Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Practice Exams.

'Lo readers.

Man it feels weird to be drafting on Blogger after all these years on Spaces.

Once again, not a lot going on.

Wednesday, woke up early, got moving on applying for more residences, they all need referees and such though. Damn.

Then went shopping, picked up a lot of silly string. Next up, an airhorn or two. Saw the horde, who figured they'd better stock up as well.

Off to bio, where Tom educated me about silly string, and I smashed the exam. Some of the questions were a little vague, but it's NEAP, it's always a bit crap. There was a whole lot of questions about dinosaurs, which was cool. Had twenty minutes spare at the end. Feeling slightly confident about this one. Visited Pat's after this, where he and Denny were chilling in their mountains of trash for muck up day. Man, building this fort is going to be fun.

Get home, chill out, then today, rush to school as I realise I left the Russia textbook at school. Printed out a buttload of historiography and timelines, then sprinted to school. Everyone was panicking, some more than before lit. Oh well.

Got in there and smashed this one too. I should have mentioned more historians, so I won't get full marks, but I reckon it was ok. It was weird when more than half the class left early, most admitting that they didn't do the essay. I don't get it. Afterwards, headed home, and realised that Emma still had my calculator, and the maths exam is tomorrow. Didn't panic. Ended up asking Mr Brennan for one of his spares. Caught up with Cookie and Jords at work as well, who told me to go out and drink with them sometime. Shame I'm not getting any work though.

Tomorrow is maths, and then I'm shipping off to Bairnsdale to celebrate the end of exams (and Clare's birthday). So no post. Not looking forward to the early train home, and the lit seminar after that on Saturday though.



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Practice Exams.

'Lo all.

Anyway, to business.

Since We Last Spoke (good album), I haven't really done a lot. On Sunday, George rocked up, we had a look around Sale for junk (like encyclopedias, why on earth would you chuck em out?), visited Jess, got shouted at by bogans, chilled listening to Tame Impala... He's doing well.

If I may geek out a little here, new DE are looking awesome, I need some more money maybe.

Monday, I woke up far too late, struggled through a mad headwind to a maths exam, which was pretty meh. Should probably have put more effort in, but it's only a practice (don't stress yet!). Had to take three guesses, which isn't bad. Went to maccas with Sam and Jake, then home to watch Snatch and Hedda Gabler again, and pinned up all the Keats poems to my wall. Preparation!

Unfortunately, I stayed up til midnight for the Big Day Out lineup. Oh lawd. I don't care about Tool or Rammstein (I mean, I know their stuff, but I won't go out of my way to watch them), but OMFG IGGY AND THE STOOGES and GRINDERMAN (ie Nick GODDAMN Cave) and THE BLACK KEYS and CRYSTAL CASTLES and RATATAT and CHILDREN COLLIDE and DEAD LETTER CIRCUS and JOHN BUTLER TRIO and PRIMAL SCREAM playing Screamadelica and ANDREW WK. PARTY HARD. Plus a buttload of others, should be lots of fun. Can't wait.

Then I couldn't sleep.

Woke up this morning extra early, which was hell, dragged myself to school, tried to reel off the lineup half a dozen times to people, then went in for the media exam. Smashed it. Glad I watched Snatch last night. Got to rant about the internet, and how cool Snatch is, and I think I even got the trick question right. Cool. Julian, you make a fine blonde, it's just a dramatic change.

Waited around for half an hour, then back into the breach, this time for lit. We expected pain. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, my two essays are probably terrible, but oh well. I'm sure there's some good bits that Dosser will like, I can build on them. Ryan and I were confident coming out, Bernice and Emily admitted they didn't do the second essay. Shock.

Went home via Pat's house, where we are slowly gathering the raw materials needed to build a giant fort for muckup day. Oh yes. Went home, then Sam, Denny and Pat rocked up in Denny's panel van. They've been hunting. Can't wait to see how this project turns out.

Tomorrow is sleep in, then bio practice exam. Hurm. Might be winging this a little, but it's motivation to get off my arse and finish the damn SAC we've got.


peace (for the last time, Spacesfans)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Complacency No Vacancy.

'Lo everyone.

Long time no speaky.

I haven't really done a lot in the last week.

I upgraded my backpack. It's bigger and hasn't ripped yet.

