Tuesday, September 14, 2010


'Lo all.

Weather's finally turning out good, took it long enough.

Off to school after throwing a Jet tshirt at Fraser for his birthday, he got a pretty fancy camera too.

First up was spare. Gavin, Kate and I helped Sarah choose what to do at Deakin. She didn't seem too happy with us, despite all of our helpfulness.

Then media, finished SAC. Still unsure. See what happens.

After recess was double maths. Very nearly fell asleep. Knocked down a few more questions. Played some solitaire.

Lunch was pretty quiet, so Dayne and I went hunting for everyone who wasn't in the plays. Ended up chatting about muck up day and Age of Empires with the usual suspects.

Double lit, smashed some of Indolence. Poor Ms Dosser seems like she's close to breaking point. Nicked off when the damn kids wouldn't shut up, but had to come back since all the computers were taken.

After school, chips with Pat, Denny, Steve and Geordie, then went home. Went out again to the Star for Fraser, saw Sammy and Scotty, and then back home. I've started a lit essay. It's not going so well. Hurm. I'm screwed.

Tomorrow is the house plays. One class all day. Should be fun.



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