Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Evolution, Baby.

'Lo all.

Posting after two beers. Sue me.

It's been a week. I've actually been forcing myself not to post. I figure that if I did write anything, it'd be ultimately pretty pointless and mind-numbingly dull. But I think I need the catharsis, or maybe I'm just so stuck in the routine. I don't know. It's been a crazy week.

I don't remember a lot, so here's a highlights reel.

Sunday I went to work, it's only Sammy and Jordz now, poor bastards. Still, now I have a regular Sunday shift, which is good.

It Might Get Loud - ****
Much like watching Dave Grohl playing with JP Jones and Jimmy Page, it was so cool to see Jack White meeting his hero and playing along with him. Dunno about The Edge, it seemed that his bit was always "I push a lot of buttons and play simple riffs". They needed more time on Jimmy, especially at Headley Grange. The Levee Breaks bit was insane, and the last jam, over In My Time of Dying, was incredible. Worth watching, if you're a fan.


Tried a MegaMac, just cos I was bored. It's not that great.

Went to school on Tuesday. Saw Dosser, she helped me a bit, and Mr Brennan. It was bizarre. I feel like I don't fit in anymore.

Been doing plenty of study too. Lots of bio practice exams.

Today, went to school early, spent an hour in the shade going over revision cards, then everyone started arriving and we went in. Jesus. It was all too quick. Smashed the short answer, then the multiple choice. I found myself finished just after 50m. So, I had about half an hour to go back and check every damn question, then get bored out of my skull.

Afterwards, headed to the show with Jess and Jordan, they went on one crappy ride, then back to the chicken shop. It was good, so relaxing. I will miss this shop, and intend on visiting it a lot in the few months I have left. We went back to the show, met with Kelly and Denny, then Sam, Jane and Eliza, hit the Cha Cha (still fun, after all these years), some crazy boat ride (with STROBES EVERYWHERE, but it was too slow). Made Eliza go on the giant drop, then fireworks, and then the big import for this year, this arm that rotated little arms with people on them. It was good fun, since it felt like you were barely strapped in, and you were ten metres high rolling around. Good views of everything. I did it twice.

After that, pretty dull. Jess, Jordan and I joined a big group of teenagers all heading in the same direction, apparently because there was a fight or something further up, but it ended up being just a big loop around the sideshows, pretty funny. Jordan got some fairy floss, met Sam again, and we fed it to her. Got a lift home with Sam, and noticed that Giant Arm Spin ride was broken, stranding two dozen people up in the air upside down. We lol'd.

Head home, head down the street, meet up with everyone at Kasbah, but it's dead, so we decide to go to Ringer's. Stupid bouncer lady wouldn't let me in, even though she's done it before. What gives. Do I really look that young? That's soul-crushing stuff.

So, miserably headed to maccas, but everyone else caught up, met Jess, Jake got drivethru, then walked back to Kas as it had more life. Jenny and Emily tore up the dancefloor, Annie and I chatted, and I saw G Brewer. Awesome, I suppose. When they headed out to Ringer's I went home. Screw it.

Anyway. Pretty depressing, to be honest, but better to be kind of down and not get into a crappy nightclub than fail an exam and get stuck upside down, I suppose. Gotta stay positive.

Tomorrow is essay writing time. If I can get two done, I'll be happy. I'll post again more often, it's probably healthier.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, October 22, 2010

That's It.

'Lo all.

My face is finished, my body's gone, and I can't help that standing up here in front of all this applause, and gazin down at all the young and the beautiful with their questioning eyes, that above all things OMG WE'RE DONE.


But seriously, (thankyou Mr Cave), I am dead tired, so I might be a little brief. But we have so much to cover.

Yesterday. Dragged myself awake, as usual. Didn't feel any different til I finished my coffee. Get to school, lot of shouting. Kids are pumped already.

First class was lit, and we finished the last poem. Feels good man.

Then our last ever maths class. Mr Brennan gave us some sage advice about the exam, and then we got a photo of the class. Damn camera decided to crap out on me for the first time today.

Then our last ever recess, printed out some concept posters, then enjoyed the sunlight and kicking a soccerball around.

Last ever lit class, we got cake, a photo with Dosser, and then terrified her when we tried to play lit celebrity heads, and failed miserably. Well, at least we know we have to study, especially so we know at least the name of every ode we studied, right Isobelle?

Off to bio, got chocolate, went through more practice exam. I'm confident for bio.

At lunch, we got free pasta, then rushed off to the basketball courts for our very last game of soccer ever. And it was so much fun. We had Gavin kicks, girls who stood in the middle getting hit, vuvuzelas everywhere. It was so damn hot, so we were exhausted by the end, but goddamn. I'll miss this the most, I think.

History next, and we went over another exam. Mr Ries then told us we were awesome, and we all hugged him and Asad the token year eleven. He is a great teacher, and Pat and I are pumped to have him on our table for valedictory.

Then our last class ever (!), media, watched some of the finished films. Geordie's claymation is excellent, and Ruby's has an awesome soundtrack. We had to run then, get back onto the quad.

It was pandemonium. Emily grabbed me, we swapped uniforms in the crowded girl's toilets, then ran back out for the big circle and countdown. I burnt out my airhorn, totally worth it. You don't even hear the bell, you're screaming that much. Found a vuvuzela in the ensuing mosh, had so much fun. Eventually got on Tom's shoulders and the party kept going in the year twelve area. Ecstatic, cept I cut my lip on the damn cheap plastic vuvuzela, but still!

Rushed home with my almost overflowing bag, then off to work. Finished the first half of my run in about half an hour, then the girls let me go, saying they'd to the other half. Awesome. Went home, showered, gathered my supplies, then the Beardman and I dropped off more junk for Pat's Trash Fort. Headed to maccas once Ms Henry shut down Aiden's balloon inflation operation (they managed around 700 balloons in an hour, they reckon), then joined the crowd for the party buses.