Passed my hazards thing, a lot tricker than I expected. Should be going for Ps sometime next week, I dunno.

Beerfest - ****
Very funny cept the ending cut out on us. I wonder if this inspired Sam.

I'm Not There - ***
Disjointed, but not bad. Killer soundtrack, and some of the visuals are pretty good in the trip out sequences.

Yesterday, chopped down every tree in a black forest AoE map with Denny. That's an achievement.

Tomorrow is study. How fun.

Um. Yeah. Go look for interesting stuff elsewhere, I'm on holidays.



Monday, September 20, 2010

Ten Years After.

'Lo all.


Yesterday I wrote essay all day long. It was ever so much fun.

Today, I got up far too early, printed essay, get to school. I saw Kelly, Meg and Jess, then a buttload of strangers. Found Ryan, and we went hunting for Ms Dosser. Got stuck into SAC, and it was bad. Feel sorry for Ms Dosser having to read it.

Headed down the street after that for chips, check out the usual places, and may have offended some animal rights activists.

Get home.

Tomorrow is sleep in. Gotta start some media study too.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Saviour.

'Lo all.

Grunge and shoegaze should be mixed together more often.

Anyway, yesterday was the last last day of term ever. Feels good man.

Bio and spare first up. Not looking forward to the bio SAC. Wasted my spare doing nothing.

Then double media, went over positive influence and the practice exam, which I might be doomed for, I'm not sure.

Lunchtime was spent in the common room chatting to Denielle and Sarah while everyone else played Age of Empires. Literally everyone. It was like a prime time Korean Starcraft match. Weird.

Then homeroom, meh results for everything, headed to assembly where surprise surprise Aiden's homeroom won the Cathedral Pantry Appeal (or Aiden did). After school, got chips, jumped in a ball pit in Target and admired BATTLE HAMSTERS. Decided to hit the piss at Sam's that night, hence the lack of post.

Get home, get a lift with Denny, go to Sam's, where we go over the rules for Boxhead. It's basically Kings of Blood but better. We had a lot of beer. Good game. I'm glad I only got one ALL FOR YOU card. Sam, Pat and Jake got several, and Denny couldn't take one. By the end of it, we were roaring Tribute and stumbling around. Decided to go for a walk, then we all watched Pineapple Express and crashed hard. Pretty fun evening.

Get extracted by Beardman and dropped off at work, the chefs tell me to start, so I do. We bitch about the footy (Cookie's a Geelong fan), then I run out of things to do so Sammy sends me home. Meh, got free bacon for breakfast, thanks lads.

Walk home and get on the school email, looking forward to rewriting my essay according to Ms Dosser's specifications. But. It's. Not. There. She sent me the wrong file. ARGH.

Wasted a lot of time anyway. Hayley told me to call her, so we caught up. She's doing well. Then Meg texts, saying she and Jess want to visit. They drop in, get scared by all the little kids at Fraser's birthday get together going on outside, so we head out to a party going on down the road. I walk in, recognise a few scumbags, turn around and go home. Finally Potter texts, saying she's not in for Ringer's anymore. Saves me some money. What an odd evening.

And now here I am, trying to avoid working on lit.

Tomorrow, sleep the hell in, then finish lit. Finish it damn good.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edge of Gastown.

'Lo readers.

Good day today, except for the weather.

Get to school, meeting in the lecture theatre. We are not allowed inappropriate stuff for muckup day, which does rule out four or five ideas. Most of the rest of it should be ok, but I'm disappointed that we're only allowed one lunchtime to actually muck up. Plus, we're only allowed at school at 7am. Hurm. Not happy.

Then off to chapel, which was dull except for Patrick rapping a prayer. Everyone in the room cheered, including the chaplain, except for Ms Dyke. She brought down hellfire on his arse, poor bastard. Was a pretty good rap too, praised Jesus and everything.

Still laughing, off to bio. Looking at stem cells and designer babies. Scary stuff. Everyone's an expert because they all studied Gattaca (except Dayno and me).

Off to double spare, was challenged to a game of Age of Empires by Jay and Wingram. I kicked Jay's arse in the first fifteen minutes, then Wingram grinded me down with elephants, the bastard. Chilled with Sarah and Gavin, then we got pizza early. Oh god, so much pizza. Spent most of lunch watching Gavin and Denny build towers out of the little pizza tables.

