Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edge of Gastown.

'Lo readers.

Good day today, except for the weather.

Get to school, meeting in the lecture theatre. We are not allowed inappropriate stuff for muckup day, which does rule out four or five ideas. Most of the rest of it should be ok, but I'm disappointed that we're only allowed one lunchtime to actually muck up. Plus, we're only allowed at school at 7am. Hurm. Not happy.

Then off to chapel, which was dull except for Patrick rapping a prayer. Everyone in the room cheered, including the chaplain, except for Ms Dyke. She brought down hellfire on his arse, poor bastard. Was a pretty good rap too, praised Jesus and everything.

Still laughing, off to bio. Looking at stem cells and designer babies. Scary stuff. Everyone's an expert because they all studied Gattaca (except Dayno and me).

Off to double spare, was challenged to a game of Age of Empires by Jay and Wingram. I kicked Jay's arse in the first fifteen minutes, then Wingram grinded me down with elephants, the bastard. Chilled with Sarah and Gavin, then we got pizza early. Oh god, so much pizza. Spent most of lunch watching Gavin and Denny build towers out of the little pizza tables.

Then history, chipped away a bit more at a practice SAC then headed to the library to borrow a 10 hour dvd of the French Revolution. Going to be fun to watch.

Finally lit, and it started bucketing down outside, not cool. Ms Dosser told us to go work on our SACs, I left all of my stuff at home, naturally. So, went over a handout. Meh.

Go home, still crap weather, convince Beardman to drive me around doing the deliveries. Course, then it all cleared up, hurm.

Haven't done much, my essay still isn't finished which does worry me. Doesn't have to be in til Friday night to get checked, but now would be good, meh.

Tomorrow is last day of term. Fantastic. Home early. Can't go out, because on Saturday I'll be working all day for a wedding. Joy.



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