Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trained Noob.

'Lo readers.


My legs are still sore from yesterday, must have not stretched enough.

Get to school, in chapel there was a lame video about the parables again. Baldrick was wearing a Dark Side of the Moon tshirt. That's the second band chapel has ruined.

Then a spare instead of maths, since the common room was loud and boring, went downstairs to the library and chilled. Smashing Pumpkins are playing in Melbourne on the same night as Tame Impala. Meh, I can't go anyway, plus it's not like it's the original lineup. Alas, to be a teenager in the early nineties...

Anyway, at recess we ooh'd and aah'd at Aiden's anorexic, castless arm, which was covered in dead skin and waaay too thin.

Off to lit, where Ms Dosser told us about the exam. I am so screwed. Really.

Then bio, I missed the extra skull playtime. Hurm. Africa is a continent, btw.

Lunch was boring and cold so we went to the common room and taught Alison how to effectively play Age of Empires after a brief year level meeting where we were all told to shut up in the library.

History next. Churning out these responses, the trick is finding motivation.

Then media, the SAC is on Monday. Goddamn. Not cool. I thought it was at the end of the week. Oh well. See how we go.

After school was work. It was rainy. Ran into Mossy. I miss having headphones.

Back home, did some reading, and that's it. Should really start plotting the media and lit SACs so I don't have to do it all on the weekend. Bah.

Tomorrow, double bio, then heading to Melbz to see The Vasco Era, Jet, and Powderfinger with Aiden, Cumpster and Meg. Should be fun, especially if Powderfinger ignore their last two albums. No post tomorrow night.



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