Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alison's Surprise Party, Salefest, and other Adventures.

'Lo all.

I am ridiculously tired, and it's my own damn fault. Still, I know I can survive, so I suppose it's all good. I'm posting early because of this, which contrasts Thursday night's 1am post.

Anyway. Friday. Sleepless night, remind the Beardman, get to school all antsy and remind Isaac and Isobelle that there's still hope. Very stressful lit session, until halfway through I got a text. Beardman is a hero. Even Ms Dosser noticed, she probably didn't approve.

So, maths next, and we celebrated cos Bernice got hers as well. Lot of pumped kids.

At recess, more partying. Looks like a good crowd going there, Aiden, Meg, Alison, Jordan, Denny, Jess, Kelly, Isaac, Isobelle, Naomi, Hayden, and maybe Sam, Pat and Ryan. Should be fun.

Double bio was a surprise practice exam, with a sub. No stress until the end when I corrected it. I passed, but not very well. Oh well. Not bad for no preparation at all.

Lunch was quiet, sat around the table as Alison, Meg and Clare all got cupcakes for their birthdays, then we argued about which songs to play over the photo slideshows. I have given up. My music is too sad.

Spare was good, looked at Kate's old photos. Some of them were pretty damn funny.

Last was history, and Mr Ries went over how much we all sucked. He isn't looking too well, but at least he's alive.

After school, went home, chilled out, then headed down to check out a car, a 2009 Kia Cerato that was being sold for very cheap. It looks pretty good, but it is a lot of money. Went to a car yard as well, there's a Commodore and a Mitsubishi that are good possibilities too.

Met Sam, Jane, and Jake in the bottleo, picked up Alison's present (a slab of girly drinks), then went to Rosedale after Sam did a loop back to Longford cos he forgot his wallet. We were considering buying her Gay Rum. Someone will probably end up getting this for their birthday.

At Rosedale, Sam won a game of pool with Pat's rules, then we surprised Alison. She hates surprises, so it was pretty funny. There was too much gossip at my end of the table, but Sam and I were stunned at the size of the meals, it was awesome.

Hit the bottleo again, then off to Alison's as everyone started going home. Sam tried to teach the girls poker, but we said screw it, and Jake, Sam and I introduced them to Boxhead. They love it. Jordan is very good at Bakaaw. Everyone got a shot at Boxhead, and Sam got Double Faggot Boxhead. We were a little too lenient with the sculling rules, but meh.

Crashed drunk watching Rage, did some drunk facebooking, and we all tried to stop Nemo jumping in the pool to find guinea pigs. Slept around 2 or 3, once everyone shut up.

I woke up to Kelly and Jordan trying to throw lolly bananas in Sam's open sleeping mouth. As usual, he'd ended up in a chair in front of the fire. We cleaned up, got an awesome breakfast, then I caught a lift back into town with Sam as the girls had to put all their makeup back on to go dress shopping in Traralgon.

Get home, shower, back down the street to pick up wristbands for Potter and Alison. Saw Denny and Emily eating chips and laughing at the bogans (and there were a lot of bogans and orange girls), then meet up with Aiden and Claire in the Star to watch Mr C's band, the Soultanas. They smashed some John Farnham and Van Morrison, but I guess it was a little too early in the day. Saw Georgia and Daewoo, Isaac Sawade said hi for the first time of the night (he might have already been tipsy), then Sam meets us and we rave-danced.

Went out to the Black Pub, it was packed, and the band sucked. Two guys with vuvuzelas were drowning them out. Sam went to drop Jordan off in Stratford, and Aiden and I went back to his place to pick up his vuvuzela. So much fun going past the lake and the clocktower blaring it out the window. Meet up with Alison, Scotty and Annie, go to the Gippy. More beer, Saida was playing. Eminem, JBT and MGMT covers, but they were good. Saw some football players and a couple of guys with costumes. Got bored, dragged ourselves out, and met Kelly and Potter, who promptly tripped over, and hit Jack's, which was already packed. Waited outside to say hi to Jess and Meg, who were counting down the hours until Meg was 18. We saw a guy dressed as a palm tree climbing a palm tree and a guy in a sumo suit. Very brave.

