Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Practice Exams.

'Lo all.

Anyway, to business.

Since We Last Spoke (good album), I haven't really done a lot. On Sunday, George rocked up, we had a look around Sale for junk (like encyclopedias, why on earth would you chuck em out?), visited Jess, got shouted at by bogans, chilled listening to Tame Impala... He's doing well.

If I may geek out a little here, new DE are looking awesome, I need some more money maybe.

Monday, I woke up far too late, struggled through a mad headwind to a maths exam, which was pretty meh. Should probably have put more effort in, but it's only a practice (don't stress yet!). Had to take three guesses, which isn't bad. Went to maccas with Sam and Jake, then home to watch Snatch and Hedda Gabler again, and pinned up all the Keats poems to my wall. Preparation!

Unfortunately, I stayed up til midnight for the Big Day Out lineup. Oh lawd. I don't care about Tool or Rammstein (I mean, I know their stuff, but I won't go out of my way to watch them), but OMFG IGGY AND THE STOOGES and GRINDERMAN (ie Nick GODDAMN Cave) and THE BLACK KEYS and CRYSTAL CASTLES and RATATAT and CHILDREN COLLIDE and DEAD LETTER CIRCUS and JOHN BUTLER TRIO and PRIMAL SCREAM playing Screamadelica and ANDREW WK. PARTY HARD. Plus a buttload of others, should be lots of fun. Can't wait.

Then I couldn't sleep.

Woke up this morning extra early, which was hell, dragged myself to school, tried to reel off the lineup half a dozen times to people, then went in for the media exam. Smashed it. Glad I watched Snatch last night. Got to rant about the internet, and how cool Snatch is, and I think I even got the trick question right. Cool. Julian, you make a fine blonde, it's just a dramatic change.

Waited around for half an hour, then back into the breach, this time for lit. We expected pain. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, my two essays are probably terrible, but oh well. I'm sure there's some good bits that Dosser will like, I can build on them. Ryan and I were confident coming out, Bernice and Emily admitted they didn't do the second essay. Shock.

Went home via Pat's house, where we are slowly gathering the raw materials needed to build a giant fort for muckup day. Oh yes. Went home, then Sam, Denny and Pat rocked up in Denny's panel van. They've been hunting. Can't wait to see how this project turns out.

Tomorrow is sleep in, then bio practice exam. Hurm. Might be winging this a little, but it's motivation to get off my arse and finish the damn SAC we've got.


peace (for the last time, Spacesfans)

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