Then history, chipped away a bit more at a practice SAC then headed to the library to borrow a 10 hour dvd of the French Revolution. Going to be fun to watch.

Finally lit, and it started bucketing down outside, not cool. Ms Dosser told us to go work on our SACs, I left all of my stuff at home, naturally. So, went over a handout. Meh.

Go home, still crap weather, convince Beardman to drive me around doing the deliveries. Course, then it all cleared up, hurm.

Haven't done much, my essay still isn't finished which does worry me. Doesn't have to be in til Friday night to get checked, but now would be good, meh.

Tomorrow is last day of term. Fantastic. Home early. Can't go out, because on Saturday I'll be working all day for a wedding. Joy.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last House Plays.

'Lo all.

Was all optimistic about today since I thought I had a spare. Oh well.

Get to school, bio first up. Stem cells are fascinating.

Then media, started work on a skin cancer thing while Oliver ranted about Magic cards. He's like a bloody encyclopedia.

Recess, spent most of it in front of the hall with Alison and Tom. Julian had a tea pot for whatever reason. Raced in for seats at the front, which was a good move.

First up was Cranswick. Not bad at all, a little slow at the start, and Eddie Van Halen was dancing to David Bowie, but still pretty good. Anna Ripper was Jack the Ripper, hunting whores. Good cameo. Excellent ending.

Then Blundell's. 90% of the jokes seemed to come from a Pixar movie, and everything else seemed to be ripped off from something else. A little intertextuality is ok. But not when your script is basically Finding Nemo. Sort of original idea, and Lulu and Clare stole the show.

Lunch. Rained. Headed to the common room. Whinged. Went back down, found seats relatively close to the front with Julian.

Tisdall made the best with what they had. Sam had to rewrite the entire thing about a week ago, since most of his cast dropped out. But it was still funny, and Hayden, Cumpster, and especially Denny's bits were awesome. I'm surprised they were allowed so much violence, and drug references.

Then Binks. High expectations. Oliver took to the stage with a topknot, facepaint, and a staff with a stuffed cat on the top (which he took to stroking creepily). Yep. There was a lot of shouting, but it was damn funny. It was about cavemen, but still incorporated Pikachu evolving into Julia Gillard. Also, dinosaurs getting hit in the balls, and Annie crossdressing and being very loud. Cameron was hilarilously narcissistic and gay. We needed more Aiden as the pyro and less shouting girls. Good play though.

After waiting for an hour (at one stage Ms Johns, who was sitting in front of us, got so bored she went hunting for little kids texting and confiscated a dozen phones for the lulz), we got the results. Binks won, Aaron (as the dinosaur) got best actor. Very nice. Dunno about Tisdall coming last, but oh well.

Headed home after school and knocked down some more lit. It's slow going. I'm doomed for the exam.

Tomorrow, double spare and free pizza. Awesome.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010


'Lo all.

Weather's finally turning out good, took it long enough.

Off to school after throwing a Jet tshirt at Fraser for his birthday, he got a pretty fancy camera too.

First up was spare. Gavin, Kate and I helped Sarah choose what to do at Deakin. She didn't seem too happy with us, despite all of our helpfulness.

Then media, finished SAC. Still unsure. See what happens.

After recess was double maths. Very nearly fell asleep. Knocked down a few more questions. Played some solitaire.

Lunch was pretty quiet, so Dayne and I went hunting for everyone who wasn't in the plays. Ended up chatting about muck up day and Age of Empires with the usual suspects.

Double lit, smashed some of Indolence. Poor Ms Dosser seems like she's close to breaking point. Nicked off when the damn kids wouldn't shut up, but had to come back since all the computers were taken.

After school, chips with Pat, Denny, Steve and Geordie, then went home. Went out again to the Star for Fraser, saw Sammy and Scotty, and then back home. I've started a lit essay. It's not going so well. Hurm. I'm screwed.

Tomorrow is the house plays. One class all day. Should be fun.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Heathen Child.

'Lo all.

Why yes I have been listening to the new Grinderman album. Very good stuff.

Yesterday I did nothing but watch Scrubs, eat noodles, and finish media work. Dull.

Today, get to school, kids ask about Powderfinger, suffer through biology and lit, where every single lesson makes me more afraid of the exam. This week I want to write two essays before the SAC, and my plan is to write two more during the holidays. Prepared!

