Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Already Gone.

'Lo everyone.

Too damn tired.

Damn cat woke me up again this morning, then when I dragged myself to school, I remembered I had that damn lit practice exam.

First up, media. Went over some story elements, feeling a little more confident. It'd be nice to smash this exam.

Then spare. Read some poems. Not looking forward to exam. Gavin tried to distract Sarah from watching Look Both Ways.

Recess, not much going on, so on to maths, finished going through second exam. Depressing for all involved.

Speaking of depressing, went over more exam technique in lit, and one more stanza of St Agnes. Ms Dosser says I look depressed. She has no idea.

At lunch we had to vote for next year's house captains. Two drama kingpins were up for it. Both had excellent speeches. The jock didn't, but he was still funny. It'll be close.

Five minutes of lunch, then off to the lecture theatre where Ms Hahn and Ms Dosser stared us all down. Soon as I saw the paper, felt an adrenaline shot of pure fear as I realised I was completely boned. Might have salvaged something good out of one or two bits, but I think this one was a trainwreck.

Feeling rather drained, and facing the prospect of a haircut, tagged along with Ryan and Isobelle down the street as we came to the collective realisation that we all suck and will continue to suck and should just give up.

Ryan's mum is very nice, and likes to talk a lot. But she's good at what she does. First haircut since January. It's not too short. I still need to grow into it a bit. Meh. Give me a couple more months, it'll be acceptable headbanging length for Sleigh Bells, then Grinderman and Iggy.

Tomorrow is going to suck. No spare Thursday, and a bio SAC. But then, last SAC ever, that's cool.



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