Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last House Plays.

'Lo all.

Was all optimistic about today since I thought I had a spare. Oh well.

Get to school, bio first up. Stem cells are fascinating.

Then media, started work on a skin cancer thing while Oliver ranted about Magic cards. He's like a bloody encyclopedia.

Recess, spent most of it in front of the hall with Alison and Tom. Julian had a tea pot for whatever reason. Raced in for seats at the front, which was a good move.

First up was Cranswick. Not bad at all, a little slow at the start, and Eddie Van Halen was dancing to David Bowie, but still pretty good. Anna Ripper was Jack the Ripper, hunting whores. Good cameo. Excellent ending.

Then Blundell's. 90% of the jokes seemed to come from a Pixar movie, and everything else seemed to be ripped off from something else. A little intertextuality is ok. But not when your script is basically Finding Nemo. Sort of original idea, and Lulu and Clare stole the show.

Lunch. Rained. Headed to the common room. Whinged. Went back down, found seats relatively close to the front with Julian.

Tisdall made the best with what they had. Sam had to rewrite the entire thing about a week ago, since most of his cast dropped out. But it was still funny, and Hayden, Cumpster, and especially Denny's bits were awesome. I'm surprised they were allowed so much violence, and drug references.

Then Binks. High expectations. Oliver took to the stage with a topknot, facepaint, and a staff with a stuffed cat on the top (which he took to stroking creepily). Yep. There was a lot of shouting, but it was damn funny. It was about cavemen, but still incorporated Pikachu evolving into Julia Gillard. Also, dinosaurs getting hit in the balls, and Annie crossdressing and being very loud. Cameron was hilarilously narcissistic and gay. We needed more Aiden as the pyro and less shouting girls. Good play though.

After waiting for an hour (at one stage Ms Johns, who was sitting in front of us, got so bored she went hunting for little kids texting and confiscated a dozen phones for the lulz), we got the results. Binks won, Aaron (as the dinosaur) got best actor. Very nice. Dunno about Tisdall coming last, but oh well.

Headed home after school and knocked down some more lit. It's slow going. I'm doomed for the exam.

Tomorrow, double spare and free pizza. Awesome.



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