All the way to Ameilia's, we sung. Very loudly. Even if we didn't know the words. Might have pissed everyone off, but it was fun. Got there, nice place, put up the tent with Isaac and Hayden, then got into it. Three large bottles of bourbon and coke later, things are a little confusing. Full moon, good omen. Scotty D and Andrew were DJing, and they did a fine job except for repeating the same half dozen songs all night. Gavin and Tabby, it's about time. Not sure what Isaac was doing in my tent for much of the night. Patrick got extremely wasted, and when we tried to help him, first he started breakdancing on his back on rocks, then he tried to jump a fire barrel and hurt his ankle. We told him to sit out, and he tried his hardest to get back into the mosh. I remember dancing with Aiden and Isobelle to Daft Punk, which was awesome. Chatted to Ameilia about going to Laneway next year, as the lineup is that good. It was amusing to see who picked up whom. And Millsy and his glowsticks. What a hero.

Anyway, it hit about 1am, and kids realised they were going dry. I know I was at that stage. So kids started going home, and I was not intoxicated enough to want to stick around, grabbed a lift with Dayne in his massive 4WD through the fog. Wiffy and Tori begged me to let them use the tent, so I left it with them for the night. Got home about 130.

Oh god. Forcing myself up at 630 was painful. Quick shower, found out what everyone else was up to, then started walking down to Pat's, Aiden gave me a lift. Got all the shenanigans stuff out, chucked it next to my locker, and raided the year nine centre with silly string, chalk and little green army men. While that was occuring, Mr Brennan's bike was hoisted up the flagpole, and Cumpster, Julian, Dayne and I gladwrapped the quad and graffitied with the chalk. We got free breakfast, chicken and bacon burgers cooked by the teachers, that was cool. About 830, the rest of the school was eyeing the Trash Fort with unease, and we had to head off to the hall for the chapel service.

They played Bon Jovi. Dude. Seriously. We roared the first hymn, we cried when the younger kids cried about their siblings and said how much they'd all miss Tahlia Deschepper (??), then we messed up the words to the second hymn. Classy as hell.

We had nothing to do after that, so we drifted around to the trash fort and sat in the sun wondering what to do until recess. We got free food in the staff room, and all the homeroom teachers said their last goodbyes, Mrs Ripon nearly cried, but we gave her a big hamper of coffee, and a card with David Lee Roth from Isobelle. We lol'd.

After grabbing some tubs off Beardman, headed to the hall for rehearsal for the assembly. It was hot and dull and everyone just wanted to get out. Plus the sound system seemed to be sucking arse, that was a little amusing.

So then suddenly, it was lunchtime. Dayno, Tom and I sorted out all the supplies, then changed into my Jesus outfit and loaded the supersoaker. We had a ball. Slidey thing, giant wadey pool, and waterbombs dropping everywhere. At one stage, someone (Walshy?) grabbed a bean bag from the fort and popped it, spilling thousands of bean bag beans into the pool, which then stuck to everyone. Awesome. We dropped the ping pong balls as Tom pushed Louise around in the little plastic car, which then caused a storm of little kids to run in and steal them all. Shot a lot of people in the head. Saw some suspicious looking year nines hanging around our lockers when I went to put my camera away.

Anyway. Then it was time to clean up, so we did. Went to get changed, boy's toilets is covered in spraypaint, teachers were coming in pissed. Wasn't us, we were too busy making a mess of each other on the quad.

Then the assembly. We got mortarboard hats which looked ridiculous, and it was all good up to the point where What Is Love stopped and we were all on stage. The mics during the Diama's performance kept screwing up, the rap was too quiet, and the mics did not fix themselves for Amanda and Bree's song. We danced ridiculously, then Oliver and Jenny sung a Lionel Richie song (pretty funny). A quick slideshow that ended very abruptly, then we all screamed Always and practically ran out of the hall with our balloons. Not the best final assembly. At all. A little bit of a disaster.

Anyway, we quickly distanced ourselves and released our balloons, then packed up and hugged and such. Put all my stuff in the Beardmobile, then walked down the street with Sarah and Cameron dissecting the day. Got chips with Denny, Kelly, Ryan and Julian, chatted more, then got a lift home with Julian. I've been checking the news since then, staving off sleep.

So yeah. That's my secondary schooling 90% done, just got exams over the next month to look forward to. First up is biology, but that's next week. Unless something cool happens between then and now, I'm taking a break, going to study and sleep. Mainly sleep.


peace and love to all of the Class of 2010.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Days.

'Lo all.

Man, it's getting scary now.

Go to school, give the helicopter to Aiden, who was impressed, then first up was media. Smashed a couple of questions. Media was good, I'll miss it.

Then our very last spare. Sarah and Potter didn't believe me when I said I didn't want children. But then, world's probably going to end when Palin and the Tea Party get elected, who cares.

Not much going on at recess, then maths. Gotta get pumped about this exam.

Then lit, still going through the last poem.

Got changed into my Jesus outfit, met Batman, a pair of storm troopers, Anakin Skywalker (with an Iron Man mask), and a Tisdall kid with a Blundell cape, and jumped on the bus with Ms Dyke's fixed smile. We got to the park and announced that us idiots were representing Grammar. Run itself was alright, Tom was right behind me the whole damn time. Bastard didn't even have to run, he wasn't in the team, he just wanted something to do at lunchtime, I guess. Anyway, we crossed the line at the same time, then Jake, Sam, and Aiden. Pat's team came in next, and they kicked our arse. The holes that Hayden had cut into his suit were threatening to sever his nipples. Good run, got free food, then back on the bus. I decided to continue wearing the beard.

Sorting out more than a hundred kids to all sing a song and dance is difficult. Especially when most of us would just start singing randomly anyway. Sat out for the dance until the end, then decided to screw it and join in anyway. Pat's rap needs polishing, but it's damn funny.

