Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thick as a Brick.

'Lo readers.

Last casual day today. I just wish I had more camera batteries to cover it.

Since we had to wear something red, wore red underwear and normal clothes. Some people took the red thing too far.

I get to school after my bike basically collapses, confronted by Tom in a big red plastic jumpsuit with green hair and way too much fake tan. Oh god lol. He's an oompa loompa. Then run into Pat at assembly, in an Iron Man costume for a five year old, which he'd modified using a Spotlight bag, a pink singlet, and staples. The result was hilarious, but my camera then decided to crap out. Balls.

Anyway, head to history with Emily, in a zebra-print onesie, and Pat with the mask on. Every single year seven boy's jaw dropped. Even Mr Ries seemed a little shocked.

Then off to media, sketched out a sheet of stuff for Ruby and showed Ms Taylor the NSW iPod campaign. Bastards. Laughed when Geordie mentioned 4chan. Newfags.

At recess, laughed at the rest of the kids. Meg had her WonderWoman outfit.

Off to maths, pretty slow. Ran into Mrs Cartledge on the way out and she told me to get a haircut. I've lasted nearly the whole term, I suppose I'd better get a trim on the weekend.

In bio we got to play with skulls. Lots of fun.

At lunch, sat around then went to the Binks debate. The other team was pretty condescending because they were all professional debaters. Even Sarah seemed to sleep through hers. Aiden and Laura did alright, but they didn't have a coherent argument. Patrick, on the other hand, did his in his Iron Man outfit, hit on the female adjudicator, insulted the other team's personal hygiene and sexuality, and ended with a rap. Absolute legend.

Lit went really quick, got our SAC, split into groups to work out how the hell we were meant to write them. God help us all.

Then in spare, Sarah and Gavin watched True Blood (LOL VAMPIRE PORN) while everyone else watched Paranormal Activity and screamed a lot.

After school, dropped bike off at the shop, went home, and haven't done a lot. Now have some more music to listen to though.

Tomorrow will be my last cross country race for the school. It's a shame I'm sick.



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