falls ticket.

Tomorrow, lazy chill out day. I gotta dig out some shorts, finish a lit essay, and sleep in.



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