After school, more stuff. Denny and I had to pick up liquor, then saw the rest buying nerf guns and silly string. Had chips, Isaac shot passerbys when he worked out his silly string can worked (he accidently shot Denny in the face first). Then headed back to the park with Aiden and heard the results for Lap the Lakes, we came third and got best dressed, but they stuffed it up, so maybe we came fourth. Either way, we got two mugs each.

Back home, haven't done a lot. Got BDO tickets for Alice and Tess, and watched the IT Crowd. Taking a brief break from study, I'll be diving back into it on Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow, last full day of school ever. Oh boy. Then things get good. No post until possibly Saturday night, I'll be sure to take photos though.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rollin and Scratchin.

'Lo everyone.

Last Tuesday. Yew.

It's starting to get irritating. I'm waking up early and dragging myself into the cold just for more practice exams. I know I should be grasping these opportunities, but I'm just forcing myself to it. I'm looking forward to the flexibility in study next week.

Anyway. Get to school, history first up, another timeline. Gotta know the historiography though, argh.

Then media. Watched a making of thing for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Meh.

Recess was slow. Off to maths, went over more practice exam. Oh well. When Brennos free I'll ask how to work my calculator.

Bio next, such fun. We had a free lunch at Clap Daddy's Palace after that. Julian and Oliver stole a lot of cans of coke. Nice place. We got little membership cards, as we're the new Old Scholars, as Millsy pointed out. Joy. Looking forward to the reunion in ten years.

Lit next. Ms Dosser was in a good mood. Enjoyable lesson smashing the fifteenth and last poem. Even if we only got two lines in.

In spare, crashed next to Sarah as Leighton dropped in, swapped a few stories, then Gavin managed to cram his newspaper into a pencil case. Spectacular.

After school, went down the street. Bought more ping pong balls, and Aiden got a little helicopter. I've been... modifying it this evening. Also had what are probably the last after-school chips with Denny ever. A little sad, since there was no gravy.

Repo Men - ****
Except for the laggy middle bit, OH GOD HOLY AWESOME. It's like a Guy Richie film crossed with Daybreakers. The opening was excellent, I liked all the subtle bits, and the ending was literally mindblowing. The hallway fight scene with the hammer reminded me of Oldboy, made me smile. Go see it, good film.

Tomorrow, last Wednesday. Going to beat Pat with the rest of Team Mongoose in Lap the Lakes in my Jesus outfit, then a preview of the Badass Bards' new rap. Should be fun.



Monday, October 18, 2010

This Is A Weeping Song.

'Lo all.

Damn. Last Monday of high school ever.

Anyway. I've just spent about an hour now with this window open, and about thirty tabs with youtube going. I just lost all that time. Still. Live Beth Gibbons (!), Desert Sessions, Nick Cave (drug-addled), Smashing Pumpkins... I guess it's a little worth it.

So today was pretty slow, a little depressing, but goddamn. Last Monday. Had to keep it in mind.

First up on this most glorious of days was bio. Started out promising, then we had a surprise practice exam, and they didn't tell me when reading was over. Meh. Trudged through it.

Then maths. Finished going over the last practice exam. It's getting a little repetitive. I must have been tired, there were two questions that were so ridiculously easy I just skipped over them. Stupid mistakes, stupid mistakes...

Not much going on at recess, as usual. Went to double history, sat down and smashed the bastard. Still not enough historiography, but we'll see how it goes.

At lunch we kicked a stress ball around after taking a photo of some horses. Not The Horse (hallowed be thy name), but some white horses in a paddock near the clothing store. We'll catch The Horse though.

Off to media, got another practice exam back (SICK OF THEM!), did alright. Apparently I got the prize for media this year, which is weird since Emma beat me in all the SACs and stuff. Hurm.

Had a look at the photography competition ("I TOOK OUT ALL THE COLOURS EXCEPT THIS BIT HERE TO MAKE IT DEEP AND MEANINGFUL I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER LOL"), then off to spare. Girls were whinging so I slept.

After school, went down the street with Denny, we bought 15 vuvuzelas and a buttload of other stuff, then hit maccas before grabbing a Jesus costume for me. Massive beard, and a robe for a five year old that goes to my knees. Should be fun. Checked out all my kit back home, nerf gun, super soaker, vuvuzela, airhorn, chalk, screamer balloons, bubble sword, silly string gun. Muckup day's going to be fun. Just gotta find some more ping pong balls, then get the giant poster of Hayden printed.

Tomorrow is the last Tuesday ever (getting a little repetitive). Not going to be fun, I haven't finished a lit essay yet.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Spring Concert ever.

'Lo all.

Right. Yesterday was raining all the damn time. Like, I woke up, it was raining, get to school, still raining, rained all day, rained when the bell went, rained at the concert, and only stopped when we got out. Not cool.

Also, this was our last Friday of school ever. Weird.

Anyway. Lift to school, bio first up, did the second half of the practice exam. Had to mark it, wasn't too bad, I guess. Going to do a million soon though, which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Then history, smashed a French timeline. Still not properly confident yet, but I need historiography more than anything else.

Had to run to media at recess, practice exam. Decided to test some different ideas out, wrote about juggalo culture because it's in the news. Meh. Wonder what the mark will be.

Not much going on at lunchtime, and since it was freezing cold and still pouring, went upstairs with Denny and Ryan. The girls were practicing the dance. Good entertainment.

Then a spare. Sarah got sick of Camp Rock, so played MY damn solitaire while everyone whinged about psychology and cats.

Finally maths. Got our marks back. I passed. Better than the last one. Just lost marks on stupid little mistakes which I'll work on before the real deal.

After school, headed down the second hand joint with Denny, tested out a buttload of cheap tiny nerf guns and found ONE that worked. Got a lift back, then cleaned out the shed. Hurm.

Off to the spring concert, room 40 smelt like bacon cooked in piss (the girls tell me it smelt like something else, something much worse), so we chilled outside in the rain. Smashed the performance. Last one ever. Woo. Then got a fancy certificate and fancy pen, and Jake, Aiden and Pat (or, the Badass Bards, as they prefer to be known) rapped about Ivo and Mr C. Very amusing.