After recess was history, where Mr Ries made fun of Jasper, and maths. Brenno nicked off halfway so we discussed muckup day ideas and played waterbottle-pong.

Lunch was dull, headed into the library and hammered out a plan for the media SAC while Steve feverishly studied for geog and Isobelle and Geordie shouted a lot.

Media SAC itself was alright, one question left to write for tomorrow. I just don't think I have enough content. Maybe I'm being put off by how she's formatted it, I don't know.

Enjoy a spare in the sun poking fun at Sarah, then off to band in the chapel. We suck. Chatted to Claire and Isobelle about the Falls Festival. I want in, but if this is the crowd that's going, I'll feel so out of place the whole time. Hurm. Bonnie's going though. Either way, need money first.

Tomorrow is doubles day, and Fraser's birthday. So if you see him down the street, be sure to give him a birthday bash.



Saturday, September 11, 2010


'Lo all.

Oh boy.

Yesterday seemed to drag on and on. Before school, was chatting to Emily about school nightmares, like forgetting all the lines to the house play or having a surprise lit SAC.

Get to lit first up, and Ms Dosser is making us all sit down to write a SAC. I brick'd. Turns out it was all a joke. Jasper and I were not happy. Ms Taylor came in to tell us about how the marking works for the exam. I'm so, so screwed.

Then a spare, chilled with Tom, Jordan and Alison.

After recess was double bio, took notes, watched a movie about early humans... fascinating.

Nicked off at the start of lunch, Cumpster made it to the train station in time after running from the boardo, slept on the train. Played a lot of Powderfinger. Saw Sam Vuillerman and Connor McIndoe, who were heading to the same place, and they were pumped.

Get to Melbourne, check into hotel, go to Krispy Kreme. We couldn't finish all the donuts. So good. Trained it around to Richmond, almost get lost on the walk to Rod Laver, then get in line. Surprisingly short. Waited around for half an hour, then practically sprinted to the stage. We got a spot right in the middle, three people from the very front. Awesome. Said hi to Sam and Connor, and Meg's sister, who had seats behind us. Suckers.

The Vasco Era are better on record, I think. I dunno. They seemed a bit off. Didn't really get into it until the last song, which was this awesome blues stomp. Poor bastards. Bassist was pretty cool.

Then Jet. I'm not a big fan, but I guess I know their songs. Their bassist looked like a Nazi. The lead guitar dude seemed to be phoning it in (or he was stoned). Entire band was intoxicated, I think. Not bad. No energy getting to the crowd, which was weird.

Waited about half an hour for Powderfinger, crowd finally went nuts when they arrived. Opened with Love Your Way. Oddly, the crowd (who was mostly 30ish or 14) barely moved through the set. It was just strange. No mosh. Sometimes, especially during Stumblin' and Like a Dog, it seemed like Aiden, Cumpster and I were the only ones moshing.

Other than that, awesome show. Played everything good except Waiting for the Sun, which is disappointing. George might get that though, and Belter. About halfway through, the big screen started playing a movie about Soviet space rockets and Anthony Mundine, then the band appeared at the back of the stage. So we were at the back. Damn. Got two encores, and they kept the new stuff to a minimum, which was awesome. Meg caught a guitar pick, damn cool.

After the show, picked up some merchandise (wish I wasn't so poor at the moment, wanted an Odyssey Number Five shirt), then Aiden got an official bootleg. I reckon it's pretty cool how they can burn the entire show for a thousand or so people so quickly.

Walked back to Richmond, got some maccas, trammed it around back to the hotel, and after a bit of Rage (Arcade Fire and Children Collide, very nice), crashed pretty hard.

Woke up far too early this morning, grabbed a train, went to the Pancake Parlour again. So good.

After that, checked out the buskers at Southbank, including this awesome juggler, then headed home. Work told me to go in late, bout bloody time.

So, get home, attempt to start media, then go to work. Pretty slow. Lots of old people. Pete and Sammy showed me an album by The Beards, who write songs exclusively about beards, and features the song If Your Dad Doesn't Have a Beard (You've Got Two Mums). Sam and Aaron dropped in and told me to go play beer pong, which I might do now. On the way home, went past a million cops and Tori's birthday, so I caught up with some kids and took photos for them.

