Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Saviour.

'Lo all.

Grunge and shoegaze should be mixed together more often.

Anyway, yesterday was the last last day of term ever. Feels good man.

Bio and spare first up. Not looking forward to the bio SAC. Wasted my spare doing nothing.

Then double media, went over positive influence and the practice exam, which I might be doomed for, I'm not sure.

Lunchtime was spent in the common room chatting to Denielle and Sarah while everyone else played Age of Empires. Literally everyone. It was like a prime time Korean Starcraft match. Weird.

Then homeroom, meh results for everything, headed to assembly where surprise surprise Aiden's homeroom won the Cathedral Pantry Appeal (or Aiden did). After school, got chips, jumped in a ball pit in Target and admired BATTLE HAMSTERS. Decided to hit the piss at Sam's that night, hence the lack of post.

Get home, get a lift with Denny, go to Sam's, where we go over the rules for Boxhead. It's basically Kings of Blood but better. We had a lot of beer. Good game. I'm glad I only got one ALL FOR YOU card. Sam, Pat and Jake got several, and Denny couldn't take one. By the end of it, we were roaring Tribute and stumbling around. Decided to go for a walk, then we all watched Pineapple Express and crashed hard. Pretty fun evening.

Get extracted by Beardman and dropped off at work, the chefs tell me to start, so I do. We bitch about the footy (Cookie's a Geelong fan), then I run out of things to do so Sammy sends me home. Meh, got free bacon for breakfast, thanks lads.

Walk home and get on the school email, looking forward to rewriting my essay according to Ms Dosser's specifications. But. It's. Not. There. She sent me the wrong file. ARGH.

Wasted a lot of time anyway. Hayley told me to call her, so we caught up. She's doing well. Then Meg texts, saying she and Jess want to visit. They drop in, get scared by all the little kids at Fraser's birthday get together going on outside, so we head out to a party going on down the road. I walk in, recognise a few scumbags, turn around and go home. Finally Potter texts, saying she's not in for Ringer's anymore. Saves me some money. What an odd evening.

And now here I am, trying to avoid working on lit.

Tomorrow, sleep the hell in, then finish lit. Finish it damn good.



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