After that, back to my place, kids trickled in, once everyone arrived we cleared the coffee table and tried to explain the rules for Boxhead. And we got very drunk. Polished off a bottle of mead and a half between us. By about 2, Isobelle had crashed, Beardman was giving Ryan and Aiden his moonshine, Claire, Annie and I were wasted on the couch, Dayne was kicking arse at Smash Bros, and Pat rolling around apologising, while hitting on Fraser, who had stayed up for the hilarity. We sung (a lot), we cried, we stayed up late. Fun night. Got a couple of calls from Bernice as well, who was on the fence with Megan and Emma at Tame Impala. Very lucky.

Then this morning, Claire and Isobelle had to go visit Ms Dosser, so we all got up early. Watched a lot of rage while we waited for the parentals.

Didn't do much after that. Watched Children of Men, which I have missed, went over some historiography for history, and put off doing a lit exam. I'll do it tomorrow.

Right now my sisters are arguing over Jurassic Park. I don't think they understand the third film yet. Suddenly everything is a mutant! Still a crap film :(

Tomorrow, lit practice, sleep. Meh.



Thursday, October 14, 2010


'Lo all.


I suppose today wasn't too bad, all up. Got to school and saw Caroline, who said she was disappointed in me for quitting band. Hurm. Then a surprise meeting about muckup day, and we all voted for Always because apparently Tribute is inappropriate. Slept through chapel, and Pat had to apologise for rapping. It's all bull. "If you want to do something different, ask the chaplain first, (so he can say no)".

Anyway, bio, practice exams. So sick of them already. Squished the multiple choice.

After recess was double spare, and it was our last one ever, so we had a party, with fairy floss and little cans of coke and clinkers and musical chairs and limbo. We had a look at the slideshows for muckup day, and thankfully I'm barely in them. It was good fun, even though we were missing Gavin and Georgia. They were with us in spirit.

At lunch, not a lot happened. Sat around the table getting pumped about Ameilia's next week.

History was slow, Pat decided to speak gibberish for a lesson. I should really get around to finishing a practice exam or something. Meeh. Not enough motivation yet. Not in classtime, when I know I can't get it finished.

Off to lit, where Dosser told us about how to structure things. It's a shame a lot of it is vague, unlike history. We get told to evoke the text and stuff, and I just don't know I'll be able to do it well enough. Hurm.

Go home, go back down the street for work. Bossman says he might be able to find some work for me in January, which is good. Not so good, one of my regulars died. The husband just looked so crushed. Then I nearly got hit by a (hopefully unrelated) hearse. Bit of a shock. Go to Ken's since I was in the neighbourhood, catch up with Josh, who'd just popped his concert cherry by seeing Paramore (...). Ken had a black box. Wish I had more money.

Home, cleaned out shed a bit, chainsawed up some wood (a little unnecessary, but still), and then a Dylan Moran live show was on tv. Pat is a comedic genius, he's using the Old Spice ad to sell his textbooks. I've already sold one of mine, which is good, I suppose.

Tomorrow will be our last Friday of school ever. Media practice exam, then spring concert, then some kids might come around. Should be fun. Probably won't be a post.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Fought Pirahnas.

'Lo all.

Today was cold and wet and it just didn't stop. What the balls.

This morning, wore a suit to school, explained to everyone that it was International Suit Up Day, then Pat, Sam and Aiden arrived. Yes, we looked a little ridiculous, but it was damn classy. Ms Henry was not amused and told us to get changed. Oh well. A little bit of fun.

First up was bio, got 39/40 on my last SAC because we were allowed to take the answers in, and I still haven't gotten my practice exam back. Hurm.

Then media. Went over more social values stuff. I'm not looking forward to this exam, it just seems so vague.

Recess was meh.

In history, got a buttload of practice exams to do during SWOT Vac. Joy.

Then lit. No Ms Dosser, so I chilled with the spare kids.

At lunch, the new house captains got announced, looks like Binks will go alright in Adam's capable hands. Didn't do much after that, shipped off to maths as it started raining and a jet went past.

Smashed the maths practice exam, where I got stuck and ran out of time on the two last questions. Oh well. I know where to improve now.

After school, watched Slumdog Millionaire and ate half of Geordie's cake. It dragged on and on and on though.

Haven't done much since I got home. Don't really plan to change that. This new Daft Punk stuff I've found is insane.

Tomorrow's our last chapel ever, thank gawd.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten Thousand.

'Lo readers.

Last night I could barely sleep. Had this weird dream. I swear it was lucid or something. Suffocating like sleep paralysis but I wasn't awake, because I woke up. It was bizarre. Couldn't sleep after that.

So today sucked. Had to sit up the front in our last assembly, had to go on stage to pick up a Distinction in Cross Country (and yet nothing for music?). Lot of kids got certificates. A guy from the RAAF talked for ages about the importance of education then gave Kyna a laptop. He said that when he's in front of a large crowd he tends to go on and on. We were not surprised when he then did so.

Then a spare. Slept. Seriously.

Off to media, went over some social values stuff. I should be doing more questions.

Not much went on at recess, as usual.

Then double maths, had a practice exam. Smashed it. A lot easier than the formal one we did the other week.

Lunch. Not much to do, so Pat and I went up to watch the lacrosse grand final that Sam was playing in. Pretty funny watching them all skid around in their socks. Then Meg and Jess arrived shooting silly string. Decided to evacuate pretty quickly, then Hayden and Pat found a box full of discuses. So, naturally, they had a rolling competition. The little kids who were there for athletics were not amused.

Double lit. Got results back about our last SAC. I passed, so I'm happy. Spent a lesson going over Lauren's SAC (it was her birthday too, Happy Birthday!), then some Hedda readings. Still not confident, but I guess we can only improve.

