Monday, September 6, 2010

On a Sinking Ship.

'Lo readers.

We're down to a week and a bit of this term. Jesus god that went quickly.

Anyway, first up today was bio, Mrs Brown stumbled around a skeleton and introduced us to human evolution. I'm all for fossils and crap, but human stuff just isn't as interesting. I dunno.

Then maths, went through a bit of the practice paper. Not looking forward to the practice exams, burn half of my holidays. Josh Oliver came in halfway through and told all the Wy Yung kids to pack up their stuff, since the road home was about to be flooded. Lucky bastards.

Recess was cold.

Off to double history, where we got our SACs back and people made fun of me for worrying. Then diving back into Russia, and Mr Ries told me to stop contributing. Again, not looking forward to this practice exam either, because I dunno how I'm going to remember historians and dates and crap. Hurm.

At lunch we discussed muckup day ideas. Julian has some grand visions. We'll have to wait and see when hard waste week is. Couch fort...? Bernice came back and reported on what the committee meeting looked like, and it seems we're in a year-nine-magazine-class situation again. Disappointing, kids. Oh well, I only really care about the pranks and the photos, and whether we shout Tribute or not (hint: we will).

Media was fun, got to whinge about internet censorship (SUCK MY DICK CONROY!).

During spare, Potter started some interesting conversations, then proceeded to interrogate Sarah. We lol'd.

After school, finished media, handed it in, went down to Toy Kingdom with Denny, and saw Tom. He has a surprise for tomorrow. Yes, I will take photos. And yes, I'm disturbed already.

At home, watched The Arcade Fire's webcast of their MGS show, which was surprisingly good, technical difficulties and all.

Tomorrow is going to suck, I think. Casual day too, how fun. It's our last one.



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