Saturday, September 11, 2010


'Lo all.

Oh boy.

Yesterday seemed to drag on and on. Before school, was chatting to Emily about school nightmares, like forgetting all the lines to the house play or having a surprise lit SAC.

Get to lit first up, and Ms Dosser is making us all sit down to write a SAC. I brick'd. Turns out it was all a joke. Jasper and I were not happy. Ms Taylor came in to tell us about how the marking works for the exam. I'm so, so screwed.

Then a spare, chilled with Tom, Jordan and Alison.

After recess was double bio, took notes, watched a movie about early humans... fascinating.

Nicked off at the start of lunch, Cumpster made it to the train station in time after running from the boardo, slept on the train. Played a lot of Powderfinger. Saw Sam Vuillerman and Connor McIndoe, who were heading to the same place, and they were pumped.

Get to Melbourne, check into hotel, go to Krispy Kreme. We couldn't finish all the donuts. So good. Trained it around to Richmond, almost get lost on the walk to Rod Laver, then get in line. Surprisingly short. Waited around for half an hour, then practically sprinted to the stage. We got a spot right in the middle, three people from the very front. Awesome. Said hi to Sam and Connor, and Meg's sister, who had seats behind us. Suckers.

The Vasco Era are better on record, I think. I dunno. They seemed a bit off. Didn't really get into it until the last song, which was this awesome blues stomp. Poor bastards. Bassist was pretty cool.

Then Jet. I'm not a big fan, but I guess I know their songs. Their bassist looked like a Nazi. The lead guitar dude seemed to be phoning it in (or he was stoned). Entire band was intoxicated, I think. Not bad. No energy getting to the crowd, which was weird.

Waited about half an hour for Powderfinger, crowd finally went nuts when they arrived. Opened with Love Your Way. Oddly, the crowd (who was mostly 30ish or 14) barely moved through the set. It was just strange. No mosh. Sometimes, especially during Stumblin' and Like a Dog, it seemed like Aiden, Cumpster and I were the only ones moshing.

Other than that, awesome show. Played everything good except Waiting for the Sun, which is disappointing. George might get that though, and Belter. About halfway through, the big screen started playing a movie about Soviet space rockets and Anthony Mundine, then the band appeared at the back of the stage. So we were at the back. Damn. Got two encores, and they kept the new stuff to a minimum, which was awesome. Meg caught a guitar pick, damn cool.

After the show, picked up some merchandise (wish I wasn't so poor at the moment, wanted an Odyssey Number Five shirt), then Aiden got an official bootleg. I reckon it's pretty cool how they can burn the entire show for a thousand or so people so quickly.

Walked back to Richmond, got some maccas, trammed it around back to the hotel, and after a bit of Rage (Arcade Fire and Children Collide, very nice), crashed pretty hard.

Woke up far too early this morning, grabbed a train, went to the Pancake Parlour again. So good.

After that, checked out the buskers at Southbank, including this awesome juggler, then headed home. Work told me to go in late, bout bloody time.

So, get home, attempt to start media, then go to work. Pretty slow. Lots of old people. Pete and Sammy showed me an album by The Beards, who write songs exclusively about beards, and features the song If Your Dad Doesn't Have a Beard (You've Got Two Mums). Sam and Aaron dropped in and told me to go play beer pong, which I might do now. On the way home, went past a million cops and Tori's birthday, so I caught up with some kids and took photos for them.

And here I am. Debating with myself whether or not to go to the Falls in Tasmania. On one hand, tickets are still available. On the other, it's expensive and I have no money, plus I'd need more droogs to join me, and it's a pretty hard sell. Hurm. What do.

Tomorrow, sleep in then smash media SAC.



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