After school, went down the street with Ryan, Denny and Sam, had some chips with Geordie and Emily, and started buying more supplies for muckup day. Got about 50 ping pong balls, a Nerf Maverick, some chalk, and streamers. Denny picked up some spinning top thing that was littered with glorious Engrish. On the back, it stated how the toy was good for "harmonising the two hands" and being good for "child brains". "BURN THE WIND!"

Went home, I've just been shooting this damn Nerf gun. I'm going to have some fun on muckup day with it, but I need more darts. Hurm. Also, my iPod's being a whiny little bitch and refusing to hook up with my computer. What gives? Haven't I given you everything? I just want to chuck on another gig...

Tomorrow is going to suck.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, October 11, 2010


'Lo readers.

Mmmmrrrrrrrr. More tired today than I was yesterday, and I went to bed early, what gives.

Woke up late, off to school, gave Meg a USB, got one off Annie full of photos to sort out.

First up was bio, everyone got their practice exams back except me, because it got lost. I am disappoint.

Lit next, finished St Agnes. Bit of a struggle but we got there in the end, and half the class had nicked off to the Junior School for one last time.

Fairly quiet at recess. My kingdom to be able to sleep instead.

In history we smashed a Russia timeline. Chatted to Steve about future plans, criminology definitely sounds interesting. Got some twisted question to write about, so Isobelle jumped me.

Then maths, did a bit more work. Still not feeling particularly motivated, but we've got a practice exam tomorrow and Wednesday.

At lunch, we gave Meg her iPod, then went upstairs to argue with everyone about muckup day. I told kids to help back me up, but there wasn't much going on. Some stuff got sorted, I am beginning to not care. I mean, in a couple of months, I'll never have to see these people again. We'll be singing Tribute either way, dammit.

Since Ms Taylor was away, had a spare, sorted out all the photos from Bernice, Pat, Annie and I. There's some good ones, some awful ones, and a lot of mine that got stolen. I probably should have said something. I'll swap them for the original big high quality versions. Not envying Bernice and Sarah Ryan's job with sorting out all the million photos they'll get for these slideshows. As long as some of mine get in. Had a second spare after that, Gavin flicked a lot of pens at Sarah. She wasn't happy with him, especially when she realised throwing more at him meant he'd flick more back.

After school was band, Mr C was stressed because we all suck. Next week is party though. Bernice found some cheap ping pong balls, which I'll buy tomorrow. Then Ryan rocked up at home, and gave me his belated birthday present that about a dozen other kids chipped in for, which was a GIANT beer stein. Very, very cool, looking forward to giving it a proper go on Friday night.

Haven't done much since, went over a few media questions, sung Bohemian Rhapsody on facebook, and saw a couple of awesome youtube clips (look up Banksy Simpsons and Grover Old Spice).

Tomorrow is going to suck, it's doubles day.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alison's Surprise Party, Salefest, and other Adventures.

'Lo all.

I am ridiculously tired, and it's my own damn fault. Still, I know I can survive, so I suppose it's all good. I'm posting early because of this, which contrasts Thursday night's 1am post.

Anyway. Friday. Sleepless night, remind the Beardman, get to school all antsy and remind Isaac and Isobelle that there's still hope. Very stressful lit session, until halfway through I got a text. Beardman is a hero. Even Ms Dosser noticed, she probably didn't approve.

So, maths next, and we celebrated cos Bernice got hers as well. Lot of pumped kids.

At recess, more partying. Looks like a good crowd going there, Aiden, Meg, Alison, Jordan, Denny, Jess, Kelly, Isaac, Isobelle, Naomi, Hayden, and maybe Sam, Pat and Ryan. Should be fun.

Double bio was a surprise practice exam, with a sub. No stress until the end when I corrected it. I passed, but not very well. Oh well. Not bad for no preparation at all.

Lunch was quiet, sat around the table as Alison, Meg and Clare all got cupcakes for their birthdays, then we argued about which songs to play over the photo slideshows. I have given up. My music is too sad.

Spare was good, looked at Kate's old photos. Some of them were pretty damn funny.

Last was history, and Mr Ries went over how much we all sucked. He isn't looking too well, but at least he's alive.

After school, went home, chilled out, then headed down to check out a car, a 2009 Kia Cerato that was being sold for very cheap. It looks pretty good, but it is a lot of money. Went to a car yard as well, there's a Commodore and a Mitsubishi that are good possibilities too.

Met Sam, Jane, and Jake in the bottleo, picked up Alison's present (a slab of girly drinks), then went to Rosedale after Sam did a loop back to Longford cos he forgot his wallet. We were considering buying her Gay Rum. Someone will probably end up getting this for their birthday.

At Rosedale, Sam won a game of pool with Pat's rules, then we surprised Alison. She hates surprises, so it was pretty funny. There was too much gossip at my end of the table, but Sam and I were stunned at the size of the meals, it was awesome.

Hit the bottleo again, then off to Alison's as everyone started going home. Sam tried to teach the girls poker, but we said screw it, and Jake, Sam and I introduced them to Boxhead. They love it. Jordan is very good at Bakaaw. Everyone got a shot at Boxhead, and Sam got Double Faggot Boxhead. We were a little too lenient with the sculling rules, but meh.

Crashed drunk watching Rage, did some drunk facebooking, and we all tried to stop Nemo jumping in the pool to find guinea pigs. Slept around 2 or 3, once everyone shut up.

I woke up to Kelly and Jordan trying to throw lolly bananas in Sam's open sleeping mouth. As usual, he'd ended up in a chair in front of the fire. We cleaned up, got an awesome breakfast, then I caught a lift back into town with Sam as the girls had to put all their makeup back on to go dress shopping in Traralgon.

