Friday, August 13, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Left this a little late.

Oh god what the hell should not have gone to school today.

First up was lit, reflective commentary next week sounds like ever so much fun.

Then maths, turns out I haven't missed much at all.

At recess, gave Bernice some RMIT stuff, caught up with the rest of them. Wish I wasn't so damn tired.

Double bio could have been worse, we're starting evolution. No creationist rubbish either, which is excellent. Had some meh activity where we had to breed and kill paper bugs to show natural selection.

At lunchtime Pat got his revenge on some year nines who were squirting waterbottles out of windows around the gym by squirting Oliver's coke in. We lol'd.

Then spare, checked out Kate's video of Gavin and Sarah trying to get the ping pong ball in the jar, then Jacko and Jay walked in with KFC. Shop's back open, line went for ages, apparently.

Off to history, another video. Poor Desmoulins and Danton. So rich and corrupt.

After school, sorted stuff out for media, and that's about it. Megan lent me the first Pokemon movie. Movie night coming up soon, I think.

Tomorrow is work, then cleaning up lit and catching up history stuff, so I can write an essay. Fantastic.


Anyway, the end.

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