Once everyone else rocked up, went inside Jack's, but then they all left as soon as I got to the bar for another beer. Chatted to Ruby's boyfriend, who has an awesome taste in music. Go across the road and catch up with Erin as Tom finally arrives, wearing a skirt. We talked to Pat Rowe as well, who was very smashed, and hitting on Alison, JR, and Erin's mother.

Went to Kasbah after that, which I hadn't been to before. Got more drinks from out the back, and danced a bit. Phonic Soup were pretty good, they played Killing in the Name, though we barely recognised it until the end (when it's pretty impossible to mistake). By then we were all a bit tipsy, so off to Ringers!

We get in, and Tom reckons he won't be able to get smashed. We make Alison have a jagerbomb, then Tom and I hit the bottleo for a goonbag. Went to Jess's to avoid the cops, and Meg was even more excited. There were a handful of skaterfags there enjoying the hospitality, they knew me through Fraser. Tom downed more than a third of his goonbag in about five minutes, then ditched it when the cops pulled up over the road. We said bye to Meg and Jess, and casually walked back to Ringers.

Oh man. At this stage, I started seeing all these people. Hung out with Alex Mewha and caught up, he tried to hit on Alison, bought her a skittlebomb. Had a chat to Nicole Garner as well, and saw Jeremy Hibberson, Bec Willis and Sam Freeman. It was insane to see these people again, and I reckon we should all go out again soon.

We moshed for a bit, there were some awesome bands playing, and drunk a lot. Just before midnight, get a text from Meg, so we all go outside to where everyone's lining up, and Meg and Aiden are there with a few other kids who I won't mention here in case they get boned. The bouncer let her in early, and then we counted down inside Ringers itself. Since we were all smashed, went straight back into the mosh for another hour, I think. Suddenly, Aiden appeared, and Alison had to go home, so we dragged her out. I saw Carpo, and he got us water because he's awesome. Alison left, her mum didn't seem happy.

At this stage, it was about 130am, so Tom and I figured we should get going. Nay tried to convince me to stay by pouring her drink all over me, and Wakely was half-passed out. Well done Aiden for keeping an eye on him. Tom and I made it back home by about 2.

Dragged myself up at 6, woke up Tom, shower, get lift to school after only half a coffee, then half fall asleep on the bus. Not fun, very uncomfortable. At least I wasn't hungover.

Get to Caulfield, almost get lost, then find our way to where our lecture was. Monash looks very fancy, but half the seats were missing desks, and the lights cut out at one stage. Exam information was interesting, but there was nothing really new except what words not to use.

Had a quick break, then Ryan and I went up to laugh at all the hipsters and find the next one. This was Hedda, and we had a guy with a beard show us a youtube clip. He had a different interpretation, which was good. Too many smart kids in the same room though, we felt bad and stupid.

Went to explore the little plaza thing next to the uni, said hi to Jake, who had smashed his music performance exam, then got some pizza and caught up with the language kids. Off to the next lecture, where Ryan and I, and one other dude, were the only guys in the room. Damn poetry. It was dull. Really dull. I realised how screwed I am.

Jumped back on the bus, the girls put on House Bunny, which I think is a movie about girls finding their self worth only comes through being attractive, or something. It was very very stupid. Stopped at the servo and Dayne bought a noisemaker. It was like a smaller vuvuzela, it's awesome. Isaac and Emily had a waterfight as we went through Rosedale.

Get home, check the news, looks like everyone had a good night. I don't know whether I should come back for next year's, there were a lot of bogans, but it was a lot of fun, especially partying with Meg as soon as she turned eighteen, and teaching everyone Boxhead the night before.

Well, that was a marathon, I thought I'd be in bed early tonight.

Tomorrow is the last music rehearsal ever. Jesus. Then Wednesday is Lap the Lakes (god I'm unfit), then Friday is the last music performance ever. Everything's ending.

This is the start of my last fortnight at secondary school.



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