Get home, shower, back down the street to pick up wristbands for Potter and Alison. Saw Denny and Emily eating chips and laughing at the bogans (and there were a lot of bogans and orange girls), then meet up with Aiden and Claire in the Star to watch Mr C's band, the Soultanas. They smashed some John Farnham and Van Morrison, but I guess it was a little too early in the day. Saw Georgia and Daewoo, Isaac Sawade said hi for the first time of the night (he might have already been tipsy), then Sam meets us and we rave-danced.

Went out to the Black Pub, it was packed, and the band sucked. Two guys with vuvuzelas were drowning them out. Sam went to drop Jordan off in Stratford, and Aiden and I went back to his place to pick up his vuvuzela. So much fun going past the lake and the clocktower blaring it out the window. Meet up with Alison, Scotty and Annie, go to the Gippy. More beer, Saida was playing. Eminem, JBT and MGMT covers, but they were good. Saw some football players and a couple of guys with costumes. Got bored, dragged ourselves out, and met Kelly and Potter, who promptly tripped over, and hit Jack's, which was already packed. Waited outside to say hi to Jess and Meg, who were counting down the hours until Meg was 18. We saw a guy dressed as a palm tree climbing a palm tree and a guy in a sumo suit. Very brave.

Once everyone else rocked up, went inside Jack's, but then they all left as soon as I got to the bar for another beer. Chatted to Ruby's boyfriend, who has an awesome taste in music. Go across the road and catch up with Erin as Tom finally arrives, wearing a skirt. We talked to Pat Rowe as well, who was very smashed, and hitting on Alison, JR, and Erin's mother.

Went to Kasbah after that, which I hadn't been to before. Got more drinks from out the back, and danced a bit. Phonic Soup were pretty good, they played Killing in the Name, though we barely recognised it until the end (when it's pretty impossible to mistake). By then we were all a bit tipsy, so off to Ringers!

We get in, and Tom reckons he won't be able to get smashed. We make Alison have a jagerbomb, then Tom and I hit the bottleo for a goonbag. Went to Jess's to avoid the cops, and Meg was even more excited. There were a handful of skaterfags there enjoying the hospitality, they knew me through Fraser. Tom downed more than a third of his goonbag in about five minutes, then ditched it when the cops pulled up over the road. We said bye to Meg and Jess, and casually walked back to Ringers.

Oh man. At this stage, I started seeing all these people. Hung out with Alex Mewha and caught up, he tried to hit on Alison, bought her a skittlebomb. Had a chat to Nicole Garner as well, and saw Jeremy Hibberson, Bec Willis and Sam Freeman. It was insane to see these people again, and I reckon we should all go out again soon.

We moshed for a bit, there were some awesome bands playing, and drunk a lot. Just before midnight, get a text from Meg, so we all go outside to where everyone's lining up, and Meg and Aiden are there with a few other kids who I won't mention here in case they get boned. The bouncer let her in early, and then we counted down inside Ringers itself. Since we were all smashed, went straight back into the mosh for another hour, I think. Suddenly, Aiden appeared, and Alison had to go home, so we dragged her out. I saw Carpo, and he got us water because he's awesome. Alison left, her mum didn't seem happy.

At this stage, it was about 130am, so Tom and I figured we should get going. Nay tried to convince me to stay by pouring her drink all over me, and Wakely was half-passed out. Well done Aiden for keeping an eye on him. Tom and I made it back home by about 2.

Dragged myself up at 6, woke up Tom, shower, get lift to school after only half a coffee, then half fall asleep on the bus. Not fun, very uncomfortable. At least I wasn't hungover.

Get to Caulfield, almost get lost, then find our way to where our lecture was. Monash looks very fancy, but half the seats were missing desks, and the lights cut out at one stage. Exam information was interesting, but there was nothing really new except what words not to use.

Had a quick break, then Ryan and I went up to laugh at all the hipsters and find the next one. This was Hedda, and we had a guy with a beard show us a youtube clip. He had a different interpretation, which was good. Too many smart kids in the same room though, we felt bad and stupid.

Went to explore the little plaza thing next to the uni, said hi to Jake, who had smashed his music performance exam, then got some pizza and caught up with the language kids. Off to the next lecture, where Ryan and I, and one other dude, were the only guys in the room. Damn poetry. It was dull. Really dull. I realised how screwed I am.

Jumped back on the bus, the girls put on House Bunny, which I think is a movie about girls finding their self worth only comes through being attractive, or something. It was very very stupid. Stopped at the servo and Dayne bought a noisemaker. It was like a smaller vuvuzela, it's awesome. Isaac and Emily had a waterfight as we went through Rosedale.

Get home, check the news, looks like everyone had a good night. I don't know whether I should come back for next year's, there were a lot of bogans, but it was a lot of fun, especially partying with Meg as soon as she turned eighteen, and teaching everyone Boxhead the night before.

Well, that was a marathon, I thought I'd be in bed early tonight.

Tomorrow is the last music rehearsal ever. Jesus. Then Wednesday is Lap the Lakes (god I'm unfit), then Friday is the last music performance ever. Everything's ending.

This is the start of my last fortnight at secondary school.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last SAC Ever.

Good morning kiddies. I stayed up far too late for this.

Today sucked.

Wake up late, get to school late, it's cold and windy and rainy and crap.

First up was a year level meeting where they scared us about exams and made us agree to pay for mortarboard hats and a trophy cabinet. Roared the hymns in chapel.

Maths was kinda quiet. Talked a lot about the Big Day Out. I wonder if it'd be better going in as a noobie and hearing all these awesome bands for the first time, or as a veteran who has something to look forward to. Hurm.

Recess was dull, as ever.

Off to lit, went through more stanzas and went over yesterday's exam a little. I think we'll get more St Agnes this year for the real deal. Damn.

Then bio, it was a cram sesh. I wrote really fast, and still almost ran out of time. I looked up with one question to go, and had less than five minutes left. Not a good feeling. I feel a bit sorry for Mrs Brown having to read my awful writing. Still. Last ever SAC. Ever. Feels good man.

