Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Practice Exams.

'Lo readers.

Man it feels weird to be drafting on Blogger after all these years on Spaces.

Once again, not a lot going on.

Wednesday, woke up early, got moving on applying for more residences, they all need referees and such though. Damn.

Then went shopping, picked up a lot of silly string. Next up, an airhorn or two. Saw the horde, who figured they'd better stock up as well.

Off to bio, where Tom educated me about silly string, and I smashed the exam. Some of the questions were a little vague, but it's NEAP, it's always a bit crap. There was a whole lot of questions about dinosaurs, which was cool. Had twenty minutes spare at the end. Feeling slightly confident about this one. Visited Pat's after this, where he and Denny were chilling in their mountains of trash for muck up day. Man, building this fort is going to be fun.

Get home, chill out, then today, rush to school as I realise I left the Russia textbook at school. Printed out a buttload of historiography and timelines, then sprinted to school. Everyone was panicking, some more than before lit. Oh well.

Got in there and smashed this one too. I should have mentioned more historians, so I won't get full marks, but I reckon it was ok. It was weird when more than half the class left early, most admitting that they didn't do the essay. I don't get it. Afterwards, headed home, and realised that Emma still had my calculator, and the maths exam is tomorrow. Didn't panic. Ended up asking Mr Brennan for one of his spares. Caught up with Cookie and Jords at work as well, who told me to go out and drink with them sometime. Shame I'm not getting any work though.

Tomorrow is maths, and then I'm shipping off to Bairnsdale to celebrate the end of exams (and Clare's birthday). So no post. Not looking forward to the early train home, and the lit seminar after that on Saturday though.



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