Friday, September 3, 2010

Since We Last Spoke.

'Lo all.


Enjoyed a coffee this morning for the first time this week, headed to biology, where the SAC was exactly what Sarah and I predicted. And it was fairly easy, a whole lot of comprehension.

Then history, we got a lecture about all the things we did wrong and should fix before the exam. Of course he tells us this after the SAC, meh.

Recess was deconstruction and whinging about bio and psych SACs. Feels good to have done psych last year.

Off to double media, where I ripped some footage and constructed a pretty crappy ad, but it'll do. Then fixed up all five print ads, which was a lot easier than I was afraid of. At lunch, grabbed Isaac and he did all the voiceovers. Very serious. Feels good to finally have everything in one place, now I just need to cut and paste everything together properly, and burn/print. Woot.

Other than that lunch was just kids arguing about Age of Empires tactics. Headed to spare half asleep, tried to motivate Potter to do psych revision while she chatted about her tattoo.

Maths last, got marks on SACs back. Not too bad, I suppose. I think Emma beat me, of course.

After school, headed down the street with the usual suspects for chips. Didn't do much. We can't do much in Sale, especially when we all have no money.

Headed home, and here I am. How depressing.

Tomorrow is work (GODDAMN! I'M GETTING WORK! HELL YEAH!), then more media stuff. Such fun. Wish I could sleep in.


Anyway, the end.

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