At lunch, went upstairs with Bernice and the rest, then followed Sarah and Sian into room 31. Committee meeting. Hurm. I was the only dude representative, reminded me of year nine magazine class. More time spent sorting out where the band should play than anything else. At least we made a bit of progress. I pledge to fight against them playing Forever Young over photos though.

Then history, Mr Ries is still away so we had a spare. Pat, Aiden and I read through the bullsheet submissions. Some are very funny.

Then media, no teacher, so I chatted to Jess and Molly about rigs and Salefest.

Went home, went to work, had to loop around frustratingly, and tried imported Monster. Very fancy.

Get home, get pumped. Haven't moved far from the computer, to be honest. At 1130, the internet died, and I almost committed murder, but it came back. But disaster struck at 12.00, as while I entered my details and everything right, I guess I just wasn't fast enough or something. Twenty minutes later my confirmation email said that my order was active, but cancelled and unsuccessful. So crushed. About half the kids who tried to buy failed. As I type Bernice is still waiting for confirmation.

So, I guess I'll try again tomorrow, and if I fail then, well, Isaac, Isobelle and Hayley are more than welcome to hunt me down, if I don't top myself first. Disappointed as hell. Maybe it's karma for being such a pirate.

Speaking of which, talked to the French girl last night, she seems good.

Tomorrow is going to suck, or rule. Probably suck. I need a hug. I just wanted to say hi to Nick Cave and Iggy Pop.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Already Gone.

'Lo everyone.

Too damn tired.

Damn cat woke me up again this morning, then when I dragged myself to school, I remembered I had that damn lit practice exam.

First up, media. Went over some story elements, feeling a little more confident. It'd be nice to smash this exam.

Then spare. Read some poems. Not looking forward to exam. Gavin tried to distract Sarah from watching Look Both Ways.

Recess, not much going on, so on to maths, finished going through second exam. Depressing for all involved.

Speaking of depressing, went over more exam technique in lit, and one more stanza of St Agnes. Ms Dosser says I look depressed. She has no idea.

At lunch we had to vote for next year's house captains. Two drama kingpins were up for it. Both had excellent speeches. The jock didn't, but he was still funny. It'll be close.

Five minutes of lunch, then off to the lecture theatre where Ms Hahn and Ms Dosser stared us all down. Soon as I saw the paper, felt an adrenaline shot of pure fear as I realised I was completely boned. Might have salvaged something good out of one or two bits, but I think this one was a trainwreck.

Feeling rather drained, and facing the prospect of a haircut, tagged along with Ryan and Isobelle down the street as we came to the collective realisation that we all suck and will continue to suck and should just give up.

Ryan's mum is very nice, and likes to talk a lot. But she's good at what she does. First haircut since January. It's not too short. I still need to grow into it a bit. Meh. Give me a couple more months, it'll be acceptable headbanging length for Sleigh Bells, then Grinderman and Iggy.

Tomorrow is going to suck. No spare Thursday, and a bio SAC. But then, last SAC ever, that's cool.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On My Mind.

'Lo all.

Sick of school.

Woke up this morning, got to school early, hung out with Sally, Aiden and Jake, then off to music. Millsy told us about his Master Chief costume. He's going to look awesome on muckup day.

So we played assembly, sucked pretty hard. Only have to play the damn horn two more times. Feels good man.

Off to history, poor Mr Ries was absent again. Sarah and Lauren figured that our terrible practice exams had broken his spirit. Chilled in the library helping Gavin with bio, then off to the common room, listened to Goody, Terry and Jay swap stories about their fabled poker nights (seem to involve a lot more powerspewing than ours).

Then media, went over production elements, which are easy.

Recess was quiet enough. The girls, having moved our usual table out of the year twelve bit and onto the grass, are starting to regret it because it's all isolated, there was no sun today, and the mozzies are lethal as hell.

Maths next, got my frustratingly pointless second half back. I'm ready for round two. Going to smash the bastard with my fully functioning calculator.

Bio after that, in the library. Mrs Brown thought she was helping me too much, but then I helped pretty much half the class by handing around my answers. Fair is fair. Chatted to Jack about the year level party. Should be interesting.

Lunch was meh, sat around bored. Girls were whinging about bread, dudes were swapping stories about halo. Not much to do, chatted to Emily. Then Ryan came to tell us about the muckup day progress. Revote time!

Before lit, Isobelle and I were nervous. We figured the class average would be 8. I guessed that I would get 8. Ms Dosser comes in, bad mood, destroys Goody, then gives us the good news. We all did ok at the creative things. Then she gives back our practice exams. I got 14 for both (that's either out of 20 or 40, we aren't sure yet. I'm guessing 40). She told us that if she was marking it, we'd have to half it. So, that's 7. That means that my essays got about 3.5/20 each. Very depressing. Got a lesson about how much we all suck and need to go over everything before the next practice exam.

Which is tomorrow afternoon.

So, back to media in a sullen mood. Cheered up by Gavin vs Sarah, abusing many different people's tattoos with Tahlia, Potter and Goody, then fictionalizing Potter's romantic escapades with Big Muscly Tattoo Guy. It's getting very interesting. He's pregnant, but she doesn't know he's actually a chick. Or at least, that's what we gathered from her conversations with Sarah.

After the bell went, the rest of the year level crowded in. I gave Sarah Ryan and Sian my ipod, and they made us all move around the room to vote instead of doing it sensibly. Since no one wanted Cowboys vs Indians as the "official theme", it's now out and Good vs Evil is in. Then the song vote. Again, more chaos as kids just stood still instead of moving to one side of the room or the other. Tribute won though, thank gawd.

Went down the street for victory chips with Oliver, Ryan and Denny, and it was good. Met Isaac, Georgia and Sam, wandered around in circles, eventually ended up in the girly juice bar eating cheap sorbet (next we'll be listening to Huey Lewis and the News) with Bernice and Jordan. Isaac stole some wine and chips, but the waitresses stole it back.