And here I am. Debating with myself whether or not to go to the Falls in Tasmania. On one hand, tickets are still available. On the other, it's expensive and I have no money, plus I'd need more droogs to join me, and it's a pretty hard sell. Hurm. What do.

Tomorrow, sleep in then smash media SAC.



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trained Noob.

'Lo readers.


My legs are still sore from yesterday, must have not stretched enough.

Get to school, in chapel there was a lame video about the parables again. Baldrick was wearing a Dark Side of the Moon tshirt. That's the second band chapel has ruined.

Then a spare instead of maths, since the common room was loud and boring, went downstairs to the library and chilled. Smashing Pumpkins are playing in Melbourne on the same night as Tame Impala. Meh, I can't go anyway, plus it's not like it's the original lineup. Alas, to be a teenager in the early nineties...

Anyway, at recess we ooh'd and aah'd at Aiden's anorexic, castless arm, which was covered in dead skin and waaay too thin.

Off to lit, where Ms Dosser told us about the exam. I am so screwed. Really.

Then bio, I missed the extra skull playtime. Hurm. Africa is a continent, btw.

Lunch was boring and cold so we went to the common room and taught Alison how to effectively play Age of Empires after a brief year level meeting where we were all told to shut up in the library.

History next. Churning out these responses, the trick is finding motivation.

Then media, the SAC is on Monday. Goddamn. Not cool. I thought it was at the end of the week. Oh well. See how we go.

After school was work. It was rainy. Ran into Mossy. I miss having headphones.

Back home, did some reading, and that's it. Should really start plotting the media and lit SACs so I don't have to do it all on the weekend. Bah.

Tomorrow, double bio, then heading to Melbz to see The Vasco Era, Jet, and Powderfinger with Aiden, Cumpster and Meg. Should be fun, especially if Powderfinger ignore their last two albums. No post tomorrow night.



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shoot the Runner.

'Lo all.

Today was hell.

Woke up too early, crawled to school, went half asleep on the bus to Leongatha. We got made to get out, into the cold, at a footy oval. Dunno why we were warming up 4 hours before anyone had to run, but never mind.

Get to the school where the race was being held, get a few curious looks off the kids, Cumpster takes us onto the course. Mud. Just mud everywhere. We got lost too, there was a lot of zigzags and doubling back and part of the course hadn't been mapped out yet.

Spent the next hour warming up properly, trying to encourage Tom, trying not to be intimidated by the pros. Hung with the girls and watched the younger kids come in, like Potter's sister and Cumpster's brother, who was kicking arse with like a minute lead on the next kid, who was Grammar anyway. Awesome.

Hit 12, we watched Loki's race go, then Mr Brennan appeared. We said hi.

Get to the line, MIGHTY DUCKS! and nearly missed the start. Typical.

The rest is pretty meh, right at the start we ran directly into a puddle of mud. 40 pumped teenagers started swearing in front of all the collected teachers and officials, pretty funny. Was heading down a hill about three klicks after this, and there was so. much. mud. I was attempting to get through it quickly, but my foot got stuck at one point. Nice loud squelch trying to wrench it free.

Plus all the cow turds. The bloody course stank like all hell once you got onto the paddocks. Eventually you stopped caring because there was that much mud and crap on the track.

Anyway, headed up the last hill and onto the final loop, where Cumpster was urging me on at the end. Comfortable finish, lungs and ankle didn't give out. I got eighth, behind Wingram and before Bowman. Not bad. Cumpster won, Pat got fourth, Tom got twentieth in a herculean effort (he's a rower, not a runner, but he is terrifying). Meg got ninth, dunno about the rest (sorry).

Headed back into the big school hall, mowed down a big pack of chips all by myself. Grammar won everything, we got a million firsts, and almost all the squads won their age groups, including us. We linked arms and skipped up to the dude to get our ribbons. Of course.

Got back on the bus, avoided falling asleep. Talked music with Cumpster and showed him Baths. Pumped for Powderfinger on Friday night.

Get home, get bike from shop, and here I am. According to Isobelle I missed nothing today, cool.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday. Joy. I just love no spare Thursday.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thick as a Brick.

'Lo readers.

Last casual day today. I just wish I had more camera batteries to cover it.

Since we had to wear something red, wore red underwear and normal clothes. Some people took the red thing too far.

