Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shoot the Runner.

'Lo all.

Today was hell.

Woke up too early, crawled to school, went half asleep on the bus to Leongatha. We got made to get out, into the cold, at a footy oval. Dunno why we were warming up 4 hours before anyone had to run, but never mind.

Get to the school where the race was being held, get a few curious looks off the kids, Cumpster takes us onto the course. Mud. Just mud everywhere. We got lost too, there was a lot of zigzags and doubling back and part of the course hadn't been mapped out yet.

Spent the next hour warming up properly, trying to encourage Tom, trying not to be intimidated by the pros. Hung with the girls and watched the younger kids come in, like Potter's sister and Cumpster's brother, who was kicking arse with like a minute lead on the next kid, who was Grammar anyway. Awesome.

Hit 12, we watched Loki's race go, then Mr Brennan appeared. We said hi.

Get to the line, MIGHTY DUCKS! and nearly missed the start. Typical.

The rest is pretty meh, right at the start we ran directly into a puddle of mud. 40 pumped teenagers started swearing in front of all the collected teachers and officials, pretty funny. Was heading down a hill about three klicks after this, and there was so. much. mud. I was attempting to get through it quickly, but my foot got stuck at one point. Nice loud squelch trying to wrench it free.

Plus all the cow turds. The bloody course stank like all hell once you got onto the paddocks. Eventually you stopped caring because there was that much mud and crap on the track.

Anyway, headed up the last hill and onto the final loop, where Cumpster was urging me on at the end. Comfortable finish, lungs and ankle didn't give out. I got eighth, behind Wingram and before Bowman. Not bad. Cumpster won, Pat got fourth, Tom got twentieth in a herculean effort (he's a rower, not a runner, but he is terrifying). Meg got ninth, dunno about the rest (sorry).

Headed back into the big school hall, mowed down a big pack of chips all by myself. Grammar won everything, we got a million firsts, and almost all the squads won their age groups, including us. We linked arms and skipped up to the dude to get our ribbons. Of course.

Got back on the bus, avoided falling asleep. Talked music with Cumpster and showed him Baths. Pumped for Powderfinger on Friday night.

Get home, get bike from shop, and here I am. According to Isobelle I missed nothing today, cool.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday. Joy. I just love no spare Thursday.



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