Went home, went over some poems, not feeling confident about tomorrow. Did half sort out the schoolies road trip, get Under Blackpool Lights, and get my trip to Tasmania organised a bit more. Going to take the boat. I need a car. I think I'll buy the Ford in the classifieds, it seems good. I need my ps. I think I'll get them next week. I need more lessons to restore my confidence. I'll get them this week.

Everything is falling into place.

As you can probably see from this post, I'm basically trying to distract myself in any way possible.

Tomorrow is meh then exam. Should be ever so much fun.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tell Her I'm Still Alive.

'Lo all.

And so begins the very last term of school.

How exciting.

Bit of an anticlimax, really. We have to wear shorts, we're all busy, and everyone's in a bad mood because they had to get up early and they got practice exams back.

Get to school, catch up with some droogs, then off to bio. Went through a clickview, feeling good about this SAC on Thursday.

Then maths, got half the results back. I passed, and smashed statistics. Some kids were dumbfounded at how they managed to pass everything, or nothing. Meh. Not looking forward to the other paper that I screwed up so royally.

Nothing interesting going on at recess. Off to double history. No Mr Ries to yell at us, instead the sub reads that our practice exams were "the worst he'd ever seen". Serves half the damn pricks right for walking out halfway through. I got 66/80, which isn't bad for a practice. Goody and I headed up to the common room to escape it all, chilled out up there in the sun. Sarah, Clare and Georgia rocked up. Dunno why. Chatted to Aiden about the cricket and schoolies, which we really, really need to organise.

Lunch was good. Found Mrs Ripon, who told me how to send off the SEAS stuff, then went back to the common room and swapped stories with the rest of the horde. Harry reckons Fur TV is huge over in Europe. Amaya, have you heard of it?

To media, we planned out what to do for the next three week. Gawd, three weeks. We've got like a dozen media classes left. That's really goddamn scary.

In spare we made fun of Sarah and bitched about classes. A buttload of photos had been put up for whatever reason. Should chuck some of mine in there. I guess they aren't cool enough.

After school was band, half fell asleep, and stuffed up a solo. We have to play in assembly tomorrow, please kill me. Headed out early, got a text from Leading Edge saying the Massive Attack shirts they have are only in XXL. So sad.

Home, haven't done a lot. Meh. Thankyou for picking up that bootleg George, I reckon your show was as good as ours. Rockin' Rocks was pretty shocking until the drum solo at the end, weird.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I hope it's not Doubles Day.



Saturday, October 2, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Gawd. Learnt my lesson. Not doing this in a while.

Yesterday had its ups and downs. In the morning, had to get up early for maths, borrowed Mr Brennan's calculator. Into the breach, first question, calculator keeps giving me obscene fractions. What. No idea how to fix it. Spent at least half an hour going through a buttload of menus trying to fix the bastard. Didn't get it. Screamed through the rest, writing apologetic notes the whole time. Got to the last two questions, which is ok, I guess. If I had my real calculator I would have smashed it.

After that, walked down the street with Jess, Kelly and Nemo, then chips with Sam, Emily and Jake. We wandered around, didn't do much.

Went home for a shower, back down the street, went to the bottleo for supplies. Dude at the counter says my ID makes me look like a drug dealer. Notices my headphones, say I'm listening to Massive Attack. *um...I guess that sounds like a metal band...* "They're cool, so you going to Soundwave then?" Awkward conversation about who is better out of Queens of the Stone Age and Iron Maiden, then I ran to the train station. Chilled in the sun, playing solitaire, then Sarah sat next to me and I had maaad deja vu, straight back in spare again. Tom then arrived drinking milk.

Jumped on the train, Tom, Wiffy and I made fun of Alison's cool stories, then got a lift to Clare's with her brothers blaring Red Hot Chili Peppers. The girls invaded the bathrooms to do each other's hair, so Steve and I ate all the chips and talked music. He has good taste, but we can extend it.

Girls slowly started emerging when they figured they looked better than each other, then everyone else started arriving. Clare and I played a trick on Pat, she told him it was a costume party, so he rocked up dressed as a pirate. So much respect.

Anyway, had a good night, reminded me of mine, lot of chilling around the fire. Chatted to Sarah, swapped stories with Gavin and Pat, and we all danced a lot, including an excellent dance off between Steve and Isaac. Be better if Jenny had stopped hijacking the iPod, but oh well.

Headed off to bed about 330am, which is fairly early, but I had to get up in three hours for the train. The guys had to crash in a caravan. Steve took off his shoes and the entire place reeked. Patrick came in and launched into a tirade about how Steve's shoes are possessed and his feet are turds, etc. Cumpster then threw the offending shoes at Pat. We lol'd.

I got up at 630, feeling good. Got a lift with Clare's dad, grabbed a cheap and crappy hot chocolate, was half asleep on the train. Didn't want to sleep through to Melbourne accidently though. Walk back home was difficult as always. Had enough time for a coffee and a shower, went off to lit and found Lauren and Emma chilling upstairs.

Lit was alright, I suppose. Very sexually charged, but no Emily to capitalise on it. Poor Ms Dosser. It went on for three bloody hours and we only got halfway through the goddamn poem. Mmmrrr.

Went down for chips with Ryan and Isobelle after this, we saw Bernice, got donuts, then they nicked off. I figured I'd have a look in the cd shop, saw a Massive Attack shirt for $15. Would have bought it if it wasn't XXL, but they reckon they've got my size. Man that shop's good.

Went home, haven't really done much since. Since I got told the bio SAC wasn't until Thursday, I've lost all motivation to finish it. Meh. I'll scratch out a lit essay tomorrow then chip away at it tomorrow. Chatted to Isobelle about music, interesting to note the reactions to the festival lineups. Falls and BDO are too mainstream, see. I don't care. The moment I work out how to get to Tasmania, I'm getting me a Falls ticket.

Tomorrow, lazy chill out day. I gotta dig out some shorts, finish a lit essay, and sleep in.