Monday, September 13, 2010

Heathen Child.

'Lo all.

Why yes I have been listening to the new Grinderman album. Very good stuff.

Yesterday I did nothing but watch Scrubs, eat noodles, and finish media work. Dull.

Today, get to school, kids ask about Powderfinger, suffer through biology and lit, where every single lesson makes me more afraid of the exam. This week I want to write two essays before the SAC, and my plan is to write two more during the holidays. Prepared!

After recess was history, where Mr Ries made fun of Jasper, and maths. Brenno nicked off halfway so we discussed muckup day ideas and played waterbottle-pong.

Lunch was dull, headed into the library and hammered out a plan for the media SAC while Steve feverishly studied for geog and Isobelle and Geordie shouted a lot.

Media SAC itself was alright, one question left to write for tomorrow. I just don't think I have enough content. Maybe I'm being put off by how she's formatted it, I don't know.

Enjoy a spare in the sun poking fun at Sarah, then off to band in the chapel. We suck. Chatted to Claire and Isobelle about the Falls Festival. I want in, but if this is the crowd that's going, I'll feel so out of place the whole time. Hurm. Bonnie's going though. Either way, need money first.

Tomorrow is doubles day, and Fraser's birthday. So if you see him down the street, be sure to give him a birthday bash.



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