Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hammer Fell.

'Lo everyone.

Spring. Rain. Meh.

Off to a good start today, biology in the computer room to finish the practice SAC then media, finished Columbine. Still scary.

Still raining at recess, not a good sign. History was stressful since we were all supposed to be picking up quotes and such. I'm a little worried about tomorrow but we'll see what happens. At least we've got the topic.

Then lit, you could tell poor Ms Dosser was trying to keep it all upbeat to make sure Jasper didn't fall asleep. We're getting to the fun bit where you have to link all the poems somehow. Oh boy.

At house meetings they told us sport would be cancelled, and replaced with more media and maths. Hurm.

So lunch was cold, spent half of it trying to find Ms Taylor, then spent the other half in the common room with Isaac and the girls whinging about bio while everyone else played Age of Empires (which is incredibly cool. Gawd, we're all nerds, first pokemon, now this. Still funny seeing someone's base get overrun by elephants).

Dragged self to media again, went over a coroner's report on a suicide in custody after a guy watched a movie. Interesting again, still pretty morbid. Then a discussion on censorship. This is what I'm interested in, and I want to see what happens next.

And then maths, no one was really into it. Went to sleep while everyone else did other work.

After all that, headed back to the media room AGAIN, got four more ads edited together. I have to reshoot one because the lighting made all the colours wash out, might have to do it indoors and risk dying. I'll do that tomorrow night. And I started the logo too, because I neglected that like an idiot, but if I make it all sketchy it should be ok. This means, one more ad to edit, 9 voiceovers, 5 print ads. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Headed home, have been going over stuff for history. Such fun.

Tomorrow, double spare then history SAC. Time to partay.



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