I get to school after my bike basically collapses, confronted by Tom in a big red plastic jumpsuit with green hair and way too much fake tan. Oh god lol. He's an oompa loompa. Then run into Pat at assembly, in an Iron Man costume for a five year old, which he'd modified using a Spotlight bag, a pink singlet, and staples. The result was hilarious, but my camera then decided to crap out. Balls.

Anyway, head to history with Emily, in a zebra-print onesie, and Pat with the mask on. Every single year seven boy's jaw dropped. Even Mr Ries seemed a little shocked.

Then off to media, sketched out a sheet of stuff for Ruby and showed Ms Taylor the NSW iPod campaign. Bastards. Laughed when Geordie mentioned 4chan. Newfags.

At recess, laughed at the rest of the kids. Meg had her WonderWoman outfit.

Off to maths, pretty slow. Ran into Mrs Cartledge on the way out and she told me to get a haircut. I've lasted nearly the whole term, I suppose I'd better get a trim on the weekend.

In bio we got to play with skulls. Lots of fun.

At lunch, sat around then went to the Binks debate. The other team was pretty condescending because they were all professional debaters. Even Sarah seemed to sleep through hers. Aiden and Laura did alright, but they didn't have a coherent argument. Patrick, on the other hand, did his in his Iron Man outfit, hit on the female adjudicator, insulted the other team's personal hygiene and sexuality, and ended with a rap. Absolute legend.

Lit went really quick, got our SAC, split into groups to work out how the hell we were meant to write them. God help us all.

Then in spare, Sarah and Gavin watched True Blood (LOL VAMPIRE PORN) while everyone else watched Paranormal Activity and screamed a lot.

After school, dropped bike off at the shop, went home, and haven't done a lot. Now have some more music to listen to though.

Tomorrow will be my last cross country race for the school. It's a shame I'm sick.



Monday, September 6, 2010

On a Sinking Ship.

'Lo readers.

We're down to a week and a bit of this term. Jesus god that went quickly.

Anyway, first up today was bio, Mrs Brown stumbled around a skeleton and introduced us to human evolution. I'm all for fossils and crap, but human stuff just isn't as interesting. I dunno.

Then maths, went through a bit of the practice paper. Not looking forward to the practice exams, burn half of my holidays. Josh Oliver came in halfway through and told all the Wy Yung kids to pack up their stuff, since the road home was about to be flooded. Lucky bastards.

Recess was cold.

Off to double history, where we got our SACs back and people made fun of me for worrying. Then diving back into Russia, and Mr Ries told me to stop contributing. Again, not looking forward to this practice exam either, because I dunno how I'm going to remember historians and dates and crap. Hurm.

At lunch we discussed muckup day ideas. Julian has some grand visions. We'll have to wait and see when hard waste week is. Couch fort...? Bernice came back and reported on what the committee meeting looked like, and it seems we're in a year-nine-magazine-class situation again. Disappointing, kids. Oh well, I only really care about the pranks and the photos, and whether we shout Tribute or not (hint: we will).

Media was fun, got to whinge about internet censorship (SUCK MY DICK CONROY!).

During spare, Potter started some interesting conversations, then proceeded to interrogate Sarah. We lol'd.

After school, finished media, handed it in, went down to Toy Kingdom with Denny, and saw Tom. He has a surprise for tomorrow. Yes, I will take photos. And yes, I'm disturbed already.

At home, watched The Arcade Fire's webcast of their MGS show, which was surprisingly good, technical difficulties and all.

Tomorrow is going to suck, I think. Casual day too, how fun. It's our last one.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep the Car Running.

'Lo all.

This weekend has been more about media work than actual work that earns me money. I am disappoint.

On the plus side, I've finished the damn project, which is good.

Tomorrow is double history Monday. Hurm.

I will not have enough money to get tickets for the Falls Festival so it looks like I must find other plans for New Years. This does not rule out hitting a million sideshows, no way in hell am I missing The National or Klaxons while they're here.



Friday, September 3, 2010

Since We Last Spoke.

'Lo all.


Enjoyed a coffee this morning for the first time this week, headed to biology, where the SAC was exactly what Sarah and I predicted. And it was fairly easy, a whole lot of comprehension.

Then history, we got a lecture about all the things we did wrong and should fix before the exam. Of course he tells us this after the SAC, meh.

