Saturday, September 25, 2010

Complacency No Vacancy.

'Lo everyone.

Long time no speaky.

I haven't really done a lot in the last week.

I upgraded my backpack. It's bigger and hasn't ripped yet.

Passed my hazards thing, a lot tricker than I expected. Should be going for Ps sometime next week, I dunno.

Beerfest - ****
Very funny cept the ending cut out on us. I wonder if this inspired Sam.

I'm Not There - ***
Disjointed, but not bad. Killer soundtrack, and some of the visuals are pretty good in the trip out sequences.

Yesterday, chopped down every tree in a black forest AoE map with Denny. That's an achievement.

Tomorrow is study. How fun.

Um. Yeah. Go look for interesting stuff elsewhere, I'm on holidays.



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