Recess was deconstruction and whinging about bio and psych SACs. Feels good to have done psych last year.

Off to double media, where I ripped some footage and constructed a pretty crappy ad, but it'll do. Then fixed up all five print ads, which was a lot easier than I was afraid of. At lunch, grabbed Isaac and he did all the voiceovers. Very serious. Feels good to finally have everything in one place, now I just need to cut and paste everything together properly, and burn/print. Woot.

Other than that lunch was just kids arguing about Age of Empires tactics. Headed to spare half asleep, tried to motivate Potter to do psych revision while she chatted about her tattoo.

Maths last, got marks on SACs back. Not too bad, I suppose. I think Emma beat me, of course.

After school, headed down the street with the usual suspects for chips. Didn't do much. We can't do much in Sale, especially when we all have no money.

Headed home, and here I am. How depressing.

Tomorrow is work (GODDAMN! I'M GETTING WORK! HELL YEAH!), then more media stuff. Such fun. Wish I could sleep in.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


'Lo readers.

Things which annoy me #40871: Getting a bootleg and having crappy audio. Disappointing, frustrating, and just bloody annoying.

Today sucked.

Get up too late, sleep through chapel, get lost on the way to bio in the library. Sarah reckons the SAC is on the interbutt, so we had a look around for it. Not too worried about it yet.

Then off to double spare. Started falling asleep properly in the sun, which meant I was not doing any lit or history work. Sarah came in and woke me up to investigate the ancient biology site a bit more, then scrawled out a brief plan for history with Georgia in the library. Mrr. I hate working in my double spares.

Off to the SAC after a chat with a different Sarah, Lauren, Prue and Isobelle, and smashed it. Did my usual "OH GOD WHAT WAS THE QUOTE QUICK WRITE IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!" thing, which worked well, except I forgot one until I had five minutes left. I think the essay was a bit all over the place. I dunno. We'll see what happens. I'm not getting any sympathy, so I should stop whinging.

In lit we spent half the time getting told by Ms Dosser how we are all failures and will fail hard unless we work as hard as we can from now until the exam, including going to a revision lecture in Melbourne with the language kids, and not calling her at all hours during the swotvac. Then we started going through an absurdly complicated handout. Too complicated.

After school was work. Pretty dull, caught up with Belle about media on the way. Get home, decide to shoot the last ad, kinda mess it up a bit, so we'll see how it goes. It'll cost real money to do it again because of the headphones I need. Hurm.

Tomorrow will suck too. Dunno if the media teacher will be in or not, which means I have no idea if I'll be able to stay after school to get a move on with the print ads. If she's not, then my rage will burn with the fire of a thousand suns.



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hammer Fell.

'Lo everyone.

Spring. Rain. Meh.

Off to a good start today, biology in the computer room to finish the practice SAC then media, finished Columbine. Still scary.

Still raining at recess, not a good sign. History was stressful since we were all supposed to be picking up quotes and such. I'm a little worried about tomorrow but we'll see what happens. At least we've got the topic.

Then lit, you could tell poor Ms Dosser was trying to keep it all upbeat to make sure Jasper didn't fall asleep. We're getting to the fun bit where you have to link all the poems somehow. Oh boy.

At house meetings they told us sport would be cancelled, and replaced with more media and maths. Hurm.

So lunch was cold, spent half of it trying to find Ms Taylor, then spent the other half in the common room with Isaac and the girls whinging about bio while everyone else played Age of Empires (which is incredibly cool. Gawd, we're all nerds, first pokemon, now this. Still funny seeing someone's base get overrun by elephants).

Dragged self to media again, went over a coroner's report on a suicide in custody after a guy watched a movie. Interesting again, still pretty morbid. Then a discussion on censorship. This is what I'm interested in, and I want to see what happens next.

And then maths, no one was really into it. Went to sleep while everyone else did other work.

After all that, headed back to the media room AGAIN, got four more ads edited together. I have to reshoot one because the lighting made all the colours wash out, might have to do it indoors and risk dying. I'll do that tomorrow night. And I started the logo too, because I neglected that like an idiot, but if I make it all sketchy it should be ok. This means, one more ad to edit, 9 voiceovers, 5 print ads. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Headed home, have been going over stuff for history. Such fun.

Tomorrow, double spare then history SAC. Time to partay.